Get Your Twitter Data-Generated Infographic!

Hi everyone! It’s Dakota! Boy oh boy do I ever have a bone to pick with my Mom! You see, I was reading a blog post on BlogPaws about how I could get my own Twitter Data-Generated Infographic and when I had my Mom put in my data…I was shocked and appalled!!



That’s because my Mom can’t get off her lazy butt and stop playing Words With Friends to help me tweet! Geeze!!

She has even been neglecting her other twitter handle @catchatcaren

There is no excuse for this!

I am an interesting Sheltie and this graphic says I am boring? Dull? Unenthusiastic? I have hardly any followers while Cody has over 2000 under Mom’s other handle?

This is a travesty!

I say Mom needs to get cracking and FAST! This is unacceptable!

Are you following me on Twitter? No? Why not!! C’mon and follow the wagging tail! You can find me @dakotasheltie Help me change this situation and FAST!! I’m NOT boring I tell ya, I’m NOT BORING!!

“FOOD OBSESSED???” That would be my brother, Cody and my bathroom-scale-challenged Mom!!

Want to get your own Infographic? Check out the post on BlogPaws

In the meantime…check out my hideously embarrassing report!