Dakota’s Birthday Give-Away!!!

Mom was so wiped out from a cold that she got when she visited Florida that she hasn’t updated my blog since last Wednesday! I thought she would forget about my birthday but nope! She didn’t!

Today is my birthday and guess what?

Since I am now 5 years old I am a big boy  and it shouldn’t be all about ME getting presents, we should GIVE some back too!  So Mom and I decided to have a HUGE give-away for my readers!

There will be FIVE  WINNERS (one winner per prize).

Wait til you see what prizes we are giving away!

Mom and I sat down and figured out what some of my favorite things are,  kinda like Oprah but we don’t have any cars to give away, so we brainstormed and came up with what we think are some pretty fabulous prizes!

1) A $100 gift certificate to www.petag.com

From their website

“Celebrating its 25th anniversary, PetAg, Inc. is a leading pet product development and manufacturing company, delivering innovative health and wellness products to pet owners and veterinarians that enrich and prolong the lives of companion pets, animals, birds and reptiles.”

Back in October 2011 Mom had entered me in a contest  for  National Pet Obesity Awareness, and so many people liked my photo on Facebook that   I won!! I was also interviewed and if you missed that you can read the interview here

Mom and I decided that it would be a nice thing to give my gift certificate to one lucky person!

2)  FIVE BAGS OF SmartBones!

Yep! One of my most favorite things in this entire world are SmartBones! One person is going to win FIVE BAGS of SmartBones! You know that I feature SmartBones on my blog a lot and the give-aways are always super popular! Well, now you can enter again to try to win FIVE BAGS for yourself!

3) A $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to FOR LOVE OF A DOG!! (it’s really a gift CODE but it will function like a gift certificate) At check out you will enter the code that you will be given and it will pay for $50 of your order.

Mom featured them on my blog a few weeks ago and this is one of her favorite websites for all things doggy (and cats too!) You can buy something super nice with a $50 gift certificate!


You can sure get some cool stuff with THAT!

5) Last but not least, since peanut butter is my favorite flavor in the world…one lucky person will win FIVE BAGS OF ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTER TREATS from Barker’s Dozen!!!

I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER and they make some really great treats!

Whew!!! This is a darned good give-away!!! After all a doggy only turns 5 ONCE, right?

TO ENTER: EASY PEASY! Just wish me a  Happy Birthday!


If you aren’t comfortable typing it out you can use the words “at” and “dot” instead of the symbols.

We apologize but due to some of these prizes being food related, this give-away is for the U.S. ONLY.


“LIKE” my Facebook Page and let me know here that you did! (If you comment directly on Facebook that will NOT count as an entry) Oh and if you “unlike” us after the give-away (as some of you did after the last SmartBone give-away) …we have special ways of hunting you down BOL!!!  Trust me you do NOT want me BARKING outside of your door!! BOL!



Now…I gotta go and blow out some candles and Mom said there is a SPECIAL TREAT for me for dinner tonight! HAMBURGERS!!!

Barks and licks and BIRTHDAY LOVE, Dakota


Book Review: Good Dog! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions by Steve Dale

Have a new dog and don’t know what to do?

Have an older dog and think you can’t “teach an old dog new tricks?”

Up to your ears with doggy mischief?

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Good Dog: Practical Answers to Behavior Questions written by Steve Dale with messages by Betty White, Victoria Stilwell and Dr.Sheldon Rubin is just the ticket to help answer the questions that you have, as well as the questions that you haven’t asked yet!

This book is chock full of information with chapters such as:

Dog-On-Dog Aggression

Pet-On-People Aggression

Housetraining 101

To Crate or Not to Crate?

Excessive Barking (a personal favorite!)

and many more.

From Facebook:

“Steve Dale is a syndicated columnist; TV, radio and podcast host; pet advocate and certified animal behavior consultant. Pet owners across the United States seek out his expert advice and commentary on everything from controversial pet legislation to calming an anxious calico.

Dale writes two weekly syndicated columns for Tribune Media Services (TMS). He’s also a contributing editor at USA Weekend, a columnist for Cat Fancy and thecatchannel.com, and a ChicagoNow blogger. Recently, Dale published his first series of eBooks, including “Good Dog! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions” and “Good Cat! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions,” for the ePublishing division of TMS.

Dale also hosts two nationally syndicated radio shows, “Steve Dale’s Pet World” and “The Pet Minute,” together these shows air on more than 100 radio stations, and a weekly WGN radio podcast. He’s appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show;” “National Geographic Explorer;” “Pets: Part of the Family,” and several Animal Planet television programs.”

From the Foreword by Victoria Stilwell, Dog Trainer,  Author and Host of “It’s Me or the Dog” on TV’s Animal Planet

“Steve and I are both advocates for the use of modern, science-based, positive reinforcement dog-training methods, as opposed to outdated dominance/punitive methods. Usually these are based on the misguided belief that positive training signifies weakness in the owner, and that dogs won’t respect such supposed non-leaders. This, of course is nonsense.”

This book is a treasure trove of information written in a question and answer format,  offering multiple, practical solutions to common problems that all of us who own dogs either are experiencing or have experienced at one time or another.

It is Steve’s hope that “people read and learn, and sometimes are entertained by, these questions and answers. If one dog is saved from the shelter as a result of the advice offered in these pages, I’ve done my job.”

One of my favorite parts of this book happens to be in the back section where Steve has listed many “Additional Resources” which range from books to a vast assortment of websites which are invaluable to dog/pet owners everywhere.

I was not compensated for this review. I received a copy of Good Dog to read/review.

This book is dedicated to Steve’s dog Lucy, a miniature Australian Shepherd who passed away in 2011. For over 10 years she regularly visited an animal-assisted therapy program at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. In memory of Lucy, Steve created a memorial fund to support animal assisted therapy efforts and the American Humane Association Award for Therapy Dog. You can read more about Lucy and give to her cause, here

ISBN 978-1-930645-00-4

Buy the eBook now for $2.99

Available on: