Summer heat getting to you? Us too! Wordless Wednesday


Feeling cooler?

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Sad-Wordless Wednesday


I’ve Been Waiting A Loooong Time!

Do you know my Mom hasn’t allowed me to blog since JULY 4th??!!

This is a travesty!

I have waited  so patiently

isn’t my face cute enough to call for

frequent updates?

Here is what happened.

Mom’s laptop died.

It happened a few weeks ago.

The battery became so hot her laptop nearly burned up.

Mom was super angry because her laptop was just purchased last October. In “computer time” it’s already obsolete.

She took it to Best Buy and had to have it shipped back to HP.

Best Buy made her  purchase  a temporary laptop until hers came back from being repaired.

Mom was lost on the new laptop.

Not lost enough that she and Cody couldn’t work on THEIR blog! No Sirree!! Nothing stops her from working on THEIR blog.

I’m the one that gets the short end of the bone.

I’m the sable furred step child.

The good news is that Mom got her laptop back today.

Too bad if she had read her HP manual she would have had it fixed the same week that it broke. Reading the manual is too easy. Mom likes to do things the hard way.

She would rather pay Best Buy $100 to have her data moved from her computer to the temporary one and wait over two weeks for her laptop to return.

Mom likes the Geek Squad because she can relate, she’s a Geek.

What? Does she think that money grows on trees? Doesn’t she know that trees are for PEEING ON???

What was the first thing she did when she got her laptop back?

She worked on hers and Cody’s blog.

Mom, it’s time to let me BLOG or get off the pot!

Barks and licks and aggravation, Dakota