Thank You Every Body!! “Wordy” Wednesday

Hi everyone!

I thought I would give you an update while my Dakota is resting.  He is extremely tired. Our poor little guy really had a rough way to go last night and early today.

Dakota was up most of the night (as was his Daddy and I).

Over the past couple of weeks Dakota had thrown up a bit here and there. We didn’t think much of it at all because it was so sporadic.

This past Sunday night he threw up a bit, Monday nothing. Yesterday? BOOM!!!

"I like to be by my brother all the time!"


Dakota was vomiting white foam (which was really yellow when it was being mopped up) with a frequency that had his Daddy and I quite alarmed.

This started about 10 or 11pm and continued until this morning.

It broke my heart to see our normally alert and “smiling” Dakota in a rather blase’ state.

He loves his brother Cody, but I knew something was wrong because he had chosen to sleep curled  up under the chair that Cody was sleeping on which is not his usual sleeping spot of choice.

This morning I called our vet whom we adore (DePorre Veterinary Hospital, the home of “Dr.Smiley” as our Cody likes to call him) and were told that Dakota could be brought over at 8:15 am.

Daddy took Dakota to the vet because I was having flashbacks of when my cat Bobo was first diagnosed with heart disease and I was driving home in a raging snowstorm  from the vet alone and devastated. I couldn’t stop crying.  Today, I was afraid of how I would react if there had been bad news.  I always stay calm during the cleanup at home or in front of my babies at home but was afraid of how I would act at the vet if I were to be given bad news.

Our doctor did blood work, thankfully all was fine!

He took X-Rays which showed nothing significant.

That still leaves the dilemma, what was wrong?

I am thinking it could have been the treats that I was giving Dakota. I was giving him 3 different kinds at different times and I am wondering if one (or all) possibly didn’t agree with him?

The doctor said he seemed to be a little dehydrated as well, that seemed strange to me because every night before bed I fill his bowl with fresh drinking water and we do it again in the morning and various times throughout the day should Dakota’s bowl be empty. I am thinking he was a little dehydrated from vomiting.

So, what was really wrong remains a mystery.

I'm So Happy To Be Home!!

Dakota came home after a few hours at the vet.  He is not permitted to have ANY food today (which breaks my doting Jewish mother heart, one of the ways many Jewish mothers show their love is through the providing of “food, glorious food!”)

I have moved Cody’s bowls and food into another room where Dakota will not be able to see (and hopefully won’t be able to hear) his brother being fed.

"Hi Cody! I'm Home! Did You Miss Me?"

The doctor sent us home with IAMS Veterinary formula Intestinal (low residue) canned dog food. Dakota can have 1 tablespoon tomorrow morning. Then we have to wait a couple of hours and give him another tablespoonful. This will continue until he has eaten his allotment for tomorrow which will be the equivalent of a half of a can.

On Saturday we can start mixing the IAMS with his normal dog food.

I feel bad for my little guy. He is such a good dog at the vet. Actually we are blessed, both Cody and Dakota are fabulous at the vet. The vet constantly compliments both of our boys.

When my husband asked our vet how Dakota handled everything today, he said, “Dakota? He’s fine, he’s always laid back and fine!!” He mentioned how stoic Shelties are and that often if they aren’t feeling well you can’t always tell.

Hopefully my boy will be back to his silly and barking self real soon.

Thank you "Dr.Smiley!!"

Thank you to the staff at DePorre Veterinary Hospital (primarily “Dr.Smiley!!”)

Thank you to all of you who left comments both here and on Dakota’s Facebook page.

It means a lot! There are NO people like PET people and we HEART all of you!!









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  1. Thank you for the update!! Hopefully you’re right and it was just the treats. I’m relieved it’s nothing serious, and hope he starts feeling like his old self very soon!! xo

    • Catsparella thank you too and you are welcome! I know how busy you are so Dakota and I are quite touched that you are taking all of this time to comment about your concern. THANK YOU!

      We are hoping it was just the treats too.


      Dakota and I both send our love!

  2. I’m glad to hear he is feeling a bit better. Must have been some stomach bug. Hopefully, it is all out of his system soon.

    Isn’t depriving them of food (even for their own good) the hardest thing?

    • Ugh Sara YES!! So far so good. He started getting worked up when Cody started whining for dinner. I had already moved Cody’s bowl into another room and stashed a can of cat food in there (and his bag of dry food) I grabbed a spoon and had him come into the room where his food is. (Dakota isn’t allowed in the back rooms, they are baby gated thank goodness!)

      Dakota doesn’t know that Cody was fed, so, so far so good. I can’t stand it. I am praying he doesn’t act like he wants to eat.

  3. YEY!!!! Keep getting better Dakota!!!

  4. Glad to hear it was nothing serious. Feel better soon — Dakota AND mom!

    • thank you Vicky we are sure hoping that in the next couple of days he will be fine!

  5. Oh Dakota!! Me and Charlie are so glad to hear he is home and is ok. We hope his new diet works because this was such a scary thing to happen! Awwwww!! You all deserve a nice rest now! Take care

    • Hi Old Kitty and Charlie! Well this diet is just going to be temporary (we hope) We will know more tomorrow when he starts to eat a little bit again. So far so good, he hasn’t realized yet that we aren’t feeding him and we are waaaay past his dinnertime!

  6. Well, so far so good. We’ll hope it was something not agreeing with him. We just went through that with Mario. Vomiting way too much and usually clear foamy liquid. We now have him on a restricted diet of vet prescribed food. We still don’t know if he’s allergic to something, or what. All his tests were fine also. Lots of healing purrs coming to Dakota. We’ll hope this ends it. purr purr purr purr purr purr

    • Oh no “M” not Mario too!!! Oh no! I had something similar happen with Bobo and it turned out to be SIX kidney stones! Thank goodness all of Mario’s tests came out good too. I sure hope that Mario is feeling better also.
      (((((hugs)))) to you, it sure isn’t fun and you know that too! xoxoxo

  7. It is so hard when our babies are sick. Not feeding them is brutal. We hope Dakota gets over what ever is troubling him soon.

