Our Buddy Bullet Is Having a Birthday! “Wordy” Wednesday


I am so excited! One of my favorite doggy friends in the blog-o-sphere is having a birthday on Thursday! His name is Bullet and he is one of the cutest Chihuahuas that I know!

Isn’t he adorable? Photo Courtesy of Colleen Richman on Facebook

His Mommy writes the popular blog CRichman Freebies where she features product reviews,  stories about Bullet, and she has some FANTASTIC give-aways!

Isn’t Bullet’s Mommy beautiful? Photo Courtesy of Colleen Richman on Facebook

My Mom has been super lucky and has won a number of her give-aways.

The latest one was a Personalized Carved Night Light made by Light Affection.

Guess whose photo Mom had them carve for the light? Well of course, it was ME!!

Unfortunately when Mom tried to take a picture of it, it didn’t turn out well, because Mom was using her Android Phone, but the photo below from their website gives you an idea of what it looks like.

Photo Courtesy of Light Affection.com

To fully appreciate it you have to see it in person! It is fabulous! You can read about the process of making this light right here.

In honor of Bullet’s birthday his Mom is having huge give-aways! 

So stop on over, wish Bullet a Happy Birthday, give him a paw-shake, and go ahead and enter to win some great prizes! While you’re at it,  tell him Dakota sent ya!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota