Mischief Monday-Cooking Spray

Happy Monday everybody!

As you know, Dakota is a greatly loved dog, but like any dog, or maybe MORE than any dog, he has his quirks. There are two things that just the sight of sends him into a frenzy….one is cooking spray. Doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is, but when he sees me take the cooking spray  out of the cupboard, it makes him go nuts!

The other is BUTTER. Butter in any form. It can be spray, in a tub, stick. You open the fridge and BOOM…..the Tasmanian Devil is released.Just spelling the word  B-U-T-T-E-R  can send him into a full-blown bark-fest!

I wasn’t able to get video of Dakota’s reaction to butter, but I was able to get a short video of his reaction to cooking spray. Oh and for some who might ask, NO! Dakota has never been sprayed with cooking spray! I think it is the sound of the spray, that irritates him,  who knows? Could just be he doesn’t like the color yellow.

Of course Daddy ruined Mom’s fun by telling me at the end not to work him up.

May your Monday be irritation-free!!