Celebrate the 4th, but keep your #dog safe with these helpful tips from #Petfinder




dakota 4th of july


It’s The 4th Of July!

It’s wonderful to celebrate America’s independence


It’s really not a great holiday for dogs

We have to put up with loud fireworks

and Mom’s who have no

celebratory doggie  outfits

so they dress us up in

red, white and blue




I am NOT amused!

This is what she puts on me

to honor our country?

I’m so embarrassed



My Mom has officially lost her mind.

She rewarded me

for this public humiliation

by giving me a biscuit

All I can say is

there had better be a


in my future

I hope you have a burger

in YOUR future too!!

Let’s hope  that you don’t

have to wear a red, white & blue napkin to get it

Have a Happy 4th Of July!!!!

(it’s gotta be better than mine!)

Be sure to keep your pets safe during the fireworks!


Barks and licks and love,  Dakota