Mom & I Are Nervous

I keep hearing my Mom and Dad talking about something that is going to happen tomorrow that I KNOW isn’t going to be very much fun for me. Even if it IS good for me.

I am trying not to think about it but I just can’t get it out of my mind.

I have to go to the vet and see “Dr.Smiley” He is going to try to make me smile like HIM!


I have to get my toothies cleaned.

Mom was lazy about doing it but “Dr.Smiley” said that even if she had done it that dogs like Shelties with narrow snouts (hey! stop making fun of my snout!!) tend to develop tartar. He said mine isn’t bad at all but it needs to be taken off.

Mom is nervous because on my last blood test my BUN numbers were a little off. (I don’t even EAT BUNS!!! I smell ’em, but I don’t eat ’em!!)

She has to go with me in the morning and try and collect some of my pee-pee in a container. (pretty rude to follow someone around with a container when they are peeing don’t you think?). She is nervous about that (she is nervous about EVERYTHING but this is her latest fixation)

Mom wants to know if any of you have ever had to bring your doggie’s pee to the vet?

Anyway, I’m not happy. I don’t get to eat after midnight. Β The good part is Mom isn’t letting Cody eat either until my Dad gets me ready to leave. The bad part is we all have to listen to him caterwauling until we go. He is relentless about his food.

Enjoy the video Mom and I found. When I come home I am going to be good about brushing my teeth like this doggie is.

I would love it if you could try and calm my Mom down (I know that is a nearly impossible task but please try, ok?) The rest of us that live with her would appreciate it.

Catch ya on the rebound.

Barks and licks and love,



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  1. Awww so sorry your mama is having the jitters.Let her know we are pulling for both of you and that it will all be ok!! I bet you will do great and I sure know how feisty the kittehs are without their food….yikes that gives me the jitters LOL. Hugs of calmness to mama and you sweet Dakota!!!

    • Hi Sue! My Mom was so happy to hear from you! She says thank you! Yeah…my brother will be a real pain in the morning but he will have to get over it. I am the one who isn’t gonna have the good day! My mom says thank you for the hugs!! Barks and licks and LOVE, Dakota

  2. Awwww sweet Dakota!! Me and Charlie will be thinking of you as you go see Dr Smiley!! We just know you’ll be very brave and come out with sparkly pearly whites!! Yay!!!! Big hugs and purrs from us!!!

    We hope you and Cody get extra treats after too!!

    Thanks for the fun clip!! Clevery doggie! take care

    • Hi Old Kitty!! thank you! I need all the good thoughts that I can get! I will be as brave as I can be! I will have my Mom take a photo of my big smile! πŸ™‚
      Well…don’t know about the treats. Dr.Smiley isn’t going to be happy (you know that is his nickname lol)….I am 25 lbs and he wants me at 20 or 21 lbs. Uh-oh.
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. I don’t know how to clam your mom down because Like you said it’s almost impossible !
    But I got the method which she can use. Remember ? Cody got Dr. Smiley Doll. Tell her to do Voodoo thing when she get worry or nervous, Pin up the doll as much as she want !
    It’s pretty Evil but it might help : )
    And I purrs for you to be O.K. after the VET Dakota
    Good Luck

    • Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Great idea!!!! We will pin up “Dr.Smiley!!!” LOL!!!! Now I see why my Mom and brother love you so much Puddy! I love you too!
      xoxoxo Barks and licks, Dakota

  4. We are sending hugs and the knowledge that everything will be just fine!

    Nubbin wiggles,

    • Thank you so much Oskar!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. Hope things were OK with Dr. Smiley.

    -Katy & Bailey

    • thanks Bailey! I hope so too! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • Ooops!! I forgot to thank Katy as well! Thank you Katy!! xoxo

  6. Dakota, I’m sure it will be fine! My sheltie had his teeth cleaned a few times and it was always a good thing. As far as following you around for pee, trust me when I say you’d rather have it collected that way, even if it seems a wee bit undignified.

    • Hi Vicky! My Mom isn’t worried about the teeth cleaning as much as my BUN number which she really doesn’t understand very well. It is gonna be fun watching her in the dark trying to see my pee! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. Dear Dakota, I hope everything goes well with Dr. Smiley, his name sounds funny but I do hope he smiles kindly and acts gently on your toothies. I don’t like my teeth being cleaned by my mom or the groomers but I’ve to endure it because I love the toothpaste, it’s so sweet and yummy. I think I sort of getting used to it lately due to the perseverance of my mom and the groomers. Anyway, my point is you should never forget to ask for more treats after all this fuss, okay! Oh yes, my mom always tells me that with healthy teeth, I eat better and my breaths smell better to her. She’s weird, isn’t she? Why does she want to smell my breaths, ewwww!!!

