“Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL???”

PetSmart Howl-O-Ween Costume Party & Photo Event

Hey doggy friends!! Guess what?

PetSmart is having a Howl-O-Ween Costume Party and Photo Event 



at PetSmart Stores throughout the U.S.,  Canada and Puerto Rico!!

Read all the details here and/or go to www.petsmart.com for store locations and rules for the costume contest!

Want a Pirate Hat like mine (minus the evil crow and hooting owl?) PetSmart has a great choice of Halloween costumes/accessories for doggies!!  This hat is not available online, it is available in-store only.

The Pirate  hat is machine washable in cold water and has an adjustable chin strap!

Ahoy doggies!!!

Go check out all of PetSmart’s Halloween costumes now!


I didn’t receive any gold nuggets or Pirate Booty for wearing this Pirate Hat for doggies from PetSmart. I didn’t even receive any Halloween candy or biscuits. I received this hat which I must say I look quite handsome wearing!


Barks and licks and a Yo-Ho-Ho!!!






Friday Find! FUR Dry™ By FURminator!!


If your Mom is anything like my Mom, there is nothing she likes worse than when I come inside when it is rainy or snowy and there is water, WATER everywhere!

I don’t take baths at home but I heard from the doggies that do,  that often freshly bathed doggies run through the house like a 4-legged sprinkler!

When I go outside on cold and rainy Michigan days like we had yesterday, when I come back inside,  the water soaks my fur and drips on our Pergo floors  and then if I decide to sit on the couch the couch is all wet too!

The nice people at FURminator have a  super cozy and cuddly solution to this problem!!

Doggie buddies, meet

FUR Dry™

FUR Dry towels are manufactured using a Microfiber technology that is uniquely designed to draw water away from a dog’s coat and into the absorbent fibers.

Doggies this makes drying your fur a breeze!

FUR Dry is so soft and cozy that it can calm you down after a day of outdoor fun, it will save your Mom’s carpets (and your ears from being yelled at for being all wet and sitting on the couch!).

FUR Dry is easy to put on and comes in  sizes that are suitable for all sorts of doggies  too!

Mom was excited when FURminator sent ME a FUR Dry™ to try!

Mom goofed though and thinks she should have ordered me a large because I have a big belly and I have thick, long fur!

Mom wasn't able to secure this around my belly, this was MOM'S fault, NOT FURminator's!


Mom? Do you think that maybe you could have gotten me the RIGHT size????


Regardless of my Mom having requested the wrong size  (  Medium), when FURminator kindly offered to send her a FUR Dry™ for us to test and review, we still LOVE IT! Mom used it  to dry me off when it was rainy yesterday and it STILL absorbed all the water that accumulated on my fur!


FUR Dry™ towel (MSRP $34.95)

To purchase click here


Join the FURmination





Thanks FURminator for allowing me to test/review the FUR Dry™!!  I am a doggie, I received no other compensation for this review other than a FUR Dry™ to have of my very own!



“Every Dog Has It’s Day” And Today My MOM Is THAT DOG!

  This is not just another dog day afternoon in the “D” ( for those that live in other parts of the world, “D” stands for Detroit!!) Make no bones about it, this is one special day, my Mom, Caren , is having a birthday!
Try to restrain your enthusiasm my canine companions.
Some of you may be underwhelmed by this announcement , but in this Sheltie’s  doghouse I’m doing everything to make my alpha mom  happy for the next 24 hours.
 Chew on this morsel my four-legged furry ones:
”When Momma’s Not Happy
No One is Happy”
                                   All seriousness aside, Im extremely fortunate to have such a great  human like my Mom, Caren.
She is vigilant about taking me to Dr.Smiley for regular checkups [perhaps a little too vigilant for this Sheltie’s liking

This is a reasonable facsimile of "Dr.Smiley"

See? The likeness is simply remarkable!!!

Mom feeds me high quality Rachael Ray Nutrish dogfood [ Is that why Im so perky?]
She teaches me tricks and showers me with treats and affection.

Ok we realized Mom and I have NO photos together! This was in March before Mom lost 44 lbs and cut her fur!

