Meet Morris Animal Inn, A Guest Blog By Debora Montgomery

While traveling around the internet one day my Mom came across a place for doggies to stay when their parents are away that sounded so interesting! Mom checked out their website and loved what she saw and asked if they would be interested in being a guest blogger and they agreed! We are thrilled and happy to feature Morris Animal Inn! Debora’s guest blog is below:

Morris Animal Inn is a luxury pet resort located in Morristown, NJ.
Your pet gets individualized attention and lots of care from experienced, dedicated staff. Family owned since 1960,
Morris Animal Inn has been passed down through three generations of pet owners who have shared a passion for enhancing dogs’ and cats’ quality of life. Walter and Marianne Morris invite you to visit Morris Animal Inn to see for yourself why it has been a favorite among pet lovers for over 50 years. It is a home away from home for your dogs and cats.

At Morris Animal Inn, we strive to make your pet’s stay with us a healthy and happy one. Here are our top six tips for making this transition the best it can possibly be for your pet.

1) Consider scheduling some daycare appointments prior to taking a long trip. Bringing your pets to us for short stays prior to an extended period of time will help them adjust to the staff and the Inn. The next time they are here, the adjustment period will be minimized.

2) Feed your dog a light meal in the morning. A full stomach is not always the best idea when bringing them in for lodging, especially if they are high-energy. All the excitement of a trip in the car may upset their stomachs.

3) Try to keep suitcases out of sight. Many pets associate suitcases with you leaving them rather than a fun lodging experience that awaits them!

4) Don’t change your routine on the day you plan to bring your pet to us. If a dog is used to a certain way of doing things, changing it can make him or her stressed and anxious.

5) Bringing your dog to us on a leash is very important. This will not only help you to control and protect your pet, it will give them their own space to adjust to the new surroundings.

6) Give a relaxed and confident goodbye. If you are anxious and emotional in the lobby, your pet will feed off that energy. A quick and cheerful “Bye, Rover…see you next week!” and a scratch behind the ears is much better than a drawn-out exit accompanied by tears or hesitation.

Rest assured that while your dog lodges with us they will be treated to the finest accommodations and a number of activities that can be added to their daily schedule in order to keep them active, occupied and happy. If your dog enjoys playing with others he/she can join group play activities in our group yards. For water loving dogs, our aqua center is available for private and group swims while our whirlpool soothes tired muscles. Your dog can also enjoy scenic walks on our nature trail.

Our dog boarding accommodations include comfortable areas for small breeds and spacious suites for our larger guests. Each dog will have access to a well-maintained sleeping, exercise and elimination area.

The Inn’s dog boarding wing offers our canine visitors plush lambs’ wool bedding in their sleeping area. All bedding is freshly laundered each day.

For our guests who would like a little extra pampering Premium Beds are available. This popular dog boarding option is a great choice for our visitors with tender joints and muscles or simply those of you wishing to treat your pet to a more luxurious stay.

We treat every pet, as if they were our own!



Watch the video below to view one of our activities we have available


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