American Humane Association’s Be Kind to Animals Week®

Click on the photo to visit the American Humane  Association website

Click on the photo to visit the American Humane
Association website


Hi everyone! It’s Dakota and I am happy to tell you that it is Be Kind To Animals Week! In my opinion kindness to animals should be shown EVERY DAY but we can help spread that message this week!

There are so many ways you can be kind to animals, here are just a few:

Do NOT keep your dog in a hot car (even if the windows are cracked) Would YOU like to bake in a car?



Just to name a few!

Feed your dog the most nutritious food that your budget can afford.

Keep up to date on vaccinations and “wellness” visits at the vet!

Exercise your dog regularly (that is something that my Mom and Dad are working on with me, because I am not overly fond of walks.)

Keep your dog well-groomed

Photo courtesy of American Humane

Photo courtesy of American Humane

Donate items such as:

  • newspapers
  • food
  • toys
  • crates
  • food bowls
  • blankets
  • towels
  • money
  • paper towels

to  local rescues!

There are so many ways that you can show kindness to animals


My Mom and Dad are always giving me hugs and kisses and they provide a safe environment for me. I feel secure and loved.

Kindness to animals should also include animals in the wild!


Provide water for the birds

help save endangered species

You know the ducks in the pond? Unless told to do so, do NOT feed them! Yep you heard me right! Many ducks and geese that live in areas that are well populated with humans are OVER FED and that can not only kill them, the food can pollute their water!

I know that all of you show kindness to animals on a  regular basis, leave me a comment and tell me what you are going to do THIS WEEK that is extra special!

Barks and licks and love,






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  1. Thanks for the reminders, Dakota! Despite lots of proper nutritious food and treats, hugs and kisses and a safe environment for us, I think our mom and dad should play with us a lot everyday too. Just saying.


    • You are welcome Eva! You know what? My Mom and Dad are SADLY LACKING in the “play dept” too. I think you and I need to get on them about this! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. What a wonderful cause to share. I agree with you, be kind to animals should be everyday but awareness is always necessary. I didn’t realise you were not fond of walks. Do you get nervous taking them?

    • Thanks so much! Yes….I really do not like walks. Mom and Dad think that it stems from two things: 1) A garbage truck frightened me 2) A Mother Goose tried to attack me when I was walking minding my own business.
      I will NOT come to Mom or Dad to have my leash put on if I think that means a walk. They have to trick me to take me. 😦 Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. This is such a wonderful day to have! I think you can buy proper food to feed ducks and geese from the vets or good pet shops – it’s nice to feed these birds but not the wrong sort of food – definitely not bread or scraps of human food.

    Thanks for all the practical tips here too. Take care

    • Old Kitty I appreciate that you pointed that out, THANK YOU!! Yes…not bread or table scraps. I should have mentioned the PROPER food would be ok!! Thank you for sharing!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. A little extra kindness can do a boatload of good.

  5. Nice reminder, Dakota. Mom and I just brought a bag of old towels, pillow cases, and about a million of my old collars and leashes to the shelter in our town.

    Love and licks,

    • Cupcake now THIS is what I like to read!! I am sure that the shelter was most appreciative! Great job!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. Great post! Sharing.

    • Thanks! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. We are kind to animals and the only feeding we do is our bird feeder out front which is more for our pet entertainment than anything else! We are lucky to have a great home filled with love and everything we need and we try to help the less fortunate pets when we can. Have a good week!

    • Mom loves to feed the birds too. She used to feed birds and squirrels but our apartment/condo complex made her stop because the squirrels moved into the attic!! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. We walked for a Save a Pet fund raiser yesterday.

    Our newspapers go to our Vet.

    • YAY Bailey and Katy!!! That is FABULOUS! Can’t wait to read about it on your blog! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  9. We agree with you sweet Dakota that every day should be kind to animals day. I wish every animal could be treated like you, Cody, me and my cats. We all deserve the best! Hugs and nose kisses Chancy

    • Oh Chancy you are sooooooooooo right!!!! You have the BEST Mama ever!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. All good things to do. 🙂

  11. Those are all great kindness tips. And reminds me i have stuff I need to take to the shelter.

    • Thanks so much Roxy and YAY for YOU!! The shelter will be thrilled! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  12. Every week we try do something fun with the collies…and we are participating in the Parkday 2.0 game, which means we are visiting lots of parks! But I think we will have a Frosty Paws party one night this week! 🙂

    • That is so great!! Mom and Dad actually took me to the park this morning! I can’t participate in the fun Parkday 2.0 game because Mom can’t focus long enough for me to do Bingo and all. She loves reading everyone’s posts about it though! I LOVE Frosty Paws and have some in the house! Enjoy! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  13. We are kind to animals daily. We shared.

    • we are too!Thanks! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  14. Only a week long? Yes, every day should be Be Kind to Animals Week. 🙂

    • Yep we agree! That’s why we mentioned it above 🙂 Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Mom

  15. Gosh I’m so behind, we have been pawting 🙂 Am I popping up now?? Hugs to you and Dad xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Nope…you aren’t 😦 Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Mom

  16. What a great little reminder to treat our animals kindly! I never feed them onions anyways but neverknew it was a “STAY AWAY” item for them, will remember that! It is true that simple things like newspaper and shoe boxes make a big difference to rescue groups!

  17. It’s such a shame people have to be reminded to be kind to animals, but we’re happy to join in and spread the word – glad you mentioned the hot cars, that scares my Mum every summer and she always looks out for any dogs that have been left!

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Snoopy we so agree! We should never have to mention being kind AT ALL!!! Hope your leg is feeling better my furiend! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  18. Don’t forget us pigs. Be kind to us this week too – maybe not eat pork? 🙂 Mom tells me I’m not *that* kind of pig so I think I’m safe. Love us, play with us, feed us healthy foods with our piggy chow. You know, basically like you would to a doggy but to a piggy instead. You may bark – I just oink oink. Thanks for the great posting Dakota my friend. XOXO – Bacon

    • Those are wonderful suggestions Bacon!! You are most welcome!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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