Cookies, Cookies, COOKIES! Freshpet FRESH Baked Cookies!

Doggies! Gather ’round your “compawters!” Have I got news for you!

Do you remember a while back when my Mom and I barked about Freshpet and how much we like their products? If you need a refresher you may click right here.

Mom and I were so excited when Freshpet contacted us a couple of weeks ago telling us about a new product they have. Freshpet told us they are the FIRST to launch

Ready-to-bake Cookies for DOGS!!

They asked Mom if she would like to try baking some for me and she jumped at the opportunity. I was a little dubious. You see, my Mom is an excellent cook but when it comes to baking, well, let’s just say, she’s all paws!

I waited for the package to arrive because I thought this was gonna be funny. Mom, baking? I gotta see this!

Last week my Sheltie-radar picked up a familiar sound at my door. It was the sound of the FedEx man and he had a package for us. I barked with all of my might with excitement and spun like a super-charged Sheltie when I realized what had arrived! Look!

Mom squealed with excitement. If you have never heard my Mom squeal it is somewhat reminiscent of a pig, but I digress.

I didn’t understand why she would become so excited with PACKAGING. Geeze…gimme the cookies! Who cares about packaging?

Mom explained that Freshpet is a first class company and that everything they do is done with attention to detail, perfection and class.

Freshpet’s philosophy is:

  • to use quality ingredients
  • to make food that is COOKED, not processed
  • to provide, FRESH, refrigerated food/treats/ COOKIES!

Our cookies arrived nice and cold. They were packed in the cooler shown above with ice packs and everything! We received all sorts of information about the cookies as well.  As far as I am concerned all of this “information” is just time-wasting stuff! All I care about are the cookies. You know how Moms are though. They like everything to be perfect and in my Mom’s opinion Freshpet is pretty darned perfect!

Freshpet even sent this really cool apron in Mom’s favorite color, Kelly green! Mom was embarrassed about how she looked today, you know with the time change and all and that she never brushed her hair today, and was dressed like a bum, she didn’t want to be on camera. So, mom recruited Dad to model the apron, that’s pretty funny cause all Dad knows how to make in the kitchen is oatmeal and coffee, yet again I digress.

Mom decided that today would be the day she would bake my cookies! I watched every move.



Mom opened the Dognation Oatmeal & Cranberry Recipe cookies to bake first. They  are available in select pet specialty stores. MSRP $4.99 to $6.99.  (12 oz. 18 cookies!)

Just as I was getting ready to laugh waiting for my Mom to bake, I realized there would be NO LAUGHING! These cookies need no measuring, no mixing. All you do is take the pre-shaped dough out of the refrigerator and place them on a baking sheet in the oven.

BUMMER!! This is too easy! I wanted to laugh and all that happened was the smell of these cookies baking was enough to make me lose what is left of my Sheltie mind! I thought I would go insane from the tantalizing smells dancing around the kitchen. Even Mom said she wanted to eat them. That’s no surprise Ms.Food Obsessed will eat anything not glued down.

Here are the directions for baking the cookies:

Baking Instructions:

Preheat oven to 350° F. Place cookies 2″ apart on ungreased baking sheet. Gently flatten each cookie with the palm of your hand. Bake for 10-14 minutes or until cookies are lightly browned. Cool completely on baking rack before serving. Store baked cookies in an air tight container for up to 14 days.

Easy Peasy! Ours took a little longer than 14 minutes to bake but Mom said that is probably because most ovens are set differently. Let’s just say they didn’t take long at all!

This is what they looked like when they were done!

How delicious do these look?

Freshpet’s New Ready to Bake Cookies are available in the pet food aisle (refrigerator).

They are:

  • 100% all natural
  • contain no preservatives
  • they are made of simple ingredients like crunchy peanut butter, whole oats and dried cranberries.

Mom likes that this is an easy and healthy way to do something special for me any day of the week without all the hassle of baking. Mom likes that this seems like an indulgent treat but it is healthy and is one that she feels good about giving to me.

We also received the Dog Joy Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Recipe which we haven’t had a chance to make.


What do I think? See for yourself!

I just couldn’t stand the suspense any longer!


Well, all of this talk about delicious cookies has made me pretty hungry. Think I am gonna go and tell my Mom I need some cookies and I need them NOW!


Barks and licks and Freshpet-cookie-love, Dakota,



We were not compensated for this post. Wait a minute! MOM wasn’t compensated. I WAS cause to me COOKIES are ALWAYS welcome compensation. But did we receive any green papers? Nope! All opinions are mine cause Mom can’t eat dog cookies, at least I HOPE not!