    • Hi Eva!
      Well…”Dr.Smiley” isn’t really his name but I wanted to protect the innocent lol.
      You know the funny part? I LOVE having my teeth cleaned by my Mommy. The problem is my Mommy is so lazy! But…”Dr.Smiley” said the tartar wasn’t Mommy’s fault…it is just the fault of my long snout 😦
      When Mommy brushes my teeth I like to help her by holding the toothbrush with my paws. I love the flavor of the toothpaste! My Mommy likes to smell my breath too!
      Mommy is more worried about my BUN number…we will see xoxoxo

  8. Hi Dakota, Don’t be nervouse to much about Dr. Smiley he is just wanting to take real good care of your little teethies so you have them a good long time.

    And think of the treats you might get afterwards as a reward for being a good boy.

    • @lifewith4cats thank you!! teethies will be ok. Mommy is just worried about the urine test before hand. Mom just gave me a nice biscuit. I can’t eat after midnight so she gave me a real nice one right now. I don’t like skipping breakfast 😦

    • ohhhh and I forgot to send you barks and licks and LOVE! xoxo

      • prrrs in return. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi, my pal!!!

    Chase recently had his teeth cleaned and it went without any problems. I’ve had teeth cleanings done on many of my pets — all without incident.

    Whenever any of my pets had to have a urine specimen taken, it’s always been done by someone at the vet’s office so I can’t help with this.

    Know that I’ll say some extra prayers for you. Good luck! Big hugzzzzzzz to all!


    • Hi Ray & Chase!
      You have no idea how happy my Mom and I are that you wrote to us!
      My Mom used to take Grandpa Bobo (her first cat) in for cleanings regularly and all was fine. It was actually the urine Mom was more worried about.
      You did just put my Mom’s mind at ease and we thank you!
      Daddy got up with me at 3:30am (when my brother cody started meowing for food). Dad forgot to get Mom up to come and get the first urine of the day sample and Daddy forgot to get it. Mommy was FURIOUS!!! She told Daddy to take me to the vet without her. (She was a bad Mommy)
      I don’t understand why our vet didn’t just tell us they would do it in the first place? Is it painful for the dog to have urine taken?
      I have never heard of anyone else with dogs having to bring in a urine sample so I am very happy you wrote this because in the future my Mommy and I will just tell the vet to get the sample THEMSELVES!!
      Have a great day! My Mommy and I love you and Chase! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • Oh, no, it doesn’t cause any pain to the dog when collecting urine normally. Generally, a very experienced tech (or two average techs) takes the doggy outside with a big ladle that has a long handle. When the doggy lifts his leg or squats, the tech quickly puts the ladle in the stream to catch some urine. They seldom need more than a couple of tablespoons so the ladle works well. Don’t worry yourself over the urine sample, truly!!!

        Thank you for your kind words. We’re praying for you, little guy! Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz to you and everyone at your house.

        RAY & CHASE

  10. Good luck at the vet, buddy. Everything will be fine. Tell poor Cody I said to hang in there in regards to his lack of food.

    • Hi Link! Thank you! Guess what? Mom and Dad had to put Cody in Mom’s office at 3am. He started waking everyone up wanting food and I wasn’t allowed to eat so Mommy and Daddy had to put him in the office. He ended up eating 3 hrs past his usual time. He swatted his gray mousie around to vent his anger πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Dakota, I am sure everything will be fine and you’ll come home with nice pearly white teeth. Poor Cody though and poor Mom — hell hath no fury like a cat denied his noms!

    • Hi Julia! It’s Mom! Dakota is still at the vet recuperating. The BEST news? His BUN number this time was completely NORMAL (Thank God!! that was what I was the most worried about)…he is too fat though, 25.5 lbs…he HAS to lose weight. We have some looooong walks planned for his future. Waiting for the call to go and pick him up.
      Cody was none the worse for wear. He got his noms and now is sleeping in his little house…he is completely oblivious to his brother being gone right now. He looked for him this morning and that was it. lol

  12. Hey Dakota,

    I hope you were a brave pup and hope it wasn’t too bad today πŸ™‚

    Your pal Snoopy πŸ™‚

    • Hi Snoopy! You are a super nice friend that you asked! All went really well! I was pretty buzzed til late last night…today I am back to my barky self!! It went really well…I may have to write about it later today or tomorrow. That was super nice of you!! Hope you have a great day! Barks and licks, Dakota

  13. Good luck at your dental cleaning Dakota!
    Hope your teeth get sparkley clean!

  14. Aww…Dakota,you are such nice dog, being so concern with your mom. Tell mommy to stop worrying and I hope things will look better soon πŸ™‚

    • hi Kame! OMG My Mom hasn’t had me update my blog! I have to try and do that this weekend. Everything went GREAT!!!! Thank you soooo much! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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