    • Bailey I know….I hope he gets over it soon too! Thank you!

  8. Hope Dakota doesn’t have any more problems and this does the trick.

    • Jan thank you! We hope so too!

  9. How scary! I’m glad that Dakota is doing well now.

    Nubbin wiggles,

    • thanks Oskar! We hope so too! We won’t know til he starts eating a little food tomorrow. Thanks much! xoxo

  10. Im very glad it was not bad news. Interesting though he could find no cause. Perhaps just hot weather combining with those treats?

    I really like the way Dakota chose to sleep under Cody. They must really like each other. Perhaps Cody was comforting him in the nightime when everyone was asleep.

    • hi lifewith4cats, we are still hoping it isn’t pancreatitis (sp?) we spoke to Dakota’s former breeder (who happens to be a vet) and she said that it is common to not know a cause if it isn’t the above. She said everything that our vet is doing is exactly what should be done. So far so good today. He is on a super limited and LIGHT diet today. We will see what happens.

      Yes Cody and Dakota really love each other. Dakota made sure he slept wherever Cody was. (but none of us really slept much that night) It was so cute how Dakota hung around Cody.

      Sadly, Cody could have cared less when Dakota came home from the vet yesterday lol..

  11. So glad that Dakota is back home and feeling better!
    We give ID at my clinic too for upset stomachs…Leroy has been on it more than once:)
    Glad that all the test results came back normal, that is a relief!

    You know if you ever need anything you can always contact me:)
    Give Dakota hugs:)

    • Jen thank you so much! When Leroy was on ID what was wrong?
      We still aren’t sure what it is/was

      We are still hoping it isn’t pancreaitis (I know I misspelled that). Today he gets 1 tablespoon of the ID every two hours, not to exceed 1/2 a can…let’s hope he keeps it down.

      Thank you sooooo much, it means a lot!

  12. Keeping y’all in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully it was nothing serious and he will be back to normal in no time. Sending hugs and positive thoughts.

    Thoughts in Progress
    Freelance Editing By Mason

    • Hi Mason, thank you so much! We are hoping so too, we will see how today goes. Thank you!

  13. Poor Dakota 😦
    I hope you’ll get well soon :hug:

    • thank you Novroz! We hope so too! We will see how it goes today. He gets one tablespoon of canned dog food every two hours today…let’s hope it stays down.

  14. Dear Dakota,

    We’re so happy for you now!
    It must be really hard for not having any food for a day but a little fasting is actually good for you at the moment. I’m sure your mom and dad will feed you really well once you’re much better.
    Keep getting well soon, Dakato!!!

    ~ Priscilla, Rosie, Eva, Mika and Orah

  15. Hi Auntie Priscilla,

    Yesterday was easier for my mommy than she thought it would be because I wasn’t hungry at ALL!

    Today I woke everyone up barking for food.

    I get one tablespoon every 2 hrs. So far I have had 4 tablespoons. I am gobbling it up and so far it is staying in my tummy!

    Thank you for caring about me!

    Love to you, Rosie, Eva, Mika and Orah

  16. Poor Dakota, COD ! You have been through so much ! , Mom said if she were your mom she will be the same, scared, worried and cry.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t be around so much.but I’m so happy to know, You are o.k. ! I paws crossed for you and send a ton of purrs for you, Dakota. I hope you feel like yourself 100 % so soon. And I know you know ” Cat Purrs ” is Magic !

    Purrs for you and lots of hugs to your mom

    Puddy and Mom

  17. Hi Puddy! Yes I was a pretty sick boy 😦 We are hoping that I am fine now.
    Mom was very scared and worried you are right.
    That is ok that you were busy! Mom and I totally understand that because Mom and I get super busy too and aren’t always around either.
    I got to eat half a can of food this morning and i get one more can tonight! Yay!
    Thank you for your “Magic Purrs”
    Barks and licks and love, from Dakota and Mom

  18. Sending love to Dakota. Just saw your tweet. I’m so sorry your sweet boy has been feeling bad. 😦 Warm healing thoughts to you all. xo Hugs!

    • Ann thank you!! Today we started mixing in his old food with his IAMS. Hopefully he will be fine.

      I feel awful because I am wondering if I caused Dakota’s illness. I discovered that the toothpaste I had been brushing his teeth with occasionally had EXPIRED. Like last year. I was beside myself when I discovered it.


  19. Hey Dakota,

    I’m doing my happy happy dance cos you’re feeling better again! I saw your email yesterday which made me wag but hadn’t had time to stop by to tell you about my happy dance!

    Hope you’ll be back out to play in no time buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hi Snoopy!

      Yes I am feeling much better! Mom gave me part of my normal food with my IAMS today so we will see what happens.

      Mommy is very upset with herself. She is wondering if SHE caused my tummy upset. She noticed the toothpaste she had been brushing my teeth with had EXPIRED….like LAST YEAR. She feels awful because she thinks that SHE caused it.

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • Poor Mum, tell her not to feel bad – these things happen!

        Maybe she should brush your teeth more often to use up the toothpaste faster?! Ooops. did I really just suggest that?

        Sorry buddy 🙂

        So happy you’re well,

        Snoopy 🙂

  20. Snoopy the vet would TOTALLY agree with you!!!! lol!

    Mom is SUPER happy that I am well too!!!!

    Thank you for caring!

    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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