It’s My Mom and Dad’s Anniversary!

bride and groom dogs

I have no idea where this photo came from to credit the person who took it, plus, this ISN’T Mom and Dad!!

Caren and Lenny our wedding

But THIS IS!!!!

If you want to read about the story of their engagement, my kitty brother posted it on his blog today and I am too lazy to post it! You can read about it here!!


Barks and licks and love,


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It’s A Wedding!

Today my human sister is getting married!!!!

Mom and Dad wish them

a world of happiness too!!!

Where have we been? Wordy Wednesday

Wow! I just realized that Mom hasn’t let me blog in about a week! Normally I would be upset, but this time she had a good reason. You see, Mom had been quite busy planning a wedding shower for Marla, my human “bonus” sister!

Why do I call Marla  a “bonus” sister?

Well, Mom has no children of her own, but when she married Dad he came with his own puppies! Yep! He sure did! So since Mom doesn’t like the word “step”  for stepchildren, Mom stole a term from a friend who also calls her stepchildren BONUS children! Why? Because they ARE!

Marla is also quite special because it was she who first heard about me and told my Mom and Dad, because she knew they wanted a Sheltie. If it hadn’t been for Marla, I wouldn’t be living with  my Mom and Dad!

Thank you Marla!

But I digress, here are some photos from the shower which was this past Sunday:

The banner came from

The FANTASTIC cake and delicious cupcakes came from See the puppies on the cake? Those are Marla's doggies!

Here is Mom and a photo of my gorgeous  “bonus” sister Marla.  She will be married this June!

What was I doing part of the weekend? Well, you know how much I love my Aunt Nancy who lives in Florida? You have heard me talk about her before. Aunt Nancy came to Michigan for the shower and I did my best to impress her!

I think I impressed her, don’t you?

Mom said to tell you she is sorry if she hasn’t visited you as often lately. Because of the shower she just hasn’t been able to come around and visit as much as she would like to. She hopes she will be able to catch up soon!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota