Monday Mischief: Doggies At Wedding!

As many of you know, 

my human sister got married this weekend.

Guess who else was there?

Bride’s  dear friend, Beth carrying  the doggy  bride down the aisle

The  Doggy Bride’s outfit was made by

Julie Lancaster

who we featured on our blog.

Read about her here

The  Doggy Groom’s outfit was also made by

Julie Lancaster

(visit her Facebook Page by clicking her name above)

This is the Bride’s  dear friend,  Jack

Carrying the  Doggy Groom


Here is the

REAL Bride!



Me, the bride and groom in photo booth!


Barking best wishes to the happy couple  and lots of licks and love, Dakota


Friday Find! Meet Julie Lancaster of “Off The Cuff Stuff For Pets”

Julie and one of her Mi-ki-s "Jet"

Hi everyone! This is Dakota and I am pleased to introduce you to a new friend of mine. Meet Julie Lancaster, the creator,  owner and brilliant designer  of  Off The Cuff Stuff For Pets a site that features one-of-a-kind, handmade -by- Julie accessories and clothes for pets!

Julie is a dear friend of my bonus daughter, Marla, and it was Marla who first brought Julie’s superbly crafted items to my attention. I was so intrigued by her talent that I wanted to not only learn more about her, but to share her items with all of you!

Julie spent many years working in a tedious office job and knew that this was not how she should be spending her life.  She is highly creative, zany, seriously gifted in the arts (she  has extensive experience working  with textiles and has painted many   murals) and decided that she must spend her life away from the boring office environment and pursue her true calling,  that of being an Artist.  Having artistic talents in a myriad of areas,  Julie’s quandary was what would she create, how would she channel her gift?

Along with being an artist, Julie is also a dog lover, specifically the adorable Mi-ki breed.  (Not familiar with Mi-ki’s? You can read about them here.)  Julie began breeding Mi-kis (her website is and decided she needed a sling to carry her tiny dogs in to make them feel safe and secure when visiting the vet. Her slings would enable her to keep their tiny paws off of the vet floor as well, thereby avoiding picking up any germs. She wanted it to be fashionable and comfortable, hence the birth of the Bling Bling Sling.

Gena and "Bling Bling Sling"

Julie also makes harnesses, coats and a bevy of other items. She takes great pride in the fact that all of her items are one-of-a-kind.  She is ecstatic to be  utilizing her  background and talents  as a seamstress and  artist, as well as her  experience in working with textiles, doing work that satisfies her soul.  Her work is superior quality and she works closely with her customers to be sure that their piece will not only be unique, and reflect their individual personalities,  but  that the finished product is a true work of art!

"Crimson Queen" Dress

Julie cares about the environment as well! Almost all of Julie’s items are made from recycled materials that she finds at Estate/Yard sales. She uses everything from old prom dresses to wedding dresses. She says that by using recycled materials she is able to keep her cost down and in her words “if you take from the Earth, give back”. 

Pink ruffle coat

Sunday is Earth Day  and by using recycled materials Julie is truly helping to preserve our environment.

If you are interested in having Julie make YOU a one-of-a-kind creation there are a variety of ways you can reach her. You can find her on Facebook, you may visit her website,  and you can reach her via email:

Dazzling Dreams

I hope that you have enjoyed meeting Julie and seeing just a few of her gorgeous items, as much as I enjoyed introducing her to you!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota