Happy Birthday Pip & Sissy!

We just heard that our buddy Pip is having a birthday today and so is his human sister, Sissy!

Click on the photo to stop by and wish them both a


Photo by Ann Adamus of Zoolatry

Photo by Ann Adamus of Zoolatry


Sending them both, 





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Today is my Dad’s birthday!! I didn’t want to post this video but Mom found it and made me do it because it makes her laugh so hard! Sorry Dad! It’s Mom’s fault!

Any Dad who is willing to do that for his doggy’s blog, is a GREAT DAD indeed!!!

dakota happy birthday dad 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Nope! This isn’t me but it is maybe the next best thing!!!

Barks and licks and BIRTHDAY LOVE!! Dakota

“Every Dog Has It’s Day” And Today My MOM Is THAT DOG!

  This is not just another dog day afternoon in the “D” ( for those that live in other parts of the world, “D” stands for Detroit!!) Make no bones about it, this is one special day, my Mom, Caren , is having a birthday!
Try to restrain your enthusiasm my canine companions.
Some of you may be underwhelmed by this announcement , but in this Sheltie’s  doghouse I’m doing everything to make my alpha mom  happy for the next 24 hours.
 Chew on this morsel my four-legged furry ones:
”When Momma’s Not Happy
No One is Happy”
                                   All seriousness aside, Im extremely fortunate to have such a great  human like my Mom, Caren.
She is vigilant about taking me to Dr.Smiley for regular checkups [perhaps a little too vigilant for this Sheltie’s liking

This is a reasonable facsimile of "Dr.Smiley"

See? The likeness is simply remarkable!!!

Mom feeds me high quality Rachael Ray Nutrish dogfood [ Is that why Im so perky?]
She teaches me tricks and showers me with treats and affection.

Ok we realized Mom and I have NO photos together! This was in March before Mom lost 44 lbs and cut her fur!

Send out a bark to her my doggie dudes and dudettes [impressed by my use of alliteration? Alright Dad helped me a little.]
Let her know her tireless efforts, [shes dog tired many days]  has not gone unnoticed.
Have I kissed up enough yet?
Bol. Bark out LOUD
Love and licks,
Dakota “Apollo”
Apollo is my “dad-appointed”  middle name,
Mom hates when Dad calls me “Apollo”,
 but since I dictated this post through Dad and not Mom, what Dad wants, Dad GETS!
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