Hi every doggy! (and kitties that may be in attendance!) it’s Dakota!

I just love this time of year! Everybody is happy, people are exchanging love, caring, presents, even licks! One of my favorite things is when I receive an unexpected gift! That is EXACTLY what happened last week!

I was just sitting around, minding my business, listening for sounds and watching out the window for any doggy that might be going potty in MY territory, when what did my alert Sheltie ears hear? A knock at the door!

After alerting my Mom and Dad by doing my best Sheltie barks and continuing on for 20 minutes AFTER the fact, my Mom showed me what had arrived.

greenies in box


What in the world?? Mom and I looked at each other in surprise. We weren’t expecting anything. I was overcome with excitement, I was spinning 100 times faster than my normal cyclone-speed Sheltie spins! ….Hurry Mom! Open it! What’s inside?

greenies letter


There was a lovely message wrapped in a festive Christmas-green bow. SOMEBODY LOVES ME!  I was jumping on Mom begging her to read faster and to begin opening the package already!

greenies holiday box opened

When Mom and I opened the package we couldn’t believe it! The wonderful people at  GREENIES® had sent me a beautifully decorated holiday box of:



Click on the photo to visit the Greenies website!

Click on the photo to visit the Greenies website!



Mom and I were overcome with happiness and were surprised to have received this most WONDERFUL and UNEXPECTED gift! Mom loves GREENIES® CANINE DENTAL CHEWS because they are good for me

From the GREENIES® website:


GREENIES® Dental Chews are the #1 veterinarian-recommended dental chews* and clinically proven to provide a total oral health solution.

* In pet specialty, among veterinarians that recommended dental chews for at-home oral care.


GREENIES® Dental Chews are naturally made with added vitamins, minerals, taurine, and chlorophyll (sodium copper chlorophyllin) to provide a complete oral care, and offer a nutritionally complete and balanced blend of highly soluble and digestible proteins for adult dogs based on AAFCO recommendations.


GREENIES® Dental Chews are clinically proven to clean dogs’ teeth by fighting both plaque and tartar buildup, freshening breath, and maintaining healthier teeth and gums.

Be sure to click on the photo to visit the Greenie website!

Be sure to click on the photo to visit the Greenie website!

Mom immediately picked up the phone and thanked our furiends at GREENIES®  and then she decided, that as a THANK YOU to  GREENIES®, she would have me blog about these wonderful treats. That made me think. I don’t like featuring things on my blog that YOU can’t win, so I dictated an email to my furiends at GREENIES®  and told them I was going to blog about their special surprise and asked if I could please have a give-away for YOU! Guess what! They said YES!
dakota greenies photo
So, my pals, ONE OF YOU (U.S. only please), are going to win the SAME gift as me (one tub of  GREENIES® CANINE DENTAL CHEWS) OR….if you are a KITTY and you enter and are the lucky winner YOU can win THREE BAGS OF FELINE GREENIES® !!! 
click on the photo to visit the Greenies website!

click on the photo to visit the Greenies website!

Just leave a comment telling me why YOU want to win!  (with a way for me to contact you should you be the lucky winner) by MONDAY, DECEMBER 17 AT 5pm EST…WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18TH (or later, if Mom can’t get her act together!)
Good luck my furiends!!!
Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Mom & I Are Nervous

I keep hearing my Mom and Dad talking about something that is going to happen tomorrow that I KNOW isn’t going to be very much fun for me. Even if it IS good for me.

I am trying not to think about it but I just can’t get it out of my mind.

I have to go to the vet and see “Dr.Smiley” He is going to try to make me smile like HIM!


I have to get my toothies cleaned.

Mom was lazy about doing it but “Dr.Smiley” said that even if she had done it that dogs like Shelties with narrow snouts (hey! stop making fun of my snout!!) tend to develop tartar. He said mine isn’t bad at all but it needs to be taken off.

Mom is nervous because on my last blood test my BUN numbers were a little off. (I don’t even EAT BUNS!!! I smell ’em, but I don’t eat ’em!!)

She has to go with me in the morning and try and collect some of my pee-pee in a container. (pretty rude to follow someone around with a container when they are peeing don’t you think?). She is nervous about that (she is nervous about EVERYTHING but this is her latest fixation)

Mom wants to know if any of you have ever had to bring your doggie’s pee to the vet?

Anyway, I’m not happy. I don’t get to eat after midnight.  The good part is Mom isn’t letting Cody eat either until my Dad gets me ready to leave. The bad part is we all have to listen to him caterwauling until we go. He is relentless about his food.

Enjoy the video Mom and I found. When I come home I am going to be good about brushing my teeth like this doggie is.

I would love it if you could try and calm my Mom down (I know that is a nearly impossible task but please try, ok?) The rest of us that live with her would appreciate it.

Catch ya on the rebound.

Barks and licks and love,