Winner Of “Organizing The Care Of My Dog” Part Of The “WiseUp!” Workbook Series

Today is the day!  One lucky dog is gonna win a copy of “Organizing The Care Of My Dog”, Part of the “WiseUp” Workbook Series!   by By Morgan T.Orr And Penelope Orr Spry. Mom and I have a feeling that this doggy’s Mom is gonna put this to good use!

The winner is:

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Colleen has a great blog called CRichmanFreebies and you can visit it here

We are certain that Colleen is going to put this book to good use, here is the comment she left on her entry: “Oh this would be perfect. My husband and I are planning on going to FL (fingers crossed lol) for our anniversary and this would be great for my dad. This way he’ll have everything at his fingertips when he cares for our kids! thanks Dakota!!”

We are happy for you Colleen and will be contacting you soon to get your address!!

Thanks to all who entered!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota


“My Little Man” A Guest Post By Colleen Richman

Almost three years ago, I rescued a little chihuahua who only weighed 2 pounds. He was in Alabama and only a few months old. His one testicle did not drop so aside from being fixed he also needed to have surgery to have his testicle removed and biopsied. Sadly, this handsome little guy was unable to find someone to open their hearts to love him enough to pay for his surgery. Until I heard about him of course!

How could anyone resist that face?!? At the time I was working in law enforcement and had the ability to work overtime often. I knew no matter how much it cost me, or how hard I had to work, I was going to have this little guy and he was going to be spoiled rotten! I paid to have him flown from Alabama to New Jersey, took him to the vet, and got him all the attention he needed! Here is a picture of him when he came home from his surgery:

It warms my heart to know how safe he felt cuddled in that little blankey. Although he had all the toys in the world, he wanted the care bear that I had gotten from a coworker as a joke between me and that officer. I knew then, that Bullet only wanted my love and anything that reminded him of me. From then on, we were inseparable, and still are to this day! What also warmed my heart is that several months before rescuing him, we had also rescued an abused cat from a shelter. The following picture shows my cat Trent watching over Bullet as he slept off his pain from surgery:

There are times that I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have him and how special he is. He brings joy to my life every day and there is nothing more important to me than keeping him safe and feeling loved.

He was even the ring bearer at my wedding:

He is my little man!!!

From Dakota and “Mom”:  Colleen Richman is a special lady. Mom and I met her through her blog: “Welcome To CRichman Freebies”. Colleen features many fun give-aways  interspersed  with adorable stories about her precious Chihuahua, Bullet.
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One of the things that Mom and I LOVE about blogging is meeting  people with huge hearts like Colleen. We thank her for sharing her story about Bullet with us and hope that you will stop by her blog and give her a warm woofie  “hello!”

Barks and licks and love, Dakota and “Mom”