Friday The 13th, Victory Is Mine!!!

Hi my fellow furries! I am in a great mood today (insert evil laugh). You know how they say that Friday the 13th is the day that bad things happen? Are you superstitious? No?  Maybe you should reconsider that thought.

Mom and Cody got up early this morning to go to Blogger to write their blog and guess what they saw?  They saw THIS message:

Blogger is currently unavailable

Blogger is unavailable right now. We apologize for this interruption in service.

Please visit Blogger Status for additional details.”

My quest to take over as the Master blogger in this family is right on course.

The blog-o-sphere will be mine my little cat brother! Allllllll mine!!!

Now go and chase some mice and get outta my face!

Barks, licks, evil laughs and happy tail wags!!