“The Dog That Talked to God” A Novel by Jim Kraus, Book Review And Give-Away:

While recovering from my FIFTH lithotripsy (which was a repeat litho done on my left kidney) last Friday, I decided this was the perfect time to catch up on some books that I needed to read and review.

The book I chose was one that had been sent to me a few weeks ago, The Dog That Talked to God, A Novel by Jim Kraus,  and I couldn’t have picked a better book to  read while spending my weekend  recovering.

There are some things they say that people should never discuss. Those things are religion and politics.  Being Jewish, religion is a topic I would more than likely avoid  referring to on this blog, but this book is not only an exception, it is EXCEPTIONAL.

 The Dog That Talked To God,  has a strong religious base (it is classified as FICTION/Christian/General),  but not in reference to one formal religion,  rather it deals strongly with one’s belief  (or not, or temporary separation from one’s belief in God).

Description from  the Publisher: 

Recently widowed Mary Fassler buys a Miniature Schnauzer, Rufus, and her world is turned sideways in the midst of her grief.  It seems that Rufus speaks. And not just to her. He also talks to God.  
When Rufus begins sharing advice that could result in major changes, Mary gets the feeling the pooch might not be steering her in the right direction. Or, is she just afraid to take the leap and discover something she desperately needs? Only Rufus…and God…knows.

 Author Jim Kraus is a longtime writer and editor who has authored or coauthored 20 books, both fiction and non-fiction but The Dog Who Talked to God was the first of his books that I have read. I am eager to read more.
His conversational writing style, (he wrote this as Mary Fassler telling us the story),  his  humor and uncanny ability to get inside of a woman’s brain, made me often stop and check the cover to be sure that indeed a MAN had written this fabulous story.
Anyone who has suffered a loss will be able to relate to Mary Fassler. Your heart will be simultaneously breaking  and cheering Mary on.  . You will fall in love with the “gifted” and insightful Rufus who ultimately leads Mary to where she SHOULD BE.  Wait! Was it Rufus, God, Mary’s own strength or possibly a combination of all of those things? You will have to read this gem to find out.
I normally do not print quotes that other reviewers have said, but I found two that sum up this book perfectly. They completely convey exactly how I felt while reading this marvelous book:
“I loved this story. Quirky and unusual, this unique tale wove a spell around me and drew me in. It wasn’t what I expected at all, and when I turned the last page, it left me wanting more.” – Ane Mulligan, Sr. Editor of Novel RocketThe Dog That Talked to God is a moving and powerful read, inspirational long after the last page has been turned.” – New York Journal of Books

ISBN-13: 9781426742569
 Intrigued? You should be. You may purchase The Dog That Talked to God right here
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I was not compensated for this review. I received 2 copies of this book. One for me and one for my readers. The “compensation” was reading this superb novel.