Is it a crime to tamper with email?

Hi all! I was being a good Sheltie,

I was helping Mom read email and blogs.

When Mom got up from the computer to go

and do something in another room,

I found THIS….






Please call us today to schedule an appointment for Dakota
Dear Caren,Dakota is due for the following in April:

  • Heartworm/Lymes/Tick diseases test – due on 04/04/13

Thank you!
DePorre Veterinary Hospital

click on logo to visit my vet, IF YOU DARE!

click on logo to visit my vet, IF YOU DARE!

DePorre Veterinary Hospital
4062 West Maple Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

dakota email tampering


Am I going to go to jail?

Barks and licks and love, 








It’s National Veterinary Technician Week!



Make sure YOU give YOUR Vet Tech


To learn about National Veterinary Technician Week

Click HERE

Did anyone bother checking with US?


Appointment Reminder

Monday, July 09, 2012

Dear Caren,

You have the following appointments scheduled on

Monday, July 09, 2012:

9:00 am with us for Dakota.

9:00 am with “Dr.Smiley” DVM for Dakota

(name changed to protect the innocent….or not),


9:30 am with “Dr. Smiley”  DVM for Cody

(name changed to protect the innocent…or not) ,


We look forward to seeing you at our office.

(yeah!! We bet they do!!,

sorry we can’t say the same!)

DePorre Veterinary Hospital


“The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul” Part II: My Unsolved Mystery

Hi Everyone!!

Today I am participating in the:

Visit Zoolatry for more Unsolved Mysteries!

Many of you who will read this are regular followers of my blog, but because I am participating with A LOT of kitties, some of you don’t know me! Perish the thought!

For those who don’t, I am Dakota,  the brother of Cody from Cat Chat.  Mom wanted to take part with everyone else who is going to share their “Unsolved Mysteries” today, (the brain child of Zoolatry), but the biggest “mystery” in Cody’s world was about a month ago when he wouldn’t poop, and THAT, thankfully was solved!

My “mystery” hasn’t been solved!

Can YOU help?

Here’s the scoop:  ooops….living with  Cody a little cat jargon snuck in,  I said “scoop” get it? BOL!  But I digress, back  in November Mom wrote about a problem I was having with my eyes. For those of you who didn’t see the post you can read about it here. To put it in a nutshell,  I couldn’t open my eye  for a few hours and I appeared to be in discomfort.  It was a Sunday and Mom and Dad rushed me to the emergency vet (after having called another emergency vet first who put the fear of God in Mom, telling her if she didn’t get me in to see someone within two hours I could LOSE MY EYE!)

Since  our regular vet is closed on Sundays Mom and Dad took me to a different emergency vet that is closer to my home.  They did a bunch of tests and they said I was a super good boy, what else would they expect? Geeze, and they sent us home with eye drops.

The eye drops did help my eye and I was able to open it right up!

The next morning Mom and Dad took me to my regular vet, (“Dr.Smiley”),  and he gave me a thorough check-up.

"This table doesn't seem to be too high, maybe I should jump?"

"Look into my eyes!"


"I love you too "Dr.Smiley", wanna nice big, treat-scented kiss?"


The  check-up went well,thankfully, but nobody seems to know why I couldn’t open my eye for HOURS!? This remains to date my “unsolved” mystery. Have any of you had a similar experience?  If you have, please  tell us in the comments below, Mom loves to find new things that she can worry about.


Barks and licks and love, Dakota


“The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul” Part I-Wordless Wednesday

Thank You Every Body!! “Wordy” Wednesday

Hi everyone!

I thought I would give you an update while my Dakota is resting.  He is extremely tired. Our poor little guy really had a rough way to go last night and early today.

Dakota was up most of the night (as was his Daddy and I).

Over the past couple of weeks Dakota had thrown up a bit here and there. We didn’t think much of it at all because it was so sporadic.

This past Sunday night he threw up a bit, Monday nothing. Yesterday? BOOM!!!

"I like to be by my brother all the time!"


Dakota was vomiting white foam (which was really yellow when it was being mopped up) with a frequency that had his Daddy and I quite alarmed.

This started about 10 or 11pm and continued until this morning.

It broke my heart to see our normally alert and “smiling” Dakota in a rather blase’ state.

He loves his brother Cody, but I knew something was wrong because he had chosen to sleep curled  up under the chair that Cody was sleeping on which is not his usual sleeping spot of choice.

This morning I called our vet whom we adore (DePorre Veterinary Hospital, the home of “Dr.Smiley” as our Cody likes to call him) and were told that Dakota could be brought over at 8:15 am.

Daddy took Dakota to the vet because I was having flashbacks of when my cat Bobo was first diagnosed with heart disease and I was driving home in a raging snowstorm  from the vet alone and devastated. I couldn’t stop crying.  Today, I was afraid of how I would react if there had been bad news.  I always stay calm during the cleanup at home or in front of my babies at home but was afraid of how I would act at the vet if I were to be given bad news.

Our doctor did blood work, thankfully all was fine!

He took X-Rays which showed nothing significant.

That still leaves the dilemma, what was wrong?

I am thinking it could have been the treats that I was giving Dakota. I was giving him 3 different kinds at different times and I am wondering if one (or all) possibly didn’t agree with him?

The doctor said he seemed to be a little dehydrated as well, that seemed strange to me because every night before bed I fill his bowl with fresh drinking water and we do it again in the morning and various times throughout the day should Dakota’s bowl be empty. I am thinking he was a little dehydrated from vomiting.

So, what was really wrong remains a mystery.

I'm So Happy To Be Home!!

Dakota came home after a few hours at the vet.  He is not permitted to have ANY food today (which breaks my doting Jewish mother heart, one of the ways many Jewish mothers show their love is through the providing of “food, glorious food!”)

I have moved Cody’s bowls and food into another room where Dakota will not be able to see (and hopefully won’t be able to hear) his brother being fed.

"Hi Cody! I'm Home! Did You Miss Me?"

The doctor sent us home with IAMS Veterinary formula Intestinal (low residue) canned dog food. Dakota can have 1 tablespoon tomorrow morning. Then we have to wait a couple of hours and give him another tablespoonful. This will continue until he has eaten his allotment for tomorrow which will be the equivalent of a half of a can.

On Saturday we can start mixing the IAMS with his normal dog food.

I feel bad for my little guy. He is such a good dog at the vet. Actually we are blessed, both Cody and Dakota are fabulous at the vet. The vet constantly compliments both of our boys.

When my husband asked our vet how Dakota handled everything today, he said, “Dakota? He’s fine, he’s always laid back and fine!!” He mentioned how stoic Shelties are and that often if they aren’t feeling well you can’t always tell.

Hopefully my boy will be back to his silly and barking self real soon.

Thank you "Dr.Smiley!!"

Thank you to the staff at DePorre Veterinary Hospital (primarily “Dr.Smiley!!”)

Thank you to all of you who left comments both here and on Dakota’s Facebook page.

It means a lot! There are NO people like PET people and we HEART all of you!!









I am sorry it took me so long to post, but my Mom and Cody were hogging the computer and never gave me a chance to write to any of you.

I want to thank EVERYONE for your kind thoughts and advice that you gave to my Mom when I had to go to the vet last Thursday.

Everything turned out great!

Now I have pearly whites that sparkle, fresh breath and best of all…

My “BUN” number tested totally normal!

Boy was my Mom ever relieved!

I was too!

Thank you to ALL!

Barks and licks and LOVE,


Mom & I Are Nervous

I keep hearing my Mom and Dad talking about something that is going to happen tomorrow that I KNOW isn’t going to be very much fun for me. Even if it IS good for me.

I am trying not to think about it but I just can’t get it out of my mind.

I have to go to the vet and see “Dr.Smiley” He is going to try to make me smile like HIM!


I have to get my toothies cleaned.

Mom was lazy about doing it but “Dr.Smiley” said that even if she had done it that dogs like Shelties with narrow snouts (hey! stop making fun of my snout!!) tend to develop tartar. He said mine isn’t bad at all but it needs to be taken off.

Mom is nervous because on my last blood test my BUN numbers were a little off. (I don’t even EAT BUNS!!! I smell ’em, but I don’t eat ’em!!)

She has to go with me in the morning and try and collect some of my pee-pee in a container. (pretty rude to follow someone around with a container when they are peeing don’t you think?). She is nervous about that (she is nervous about EVERYTHING but this is her latest fixation)

Mom wants to know if any of you have ever had to bring your doggie’s pee to the vet?

Anyway, I’m not happy. I don’t get to eat after midnight.  The good part is Mom isn’t letting Cody eat either until my Dad gets me ready to leave. The bad part is we all have to listen to him caterwauling until we go. He is relentless about his food.

Enjoy the video Mom and I found. When I come home I am going to be good about brushing my teeth like this doggie is.

I would love it if you could try and calm my Mom down (I know that is a nearly impossible task but please try, ok?) The rest of us that live with her would appreciate it.

Catch ya on the rebound.

Barks and licks and love,