Mischief Monday-“Officer! Arrest that Sheltie!!”

Hi and happy Monday all! It’s Dakota!

Well  my mischief for today began last week when Mom and Dad took me for a walk in the park.  Allow me to back up a few paws if you will.

I enjoy watching many of my buddies such as, Gizmo, Misaki, Will and Eko,  Max,  Bunny, Roxy and Torrey,( heck even EASY!, ) and so many more, grab life by the tail and go for the gusto!  They lead fun lives and  enjoy themselves every step of the way!  There are many more of you who have fun and I see that, but there are too many to list here!

I know Mom is frustrated with my couch-potato-esque type of life, so last week I thought I would give her a little thrill and allow she and Dad to take me to a park that Mom found that actually allows DOGS!  Trust me, in the part of  Michigan that I call home, picturesque parks that ALLOW DOGS are a rarity indeed!

We jumped into Mom’s Honda Fit ( which for many of you who will meet her at BlogPaws,  when you see Mom and her UNFIT SELF, it will strike you as amusing that the word “FIT” is the model of her car, but I digress), I got behind the wheel and we were ready to roll!

The photos below give you some idea of the great time that we had!

dakota park collage

The park was soooo delightfully peaceful!

I even walked for a bit!

With GEESE (my arch nemeses) AROUND NO LESS!

There was ONE slight problem though

After seeing this photo:

dakota driving 3

A few of you  left comments voicing concern

about whether or not I have a driver’s license. 

 I laughed with care-free Sheltie abandon

while reading of your concerns!

I eagerly started digging under my mane to pull out my license

and noticed THIS:

Look closely, what do you see?

Dakota drivers license


My license that was made on MYPETDMV

had EXPIRED ON 2-20-13!!!


A few months ago I had been contacted by My Color ID offering to make me yet ANOTHER driver’s license, I did, but GUESS WHAT? Dad had that  license in his wallet,  which was NOT with him! It was at HOME!

Lucky for me, when I put my paws to the metal, all the officers in my area must have been on a donut break!  I high-tailed it home in a flash and they were none the wiser!!!

Now, how is THAT for some mischief?

Barks and licks and love,