Send out a bark to her my doggie dudes and dudettes [impressed by my use of alliteration? Alright Dad helped me a little.]
Let her know her tireless efforts, [shes dog tired many days]  has not gone unnoticed.
Have I kissed up enough yet?
Bol. Bark out LOUD
Love and licks,
Dakota “Apollo”
Apollo is my “dad-appointed”  middle name,
Mom hates when Dad calls me “Apollo”,
 but since I dictated this post through Dad and not Mom, what Dad wants, Dad GETS!
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It’s My “Gotcha Day!!!”

On October 19th, 2007 Mom and Dad  brought me to my new fur-ever home!!!

I was a birthday present for my Mom, ( Mom really wanted a new dryer and she got ME!).  Mom says she wouldn’t trade me for ALLLLL of the dryers in the WORLD!

Ironically, one of my many obsessions is helping my Mom when she does laundry, guess I am trying to make up for the fact that I wasn’t a dryer!

I love you Mom, Dad and Cody!!!

Thanks for bringing me “HOME!”


Our precious Dakota, you came to us as a culmination of a life-long wish of Mommy’s that she would one day have a Sheltie of her own.  Daddy spent months and months scouring ads, websites, online rescues, etc. for just the right Sheltie. As luck would have it, through your “sister” fate brought you to us!

You are our little security guard, clown, thief, wonderful doggie brother to Cody, and our  lovable licker! You are  crazy, brilliant, stunningly handsome,  mischievous, loving, sensitive, alert, conniving and comical.

We wouldn’t trade you for the world!!

We love you with ALL OF OUR HEARTS!

Mom, Dad and Cody


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Halloween Safety Tips From Our Friends At “Haute Or Not… Pets” And A Spooky Buddies Give-Away!



It’s October and you know what that means! Halloween is right around the corner! While Halloween is  definitely a fun holiday there are some safety tips that you should be aware of.  It is important to take some precautions to make sure you have the best Halloween ever!


Today I am proud to present to you some dear friends of my Mom’s, Haute or Not….Pets, they are here today sharing some Halloween safety tips with the help of  some friends from the Disney movie, Spooky Buddies! 

Here we go!!


Haute or Not… Pets is your premier online resource for information, opinions, and reviews on the latest pet products. We’ve assembled an expert panel of in-house product testers, along with special guests, if the product calls for it. Our product reviewers work their collective tails off, eating, chewing, wearing, or playing with all the products featured in Haute or Not… Pets so that you can benefit from their “first-paw” experience.”







Spooky Buddies, everyone’s favorite talking puppies want to get you into the spirit of the Halloween season!!! This spook-tacular holiday is perfect for everybody in the family to dress up, visit neighbors and enjoy parties and treats. Follow these simple safety tips to make your Halloween adventures a howling success for your kids and your canines!!!


Your pet may like getting dressed up with the rest of the family, but make sure their costume is safe.

The outfit should not be too restrictive or tight.

Have a “dress rehearsal” a few days before Halloween to make sure they can move about easily.

Inspect the costume for loose or small parts that they could chew or swallow.


You may want to be as mysterious as possible with your costume, but make sure you aren’t trading mystery for safety.

If wearing a mask is part of the costume, make sure your vision is not obstructed.

Costumes shouldn’t be so long that you can trip over it, or so bulky that it’s hard to walk in.

If your costume is made up of black or dark clothing, add some reflective tape to sleeves and shoes so you will be easily visible to others.


If your dog likes to greet every doorbell ring with enthusiasm, work with them before Halloween night. Have several family members ring the doorbell several times in a row do your dog can get used to the noise.

If your dog still seems to be getting over-excited and worn out greeting each trick-or-treater, put them in a quiet rooms with a few toys until the rush is over.

• Make sure an adult is nearby when answering the door to trick-or-treaters. Even if all the visitors are friendly, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by unfamiliar faces.

• Have an adult open the door, then you can help hand out the treats.


Keep a supply of doggy treats on hand for your own pets and any four-legged trick-or-treaters who show up at your door.

It’s important to know that chocolate and other candy treats can be harmful to our canine friends, so make sure they have their own doggie-treats and keep the human treats out of reach.

• Have an adult inspect your treat bag when you arrive home. If you receive any “homemade” treats from unfamiliar homes, you may want to discard those. Then, sift through all of your treats and divide them up into smaller snack bags so you can enjoy having a few treats each day. You’ll enjoy the fun even longer!



• Don’t leave your dog outdoors alone while trick-or-treaters are out and about. A careless child (or adult) could forget to latch the gate when leaving your yard, giving the dog a chance to escape.

