Friday Find! Music for dogs and dog lovers! “It’s All Right If My Dog Sleeps On The Bed All Night With Me” WIN A SONG!

Hi everyone it’s Mom and I am tickled to tell you about a CD I had the pleasure of listening to over the Labor Day Weekend.

It’s called “It’s All Right If My Dog Sleeps On The Bed All Night With Me” And Other Songs for Dog Lovers & Their Dogs by Laurel Canyon Animal Company

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and it is a complete delight! I have to say that the entire time I was listening there were two bloggers who kept popping into my mind that I think would LOVE this CD! Easy and Mollie and Alfie! I think this is right up your alley as it was mine!

Listen to some tracks and to purchase click on the photo!

Unfortunately with our Smart Phones, laptops, and large screen TV’s our two CD players both bombed and I was only able to listen to the first 9 tracks. But…when I visited their website, much to my delight I was able to listen to  snippets of ALL of the songs on the CD!

Here is some info from their website:

The CD contains six songs for dog lovers, two songs for dog lovers and their dogs, and two songs which were created specifically for dogs with the help of an animal psychic who acted as a translator. An additional track was created for the American Humane Society and can be used for adoption events

Tracks include:

It’s All Right If My Dog Sleeps On The Bed All Night With Me (for people) —
has a catchy tune and is just adorable! Listen to part of it here

Riding in the Car, Car (for people & dogs)

Dancing With Dogs (for people)

The Leash Lambada (for people)—
reminded me of Salsa and to me it had a Jamaican vibe! Check it out! Click here!!

You’re a Good Dog (for dogs)–
it reminded me of the 1950s. Loved it! To listen click here

Adopt A Dog Today (for people. Written for the American Humane Society and can be used for pet adoption events)

Dog Dancing (for people & dogs)

Unconditional Love (for people)

Cat Thinks He’s A Dog (not quite sure)—
this one reminded me of sitting and listening to the blues in a hip, smoky bar!  To listen  Click here

Ugly Dogs Need More Love (for people)

Squeaky Deaky (for dogs)

I’m telling you guys you will love this CD! It is great to pick up as a gift for a dog loving  buddy! I was given a CD to review, I wasn’t compensated for this review, all opinions are mine and I LOVED IT! Super clever, super fun, you and your dog will be tapping your paws and singing along with it, I promise!


Our buddy Skip is offering to EMAIL TEN WINNERS (be sure I have your email address when you leave your comment. An entry without an email address will be excluded from the give-away. If I already have your email address and you know that I do, that’s different!)  an mp3 of the SONG OF THEIR CHOICE!! Just go to and leave me a comment telling me WHICH SONG YOU WOULD CHOOSE IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE TEN LUCKY WINNERS!! You can choose a song from either:

“It’s All Right If My Dog Sleeps On The Bed All Night with With Me”
 or Skip’s other CD….. “Cat-A-Tonic”




Love, “Mom”