Monday Mischief- Uh-Oh

Exhibit A

Just a normal basket of toys….right?


The toys are hiding an AWFUL secret

Does this face look like it would do….THIS????!!!!



Mommy is very upset with me. YES. I did do this. Not in one day mind you, but over  time. It isn’t ALL my fault. I am not a bad doggy I swear.

I can’t control myself when the two doggies who live across the hall come out. They run straight for my door. I have to protect my territory. I am on 24-hr security and NEVER get a break!

I must protect our home from intruders of the canine persuasion.

I “get it” but Mom doesn’t.

She says soon our wall and door will be gone and all of my efforts will be for naught.

In the meantime, does anybody in Southeastern Michigan know of someone who can come and FIX OUR DOOR….preferably with metal?

Barks, “wood/paint chip licks” and love, Dakota….aka……..KILLER


I Love My SmartBone! You Will Too! Give-Away!!

Hi Everyone!

Did you know that I am a “chewing machine?”

Oh yeah! If it’s chewable, (or not) I’m all over it!

This is the SmartBone that I had!

I’ve been known to chew wood, cell phones, metal door stops, you name it.  It’s not all my fault, I come from a long line of “chewers!”

Did you know that it is important for dogs to chew?

When doggies lived in the wild, they used to tear through the skin of wild beasts to get at the meat! We doggies that don’t have to hunt for our food don’t get to do that. It isn’t good for our teeth not to be able to chew things! We get a build up of tartar which can lead to periodontal issues and disease.

Some doggies chew out of boredom (like me!) These pet chews are the perfect answer to that problem! YAY! You gooo Mom! Mom also likes that SmartBones offer nutrition and health benefits as well!.

You have no idea how excited I was yesterday when my Mom gave me a brand new product to try!

Mom gave me a SmartBone!

Wow was I ever excited!

What is a SmartBone you ask? Well, sit back, relax and I’ll tell ya!

SmartBones by PetMatrix, are chew treats made with chicken, vegetables and other healthy ingredients. These raw-hide free treats are perfect for the four-t0-five out of 10 consumers who prefer not to feed their doggies rawhide.

Who came up with this genius idea?

Martin Glinsky, Ph.D.,  that’s who!  Dr. Glinsky is considered one of the premier pet nutritionists in the country and is currently the Chief Science Officer at PetMatrix, creators of SmartBones and DreamBone chews.  He received his undergraduate education at Cornell University and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois, specializing in Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry.

He has lectured extensively around the world on pet nutrition and dietary formulation and started his own pet food manufacturing company in 1980, specializing in holistic and organic pet foods. His expertise in formulating, manufacturing, analyzing and testing of nutritional products for pets is well known and respected.

Dr. Glinsky formulated, engineered and produced the first dry pet foods to incorporate fresh ingredients, the standard of the holistic pet food category today. He has been intimately involved with many of the best-selling holistic foods brands being marketed around the world.

Wanna know more?

SmartBones are 99.2% digestible, which is higher than the digestibility of premium dog foods (85% digestibility).

Chicken, vegetables and other healthy ingredients dogs will love are used in making SmartBones.

   SmartBones are the first treats of their kind to be enhanced with vitamins and minerals.

SmartBones are safer for dogs than regular rawhide treats, which may cause intestinal blockages.

SmartBones are environmentally friendly, whereas a toxic chemical process is needed to create consumable rawhide for treats.

  SmartBones are available in Peanut Butter and Chicken Flavors.  There is also a Dental variety with additional teeth health benefits.

Four different sizes of SmartBones are available, based on a dog’s weight:

Small Dog (5-10 lbs) Mini SmartBones
Small – Medium Dogs (11-25 lbs) Small SmartBones
Medium Dogs (26-50 lbs) Medium SmartBones
Large Dogs (over 50 lbs) Large SmartBones

Here is a video of me lovin’ on my SmartBone!

I have to get my Mom to order me more SmartBones, I didn’t even bother my Dad during football when I had this!

SmartBones are available nationwide and at

Guess what? The SUPER NICE people at SmartBones have offered to have a:


Two lucky winners will win FOUR (count ’em FOUR SmartBones!!)

How can you win?

Just complete THREE EASY STEPS!

1)  Like  my  Facebook Page and give us a BARK OUT!

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3) Leave a comment telling me and my Mom why YOUR dog is a SMART DOG!!!


The WINNERS will be announced Wednesday, September 21st!

So what are you waiting for!?

Start jumping, barking, and if you are a Sheltie (SPINNING!)  and ENTER NOW!

Good luck!!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

I was not compensated for this review. I was sent a SmartBone to test and review and boy am I ever happy that I got to test it! You will love them too!