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Hi guys! It’s Dakota and I am here to tell you about a really cool website that contacted me,  and I want to show you 2 products they sent to me to tell you about!

click on logo to visit them!


Check out

Zogoflex Tizzi

Click on photo to read more about it!!!


This toy is SUPER COOL! Mom apologizes that there are no photos of me playing with it…that is because Mom was sick and wasn’t able to take any, but trust me, my favorite thing to do with this toy is to have Mom put TREATS in it!

Here is some info about it from

“The Tizzi dog toy spirals through the air giving the time-honored game of fetch a dynamic new spin. It got its name because dog love it so much, they have a “Tizzi” when they play with it. Twist Tizzi’s handles together for maximum flight or untwist to hide dog treats inside. Whether you’re playing on land or in the water, this floatable dog toy is ready for takeoff! The perfect size for small breed dogs. Tizzi is made tough with an exclusive non-toxic material called Zogoflex. It’s super durable, extremely pliable (so it won’t hurt your dog’s teeth), and it’s made to last! This is one tough toy, recommended for aggressive chewers, pullers and fetchers. In fact, Tizzi is guaranteed against dog damage! “

To learn more about the

Zogoflex Tizzi

click the photo above!

Now…this next item Mom LOVES but….me? As many of you know who read my blog, I don’t sleep on a bed of any sort. No dog bed, no human bed, I prefer the HARD FLOOR (yep I am strange)

The people at sent me this cool doggy mat:

Waghearted Nap Mat Beige

Click on photo to visit website and read more about it!

Mom LOVES THIS!!! It even matches our decor! It also matches my fur! Mom was certain she found something that I would actually SLEEP on so she picked this when asked by the kind people at what I would like!


“You and your dog are sure to love this soft quilted nap mat. 
The Waghearted nap mat is perfect for picnics, car rides, overnight trips and much more because it is conveniently designed for travel. Just roll it up and snap it shut! But this mat is so cute and comfy you’ll want to use it all the time. Softly padded and nicely quilted, this nap mat is a great place for you best friend take a comfortable nap – anywhere you go.”

Made with faux suede 100% Polyester. 
Color: Beige

Did I sleep on it?




“The best laid plans of dog bloggers”….eh? That was pretty darned MISCHIEVOUS OF ME EH?

Take Mom’s word for it! This mat is too cute and  Mom says she is sure that somewhere  out there, there is a doggy who APPRECIATES super cute things!

Check out:

click on photo to visit


I am certain you will find all a ton of items that you will love such as:


Bowls, Feeders & Accessories
Collars, Harnesses & Leashes
Crates & Carriers
Barking Behavior & Training
Beds, Crate Pads & Throws
Cleanup, Stain & Odor
Clothes & Accessories
CDs And DVDs
Flea & Tick Control
Grooming & Shampoo
Gates & Pens
Gifts For Dog Lovers
Housetraining & Incontinence
Travel & Outdoor


Happy Shopping!!

Barks and licks and uncooperative photo-shoot love, Dakota


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  1. The Tizzi is Charlie’s, hands down, all time favorite toy. It’s mine too, because it’s the only toy, ever, that Charlie hasn’t been able to tear or chew apart in seconds. I also like that it’s made in the US. We’ve had it about 6 months and it’s still totally intact, which is amazing. Ellie doesn’t like dog beds either. She’d much rather spread out on our tile floor!

    • Hi Debbie! YAY!! Thanks for Charlie’s endorsement (and yours) of the Tizzi! It IS a good toy and I neglected to say that Dakota hasn’t been able to chew it either (which is a miracle). Ellie doesn’t like beds either? I am wondering if that is a SHELTIE THING!! Sheltie peeps let us know!! Thanks so much for telling everyone how great that toy is! Love, “Mom”

  2. Your bed looks so comfy Dakota 🙂
    I want one proper bed too one day…all this time, my bed is made of mommy’s old clothes 😦

    • Kroten, do turtles have beds????? Isn’t your shell your bed? BOL!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • Most turtle owner left their turtle in the tank day and night…but Our mommy is always taking us out of the tank and let us sleep on the floor near her bed with lots of clothes put on top of each other to keep us warm 🙂

        Those clothes is our ‘bed’ 😉

  3. Unfortunately, they don’t ship outside usa :o( But this TIZZI looks pretty cool. Best wishes for your mom, hope she is well soon!!!

