The Peak Antler Company, All Natural Antler Dog Products-Give-Away!

A few weeks back I was reading one of the blogs that I follow and came upon a product that completely intrigued me.  The product was  an all NATURAL  ANTLER DOG BONE TREAT.  I thought the entire concept was pure genius and thought they would be perfect for Dakota.

Before I continue, let me tell you that I STILL believe in these products, AND that I have a strange dog.

I had contacted The Peak Antler Company asking if I could hold a give-away and do a review and they enthusiastically agreed.

I was given a couple of samples of Antler Dog Bone treats for Dakota to try (one medium and one large)…before I continue I want to share information with you that The Peak Antler Company graciously provided:

“Antler dog bones are set apart from traditional bones as they will not stain your carpet, splinter or turn into slimy goo AND they last much longer than other dog chews. They are naturally shed deer or elk antler pieces, NO fillers, preservatives, added color or anything else! It’s just a bone the way nature intended! No animals are hurt in the collection of this bone!

The Peak Antler Company’s all natural antler dog bone products were started by the family dog Aussie, an Australian Shepherd/Dingo mix rescued from a local shelter.   Our main work involves Antler Chandeliers, Antler Lamps and Antler Furniture.  Aussie would sneak into the shop and steal antler pieces.  She would run off into the yard and chew on them for days.  She wouldn’t give them back even when I caught her stealing “red-pawed”.  We came home one day to find she had discovered the antlers in the coffee table as well, which was not so cute or innocent.  It became obvious she loved antler more than any other bone or puppy chew.  I cut up a few antler pieces for her in hopes of preventing more theft and save our furniture.  It worked!  Everyone was happy and the furniture was saved!  Soon after, a friend had an adorably large Black Labrador Retriever puppy who also discovered antler accent furniture in their home.  We shared an antler with Kona which saved not only the furniture but the sweet puppy from any further “time outs”. They began asking for more antler pieces for their friends dogs and the news spread fast.  It grew organically into a business by demand, just the way nature intended.

We offer 2 lines in four sizes to offer a good gnawing selection. Our dog bones are naturally shed antlers, gathered in the forest or on ranch lands at various times of the year, they are all weathered at different stages.

The economy line is slightly more weathered which leads to discoloration and more hairline cracking.

 We recommend our premium line for very aggressive chewers as they are more dense which helps them last longer and have less chances of cracking.”

As I mentioned earlier I BELIEVE in these Antler Bones. The problem is: Dakota doesn’t.  Dakota is a strange dog (sorry, but he is!) He hates certain things that other dogs love, maybe it isn’t strange, call it quirky.

I am still intrigued by the Antler Bones, I still think the concept is ingenious and I would love nothing more than to see a dog actually ENJOYING these because I am CERTAIN that they will!!

I waited to post about these bones because I thought they would be an ideal give-away for the Holiday Season!! While YOU are groovin’ to “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” your dog can be enjoying chewing on Antlers!

GIVE-AWAY: if you are interested in winning an All Natural Antler Dog Bone Chew please leave a comment at the end of this  blog post.  (U.S. ONLY PLEASE) The winner can choose either a small, medium or large…also…I have one in large here (that I don’t want to waste!) so there will actually be TWO winners! The Peak Antler Company will mail one out to one of the winners and I will mail the one that Dakota did not use.





While you are waiting for the winner(s) to be announced please visit The Peak Antler Company:

On Facebook All Natural Antler Dog Bone Chews

You may also phone them at :719-641-8844.

Always FREE shipping on website orders  They accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

We received no compensation for this review. We were given 2 bones for Dakota to test. When he didn’t care for the first one (as I said that is HIM, I am CONFIDENT another dog WILL like these!)  I reserved the second for the give-away!


Gift Basket Winner!! From Freshpet!!!

OMG my Mom and I nearly died this morning when we went to  to pick the winner of the Gift Basket from Freshpet!

The winner is:




to visit Nellie’s blog

please click HERE


The reason we almost died is picked Nellie as the winner of the Martha Stewart give-away that my brother Cody just had on his blog, Cat Chat!!

