Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! And…It’s “National Take Your Dog To Work Day!”

Today is my Mom and Dad’s 5th wedding anniversary! Yes, I know they are both older than dirt but you see they are such gems that their first marriages didn’t work out and this is the second marriage for both.

Look at this card that my Dad gave to my Mom….

This card was made by Avanti Cards, to read about them click  here 

I think this is a great card but the Sheltie is wearing a DRESS! I am a boy dog and my Dad gives this to my Mom from ME??? This greatly affects my Sheltie sensibility!

Anyway, I hope Mom & Dad have a great anniversary, nobody else wants them so they had better make the best of what they have!!

Now, on a totally different paw,  today is also:

National Take Your Dog To Work Day!!

You can read about that by clicking on the above link…

I have a bone to pick about that too.

I would LOVE to go to work with my Mom and/or Dad but you see, they must have a JOB first!! A JOB!!

Dad retired last summer after 36 years of teaching in the Detroit Public Schools. Mom worked 20+ years in Advertising Sales but lost her latest job due to downsizing in 2007. Mom is now a freelance writer/blogger. Yeah, yeah she puts in TONS of hours doing this (as all of you bloggers completely understand), makes enough to keep me in kibble,  but she works from HOME!  How in the dog world can I go to work with her if I am already THERE 24/7?

Even more insulting, her  “office” is off-limits to me! She has the hallway baby gated!   See the photo below? This is the closest I get to her office:

That’s not even me!! It is merely a stuffed replica!! (And a poor representation at that!) I’m not allowed back there because that is where Mom keeps her partner in crime’s  Cody’s toys.

For all of you “lucky dogs” who get to go to a BONA FIDE WORKPLACE with your Mom and Dad and not some bogus representation of an “office” this video is for you!!!! It was done by Ginger of YouTube and Mom and I LOVE her videos!

Now THAT’S a workin’ Sheltie!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota


Update On “Barney The Escape Artist”

Hi everyone!

Remember when I wrote a week or so ago about my doggie buddy Barney who miraculously escaped from his apartment and ended up over at my house?

If you missed that post you can read about it here



Barney’s Mommy Lynne discovered the screen door on her balcony had a hole in it. Yeah, yeah, I know,  how did she not notice this? Well for whatever reason she didn’t.

I guess a neighbor had heard Barney go PLOP off the balcony. Luckily he landed in the bushes or he could have been quite hurt.

The neighbor tried to get him but he got away from her and to make matters worse, Barney doesn’t like to be picked up.

Lynne has had her screen fixed and Barney hasn’t made any appearances here without his Mommy and thankfully he is safe and sound.

Guess he REALLY wanted to come and visit me, didn’t he?


Smart doggie.

Barks and licks and love, Dakota





Squirrely Sunday, I Have A Bone To Pick With You Mom!

My Mom has A LOT of nerve. One of my most favorite things in the ENTIRE world is peanut butter! I like it crunchy, plain, natural (or not). Give me peanut butter and I’m a happy camper.

Most of you probably don’t know that my Mama LOVES squirrels! She is insane about them. I have no idea why. I think they are pesky, taunting little guys with tails that look like they should be used to clean toilets, but my Mama LOVES THEM!

She loves them so much that years ago the neighbors reported her because she fed them too much. Squirrels were climbing up our balcony (we are on second floor) and some of them even made nests in the rafters up in the attic of our apt/condo complex.

So what do I see her do this morning?

She was on the balcony partaking of a horrible habit she has (that I will  not mention). I hear her say “Oh noooo…a squirrel just came over on the fence and he is looking up at me and I have no wheat bread! I HAVE to give him SOMETHING!!”

That was cause for high alert on my part.

She came in, I knew something AWFUL was about to happen so I began spinning and barking hoping to divert her attention from the squirrely intruder.

My protests fell on deaf ears. She headed to the refrigerator, poking around looking for something to feed the mooch and what did she decide on? MY PEANUT BUTTER!! The complete and utter gall of her! That’s MINE! I don’t share my peanut butter with anyone (other than Mom and Dad) but especially not FOREST DWELLING CREATURES!

Next thing you know he will be inviting himself inside for a peanut butter buffet!

****IMPAWTANT NOTE!!! The squirrel in the photos isn’t the real “intruder” but he is a reasonable facsimile thereof! The squirrel in the photos is actually “Skippy Sheeskin” from Facebook fame! Mom happens to LOVE Skippy and is a friend of his on Facebook and his Mommy kindly allowed her to use these fantastic photos!!! Isn’t he adorable? (my Mom said to say that, I don’t think he is very adorable!). You can visit Skippy on Facebook by clicking here!

Barks and Licks, Dakota