Also, rambunctious trick-or-treaters may tease your dog as part of their play.

If you are going to take your dog with you while you trick-or-treat, make sure they are on a leash and have current ID tags, if they become separated from you.

Likewise, although you don’t have to be on a leash, make sure you have an adult or older sibling with you on your trick-or-treat rounds.

Be especially careful when crossing streets

Stay with your group throughout the evening


If you plan a Halloween party that includes dogs, have it during the day in your regular dog park (where all the dogs know each other) or in a big backyard, where there is room for them to run and play.

Don’t leave a group of dog unattended for any reason. Make sure there is plenty of water and shade so they don’t get overheated.

Planning a costume party for your family and friends can be a fun way to celebrate Halloween.

Plan your menu and decorations carefully – no open flames or sharp objects.

Set the mood with fun music like, “Monster Mash,” and “Thriller” and be sure to have a dance contest along with a best-costume contest.

Pair teenagers with younger children for activities such as scavenger hunts and pumpkin-carving contests.

Now that your ready for Halloween, give your whole family a special “treat” with a screening of Disney’s new movie, Spooky Buddies.



 GIVE-AWAY!! Haute Or Not…Pets  has generously offered to give a copy of Disney’s Spooky Buddies to two of my readers!!  Since it’s Monday and Mom and I are tired (already!) entering is super easy! Just leave a comment telling us if you could dress up for Halloween what you would like to dress up as!


The deadline to enter is MONDAY, OCTOBER 17TH at 11pm EASTERN. The two winners will be announced WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19th!




A big THANK YOU to our friends at Haute Or Not…Pets for guest blogging today! Be sure to click on their name to visit their “haute” website!


Barks and licks and love, Dakota





I Was Featured on PetAg “Spotlight On A Healthy Pet”

To bring awareness to National Pet Obesity Awareness Day on October 12th,  PetAg Pet Products  decided to feature five healthy pets (and our blogs), I was one of them! I am so excited!!

Who is PetAg? From their website:



“Celebrating its 25th anniversary, PetAg, Inc. is a leading pet product development and manufacturing company, delivering innovative health and wellness products to pet owners and veterinarians that enrich and prolong the lives of companion pets, animals, birds and reptiles. Originally founded as a division of Borden, Inc., the company first unleashed their product creativity by inventing the category of neonatal nutrition. Their first product, Esbilac®, a milk replacement powder, became the worlds first commercially prepared, nutritionally balanced formula for feeding puppies. By the end of the 1950′s, many dogs and their owners had grown up with the brand, helping to establish a loyal PetAg following among veterinarians and pet owners around the world.

For over 50 years, the manufacturing, as well as product research and development, have been conducted out of a 60,000-square-foot manufacturing space and Quality Control Lab located in Hampshire, Ill. The Hampshire facility also houses PetAg’s technical services department, which manages a well-respected Consumer Care Hotline serving customers in 48 countries.”


Please take a moment to read my interview here




See the above photo? There is a contest and I sure would like to win!! (If I am the winner I plan on sharing my prizes in a give-away for YOU!)  Please  be sure to ‘like’ my  picture at the top of their  Facebook page!  


Thank You!!


Barks and licks and love, Dakota



I learned about “World Smile Day” from my buddy Sugar who has a great blog called Sugar The Golden Retriever.

I wanted to pawticipate because I am a Sheltie and we have natural smiles!!!

My Mom calls it my “Sheltie Smile!”


“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr

Thanks Sugar for telling us about this day!

You can read more about “World Smile Day” right here!!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Gift Basket Winner!! From Freshpet!!!

OMG my Mom and I nearly died this morning when we went to www.random.org  to pick the winner of the Gift Basket from Freshpet!

The winner is:




to visit Nellie’s blog

please click HERE


The reason we almost died is www.random.org picked Nellie as the winner of the Martha Stewart give-away that my brother Cody just had on his blog, Cat Chat!!

BOTH times www.random.org picked Nellie!!

Doggies don’t get upset that a kitty won! Nellie entered to win as a surprise for her two doggie brothers,  Bob & Cinnamon….


Bob & Cinnamon!



We think you need to go and buy a lottery ticket, and when you win that, my Mom and I would like a cut please!!! BOL!


Barks and licks and love, Dakota


May Your New Year Be Sweet! L’Shana Tovah Happy Rosh Hashanah!