BOTH times picked Nellie!!

Doggies don’t get upset that a kitty won! Nellie entered to win as a surprise for her two doggie brothers,  Bob & Cinnamon….


Bob & Cinnamon!



We think you need to go and buy a lottery ticket, and when you win that, my Mom and I would like a cut please!!! BOL!


Barks and licks and love, Dakota


Friday Fido Find! Freshpet Fresh Food For Pets! Look What I Got! And…Guess What YOU Can Get!

They must have thought of me when they came up with the term “Lucky Dog!”


Well I’ll tell ya!

Look at what I received in the mail! From FreshPet!

Freshpet sent me  3 (count ’em!) THREE  bags of goodies and a super high quality cooler made by Coleman to keep my goodies fresh  in when I am  on the go.   I bet Mom and Dad could steal it and use it should they go on a picnic! It came with 2 refrigerator cold packs! My Mom and I were simply overwhelmed by the generosity  of Freshpet and by the sight of these delicious looking snacks!

Just who is FreshPet?

Watch this video to learn more!

Can you tell how EXCITED I was to get my chops around this delectable goodie?

This bone is 100% all natural. It is a crunchy Brown Rice bone

The first item I tested was the DogJoy Fresh Bones! They are:

Crunchy brown rice bone with real chicken baked inside. A safer alternative to natural bones.

4.3 oz.

This bone was long-lasting and simply delicious!

My luck continued! Look what Mom gave me last night when I was having a full-blown bark-fest!!

Mom almost wanted to eat one too because they reminded her of beef jerky and Mom LOVES beef jerky!

These are:  Dog Joy Fresh Chews

Long-lasting chews made from free-range buffalo. Each hand-cut chew is slow roasted in its own juices. Maintains dental health naturally.

4.3 oz.

See how I have my paws? I do this when I am carefully holding onto something that I LOVE! My kitty brother tried to take this away. He’ll never attempt THAT trick again! BOL!

Do you believe I even received a THIRD item from Freshpet? I didn’t get to taste test this one yet but I am looking forward to enjoying these while I watch football with my Dad this weekend!

Yum!!! Sweet Potato!!! My Mom and I can't believe these wonderful flavors that Dog Joy has!! They are so unique and Mom thinks they look tasty enough for her to eat too!

” Dog Joy™ Sweet Potato Chews: The only ingredient is sweet potatoes, naturally full of beta carotene, vitamins and dietary fiber. Each slice is slowly baked to chewy perfection. Available in a 7.5 oz. resealable pouch.”

Mom and I are awfully impressed with Freshpet! I think I am going to work on Mom to switch me from the food I am now eating to this food!! Mom just used their STORE LOCATOR TAB on their WEBSITE and GUESS WHAT DOGGIES!!?? Mom just learned that Freshpet is available at EVERY store she shops at!!!

That’s enough to make me do Sheltie Spins the ENTIRE WEEKEND!!!


YOU can be joining me in doing my happy “Sheltie Spins” because the generous and wonderful people at Freshpet are offering to give ONE WINNER a GIFT BASKET FILLED with their products!!!! ( U.S. ONLY PLEASE) How cool is THAT?

How do you enter?

1) You MUST be a subscriber of this blog

2) You MUST “like” Dakota’s Den on Facebook  and leave a comment telling me why you want this food

3) You MUST “like”  Freshpet on Facebook and tell them you learned about their products on Dakota’s Den





So my barking buddies head over to Freshpet’s WEBSITE and check out all the healthy, fresh and delicious items they have to offer! I even saw a Sheltie featured on one of their items!! I think I am gonna have to try to steal that Sheltie’s modeling gig, don’tcha  know?

You can also find Freshpet on:




Barks and licking my chops with love and THANKS to Freshpet! Dakota

In full disclosure. Mom and I were not compensated for this review. Mom and I were given the products listed above to test/review. All opinions are strictly my own! Now go and check ’em out!

While you’re at it check out the other great give-aways at  “Doggies And Stuff” right here! Be sure to tell them that DAKOTA sent you!