Candle Give-away from Terri’s Candles!

Hi everyone and Happy Monday!

I am excited to tell you about a give-away today that is super special.

Back in May I entered a give-away that was being held in honor of one of my favorite puppies:

colleen richman photo 4 nov 4 blog

Bullet having a cozy nap with his Mama


The ADORABLE Bullet!


Bullet is the doggy of C.Richman from the blog:

CRichman Freebies

In honor of Bullet’s birthday, she was giving away a candle from Terri’s Candles  that not only featured Bullet on the front, but the candle scent is called Precious Puppy in honor of Bullet!

And I won!!

Here is what I received:

bullet candles 3 two candles together

If you look closely you can see Bullet’s adorable face on the candle on the left, that was the candle I won for the give-away.  Terri was a sweet heart and gave me another candle for featuring her candles on Dakota’s blog. She also gave me the most incredible vanilla scented tarts that you burn in a tart warmer (but I didn’t take a photo of those!)

When it comes to candles I am obsessed. I can never have enough of them, and I am super critical when it comes to the brands/scents that I will buy for my home. Terri’s Candles completely surpassed my expectations, and in my opinion smell BETTER than many candles that you would buy in a brick and mortar store. I cannot begin to tell you how much in love I am with these candles!

From Terri’s website:

Hi my name is Terri and I started making soy candles as a hobby, but as each candle became better than the last one, I grew more & more passionate in the quest to create the perfect candle.  Over time, Terri became Terri’s Candles.

  We truly believe that you will be pleasantly surprised with each candle or melt that you order.  We take great pride in producing maximum scented, clean burning candles.

  We hand pour each candle at the time of order.  We use the finest quality 100% soy wax, along with 100% pure fragrance oil and all of our wicks are cotton….no lead.

bullet candle 1

Why Soy?……Buying & burning candles isn’t the most eco-egregious thing you can do out there.  They’re relaxing, they smell good & they make for interesting home decor. 

But yes, those rumors you’ve heard about soy wax are indeed correct.  They are better than the standard wax varieties.

 Other candle wax is made from the petroleum byproduct paraffin.  Burning a paraffin candle is like inviting a diesel truck into your home to let off some exhaust…the soot from both the diesel and the paraffin, contains a noxious mix of carcinogenic petro-carbon nastiness that can mess with your health & emit toxic chemicals like benzene & toluene.  And as you know, petroleum isn’t exactly renewable.  Soy is!  And if you or someone in your family suffers from either allergies or asthma, burning a paraffin candle can contribute to the onset of allergy attacks and headaches.


What I am also excited about is Terri is interested in using her candles for fundraising for animals.  If anyone knows of any local organizations that you would like to help out, you can contact Terri at sandprints239 at  The candles would be made in the Precious Puppy scent with labels on the jars.  You can contact Terri for more details.

In the meantime, Terri has most generously offered ONE OF MY READERS that resides in the U.S. the opportunity of winning the same candle that I received, shown below:

bullet candle 2


The scent is  PRECIOUS PUPPY which is:

A very special aroma of pink grapefruit, Valencia orange and key lime as top notes.  Pink jasmine blossoms, rose petals and a fruity fusion of ripe apricot for middle notes and then bing cherry and ripe plums, round out the fragrance as base notes.”


It is a $14.00 VALUE!



Visit Terri’s website and check out the various candle scents. Leave a comment telling me which scent interests you the most!

EXTRA ENTRY: Like Terri on Facebook and tell her that Dakota sent you! Come back and leave a comment telling me that you did this.


Good luck!


In full disclosure I was not compensated for this post. I received two candles and some tarts. One candle was won in a give-away, the other and the tarts were a thank you for featuring Terri’s Candles on Dakota’s blog. All opinions are my own.




