Happy 5th “Gotcha Day” Precious Dakota!

You came to us from up above,

a precious “Sheltie-boy” for us to love.

All licks and love and with a waggling tail,

with an abundance of energy

that wouldn’t  be curtailed.

You are the answer to our every dream,

a Sheltie of our own to love and preen.

You bark,

you prance,

you bark,

you dance,

we wouldn’t trade you for a zillion dollars!


Happy 5th “Gotcha Day” Precious Boy!

Love, “Mom and Dad”





It’s My “Gotcha Day!!!”

On October 19th, 2007 Mom and Dad  brought me to my new fur-ever home!!!

I was a birthday present for my Mom, ( Mom really wanted a new dryer and she got ME!).  Mom says she wouldn’t trade me for ALLLLL of the dryers in the WORLD!

Ironically, one of my many obsessions is helping my Mom when she does laundry, guess I am trying to make up for the fact that I wasn’t a dryer!

I love you Mom, Dad and Cody!!!

Thanks for bringing me “HOME!”


Our precious Dakota, you came to us as a culmination of a life-long wish of Mommy’s that she would one day have a Sheltie of her own.  Daddy spent months and months scouring ads, websites, online rescues, etc. for just the right Sheltie. As luck would have it, through your “sister” fate brought you to us!

You are our little security guard, clown, thief, wonderful doggie brother to Cody, and our  lovable licker! You are  crazy, brilliant, stunningly handsome,  mischievous, loving, sensitive, alert, conniving and comical.

We wouldn’t trade you for the world!!

We love you with ALL OF OUR HEARTS!

Mom, Dad and Cody


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