And Then There Were Four….

When I came to live with my Mom and Dad there was somebody else already living with them. That “somebody” was my now “kitty brother,” Cody.

Cody was adopted on July 28th, 2007, just a couple of weeks after Bobo passed. Mom couldn’t stand living without a cat any longer so she adopted Cody.


Cody was the King around their house from July until I arrived on the scene in October. Now we share the title. Mom still favors Cody much of the time (I am “too loud” and “in her face” too much) Mom likes the “love ’em and leave ’em” kind, the kind that love ya then SPLIT into another room. That’s just not my style. Dad, on the other paw, thinks the sun and the moon and the stars rotate around my luxurious fur, and THAT is as it should be!

My Daddy And I

Mom worried for weeks about how Cody was going to adjust to having me around (what about how I would adjust to HIM??). Dad happened to find a toy stuffed Sheltie that he bought for Mom and Mom got on the floor with Cody and went through all kinds of crazy gyrations, making the stuffed Sheltie “bark” and jump all around him. Trust me, that thing couldn’t even BEGIN to sound like I do when I am in a barking frenzy!

Mom was still nervous and searched the internet for how to introduce a dog into a house with a cat. She knew about others that would keep the cat and dog separate but she didn’t believe in doing that, she also didn’t think it was necessary. It wasn’t.

can't he stay in there forever?

Mom did a search online and read a tip about spraying herself, the cat and the dog with the SAME perfume. Then you bring the dog home in their crate and let the cat “sniff” around before letting the dog out. That is what Mom did! It worked like a charm! Cody only hissed at me one time (he NEVER has hissed at me again). The rest is history. We are best friends, “buds”, partners in crime and are great company for each other when Mom and Dad aren’t home. We love to chase each other. Cody always seems to win our chasing games. I don’t understand it.

Do you have a cat and dog in your house? Do you get along as well as Cody and I do? I sure hope so! Kitty brothers are the BEST!