    • Awww Easy I am so sorry!!!! I didn’t know 😦 Maybe they will change that policy one day. Mom says thank you sooooooo much! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • I hope… All the good stores in the states didn’t ship outside….bad for my mom, good for our budget :o)))

      • Easy you never know, sometimes people will see comments like this and then change their policy but you are right, often it is due to cost and also shipping regulations. I know the few times I have shipped to Australia it has taken MONTHS for the people to receive their package and it just isn’t worth it sometimes 😦 Love, “Mom”

      • I hope. It’s not easy to ship worldwide for sender and receiver..

      • yep I know all too well!!! ((((hugs))))) Love from “Mom”

  4. Cool stuff Dakota, I’ms betting yoo’s didn’t sleepon that lovely mat 🙂
    Hope yor Mummy’s feeling better.
    Hugs to yoo’s and her..
    Mollie xx

    • Hi Mollie! Um, I’m afraid you just might be right 😦 Mom is upset with me about that. She doesn’t understand why I prefer the hard floor, maybe my fur is too cushy? Awwww Mom said THANK YOU to ask about her….we send you ((((hugs)))) and kisses…….Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. How funny that you won’t sleep on such a fantastic mat – strange child!

    • Long Life Cats and Dogs, this is “Mom”…..”strange child” INDEED!! Love it! xoxoxo

  6. Fun stuff! I’ll go check it out.

    • Sara Hi! They have TONS of stuff that I bet Oreo and Chewy will have a blast with! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. I’ve never heard of that website before! Pretty cool products Dakota, thanks for sharing them with us!

    • Hi Jen! Nor had I til they contacted me 🙂 Hope you have a great day! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. I never like BED! Floor is the best bed ever!!!


    • Eva!!!! YAY!!! I am more and more certain that this is yet another Sheltie Quirk!!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  9. Ha! Ha1 Cody! Yous is like my hairy slobbery sister Bob. She is not much of a bed sleeper. But she does like to sleep on blankets for the floor. So when ever Mommy gets a new Bed Set, the cover from the last one goes on the pile on the floor. Mom has about 4 piled up there now and Bob’s arthritis is less since she sleeps on them. Plus, when Mommy folds them in half, they is big enough for both Bob and Cinnamon.


    • Hi Nellie! Since I know that with your HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of boyfriends, that SOMEWHERE deep within you still pine for my kitty brother CODY…I will forgive you the Freudian Slip of referring to ME as CODY!!! BOL!!! This is DAKOTA…hehehe…but that is ok, you just have Cody on the brain! Bob is smarter than me! I won’t even sleep on blankets!! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. That Tizzy looks pretty cool! Too bad you won’t sleep on that wonderful mat though. Maybe Cody will. heehee!

    • the Tizzy is super cool! Believe it or not, we are shocked…Cody hasn’t touched the mat! Not like him AT ALL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  11. What fun stuff! *Barking at humans to buy something* 🙂

    Bella and DiDi

    • Bella and DiDi I hope they did! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  12. Hey Dakota,

    Forgive me for pointing out the obvious – BUT – I’m sure if your Mum put the nap mat on her bed you’d be all over it, right?! Tee Hee – Great Mischief buddy, we can’t make it too easy for them!!

    Btw, my human cousin who’s visiting from the UK, Bradley (10) was just looking at your site as I type and said that’s a cool border!! 🙂

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hi Snoopy!
      Nope! That wouldn’t work either because Mom and Dad’s room is baby gated …yep…that is a “dog-free” zone cause that is Cody’s territory!

      Awww thank Bradley so much….but…I’m a SHELTIE! 🙂

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  13. What a neat toy, we like anything that can hide treats. The bed is nice but too small for us. We do sleep on beds in the winter but in the summer we with you on the hard cold floor 🙂

    • Hi tyler! I like all toys where I can have treats in them BOL!!! Oh yeah, I can see how that would be too small for you for sure! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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