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  1. Goodness me …how adorable is Bullet 🙂 🙂 what a cheer up on a cold Monday ..I agree I always use soy candles,friendly around the pets and the environment 🙂
    Have a happy Monday Dakota
    Big hugs from Fozziemum and the gang xx

  2. Aw no, I can’t enter, again! Oh well, good luck to everyone else. How wonderful that she is wanting to help the animal rescues with these fabulous candles. I’d be jumping right in there if I didn’t live in deepest, darkest Africa

  3. Huh, interesting info on soy candles here! I had no idea! Never really thought about what candles were made from before.

    Love her clever scents – bacon flavored? Brilliant! Although, I think I’d pick “jamaican me crazy” 🙂

  4. They look beautiful. Mom has a big fear of fire so we never have candles lit but it we did…we would enter.

  5. We love candles too! It’s wonderful to watch a flame with a good scent while pondering about this and that. My mom is an absolute pyromaniac – not only at christmas time. Good luck to all – that’s a wonderful give-away.

  6. Clean Cotton! I love the fresh smells.

  7. I really like the “Precious Puppy” one the most. All them sound wonderful. I liked Terri’s Facebook page and left a comment(Sue Brandes). Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  8. I love the idea of having a candle like that. Have a great day!

  9. Bullet is adorable. I would love to display it proudly.

  10. How awesome. Butt naked. *giggles* Have a great Monday!

  11. The Apple Jack Peel looks great, we just love all things fall in our house and i bet that would have the best fall smell!!

  12. Love the names of all the scents! Precious Puppy is so cute and the tropical blends all sound wonderful, especially “Bermuda Triangle” and “Jamaica Me Crazy”.

  13. WOooohooooo! Congratulations! Ku

  14. Thank you for sharing this info! 🙂

    • And we think the “Sun and Sand” sounds awesome!

  15. We like the clean cotton scent. These candles look fantastic! Love the idea
    Benny & Lily

  16. PAWSOME!!!! Mom loves candles too.

  17. Ooo I love candles and I’ve never heard of a puppy scent before 😉 It does sound like it would smell excellent. I think the Beach Bum scent on the website looks great too. Although, I’m sure Shiner would say go for the bacon scented candle! We’ve gone and liked them on Facebook as well.

  18. I’m not entering the contest. I’m not allowed to bring new things, even pretty things, into the house while we’re getting ready to down size.

    But I must say the candle sounds lovely. Now if only they could figure out how to actually capture puppy scent. 🙂

  19. I love soy candles. I think the blueberry muffin scent is my favorite, but lots of the others sound yummy. I liked Terri’s Candles on Facebook and said Dakota sent me. I’ve barely made it in time!

  20. What a lovely candle. I adore scented candles but they give me a terrible headache, so unfair. Enjoy yours.

  21. Bullet’s adorable and I’m with you…I can never have too many candles…I love burning them year round…Like Terri on FB and told her Dakota sent us over

  22. I found 3 scents I’d love…Jamaica me Crazy, Drifting Away and my first choice, Beach Bum (sense a theme here ) I love fresh outdoorsy scents

  23. I love butt naked, just because of the name! lol how cool it was for you to win such a great prize and then for Terri to offer it up to someone else.

  24. Blueberry Muffin

  25. Wow, all the scents look great! Mom was giggling at some of their names, very clever! Ocean Mist would be at the top of our list!

  26. Just “liked” Terri’s page, both me and mom!

  27. Looks nice, I mean the candle.
    May I just say how adorable Bullet is!!

  28. I love soy candles because I have much better luck burning them. They usually burn longer and cleaner for me. Those look great. Bet the doggies would like bacon…lol.

  29. All the fragrances sound marvelous but I think I would picke the Apple Jack Peel first.

  30. I also like Terri on facebook. I fully intend to order some candles. They sound marvelous.

  31. The Beach Bum scent is calling my name. 🙂 I did like Terri on facebook too. 🙂 I did not know the difference with the soy candles, you can bet I’ll be giving away most of my traditionally made candles.

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