#VIDEO-Mama’s Home! #BlogPaws 2013

Hi guys!! It’s Dakota’s Mom and I wanted to show you the enthusiastic “welcome home” that I received from
Dakota when I returned home from the  BlogPaws  conference this past Sunday.

Dakota has a tradition of grabbing his red, white and blue ball when Lenny and I return home from anywhere! Whether we are gone 5 minutes, 5 hours or days, Dakota grabs that ball and I have to sing “Hooray for the red, white and blue!!”

I kept the camera running, in an attempt to  capture Dakota’s jubilation to have me back home. I wanted this to be real, raw and unedited! It sure is!  I  apologize for the poor video quality and my saying “Mama’s Home” a ridiculous number of times.  Please realize that I was pretty darned excited to see Dakota (and Cody) too!

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Sheltie and Laughing Baby-Video

I found this and HAD to share!

Go ahead and laugh!

Have a great weekend all!!

Sheltie Puppy Vs. Toy-Wordless Wednesday