#BtC4A Book Feature: How to Change the World in 30 Seconds, A Web Warrior’s Guide to Animal Advocacy Online

Today Dakota and I are proud to participate in Be the Change For Animals  annual blog hop. It is their  mission is to highlight one cause per week and provide information on how readers can help “Be the Change for Animals”. There are 4 quarterly blog hops which we always choose to be a part of, whether it be on just one of our blogs or both.

Click on the badge to visit Blog the Change for animals

Click on the badge to visit Blog the Change for animals

This month Be the Change for Animals is spreading the message about April being National Volunteer Month “a time to celebrate ordinary people doing extraordinary things to improve communities, by  highlighting  some of the wonderful volunteers who help animal shelters, rescue groups and other animal-related charities Be the Change for Animals!”

april is national volunteer month

In honor of April being National Volunteer Month  “Celebrating People in Action” I would like  to  celebrate author C.A. Wulff and share the valuable resource that she has written,  called How to Change the World in 30 Seconds, A Web Warrior’s Guide to Animal Advocacy Online.

From How to Change the World in 30 Seconds: this book is dedicated to all of the individuals and groups who devote their heads, hands and hearts to improving the world for companion animals. You are all, every one of you, my heroes.

how to change the world in 30 seconds

There are many of us who want to help animals but often we are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.  Often we think it takes a lot of time, money and other resources that we don’t think that we have. But we DO! We ALL can make a difference for even one animal and this book shows us how. It offers practical steps to get started and uses dog advocacy as the focus. It explains in just THIRTY SECONDS a DAY on the Internet we can begin to make a difference in the lives of animals and can also help to “change the world!”

Did you know?

That it was the loss of a special dog that led famed anthropologist Jane Goodall to Africa to study chimpanzees? (Neither did I! I learned this in How to Change the World in 30 Seconds). Ms. Goodall said:

“I learned everything I know about animals in general from the dog I had as a child. He taught me that animals have personalities and minds and feelings and what a true friend was. I never would have been able to go to Africa if Rusty hadn’t died, because I would never have been able to leave him.”

In this book you will  learn that JUST BY ADVOCATING ONE DOG who ends up being saved, that dog changes three things


the dog

the people who have him now

That dog could go on to become a service dog helping a handicapped person,  maybe he will become a search and rescue dog. The more dogs (and other animals we help save) the more a ripple effect is caused.

How to Change the World in 30 Seconds explains ALL of the useful resources that are at our fingertips each and every day that we can use to save animals! Just a few of the MANY resources cited in this valuable guide are:

Freekibble– a website that donates food to shelter animals just by answering a daily trivia question.

The Animal Rescue Site which offers a big purple button on their home page that says “Click here to give, it’s FREE!” and when you click on that button the site sponsors will donate food and care to animals living in shelters and sanctuaries.

Petfinder where 13,969 U.S. shelters and rescues list the animals they have available for adoption.

In this book you will learn about how you can help animals through using Twitter, Facebook, and a bevy of other resources. You will learn about various animal rescue groups, pet transport pages/sites, you will have enough resources at YOUR FINGERTIPS to help YOU  “volunteer’ FROM YOUR OWN HOME!

How to Change the World in 30 Seconds will also teach you how YOU can make a difference by heading out into the community and being one of millions of volunteers who champion various animal causes in a variety of ways.

Rescue Groups always need people to:

  • answer phones
  • collect donations
  • place containers for pet food drives
  • manning booths at adoption events
  • creating signage
  • showing animals at adoption events
  • fostering animals
  • donate newspapers, towels, food, medical supplies

the list goes on and on!

By reading How to Change the World in 30 Seconds you will learn that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of an animal in ways that you never dreamed were possible!

To help YOU be a “Web Warrior” advocating for animals and to THANK YOU for purchasing this handy resource. Author C.A. Wulff is offering a 50% DISCOUNT if you use this code 66FZNQWX and order How To Change the World in 30 Seconds  by clicking right here

You can follow Wulff on the Internet at:


Up on the Woof blog: thewoof.wordpress.com

Twitter: twitter.com/yelodoggie

Facebook: C.A. Wulff


THANK YOU C.A. WULFF for helping to be the voice of the animals, rescues and many  various organizations by writing this fabulous resource to help ALL OF US “Be The Change For Animals!”









Book Review: Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw by Peggy Frezon

How One Woman Finds

Faith and Hope through the

Healing Love of Animals

The majority of the books I have reviewed are  sent to me directly from the publisher, or in some cases from the author themselves.  Often an author will read a review I have done, enjoy it and contact me. Or,  often an author is referred to me from a friend, of a friend of a friend.

In the case of Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw it was a little different.

I was already familiar with author, Peggy Frezon because I am a follower of her blog, Peggy’s Pet Place.  One day. while visiting Peggy’s blog, I  was drawn to the cover of today’s book.  One look and you will know why:

Yes, that is a Sheltie on the cover, and yes after seeing that I approached Peggy asking if I may review her book.  Peggy informed me that the book wasn’t about Shelties at all, regardless, I was intrigued.

I was even more intrigued when upon reading the first few pages I discovered that Peggy had written this book for and about her mother, Luanne.

It is a story about hardship and courage and about how Luanne’s love of animals helped her get through challenges that would break many of us, but somehow through it all Luanne always had hope.

Luanne didn’t just love dogs. She loved chickens, pigs, goats and cats and her experiences with her furry friends will have you smiling and nodding your head in recognition, and yes, you may even shed a tear or two.

One of a number of things that  I loved in this book, was  when Peggy was relaying a story of a hardship that Luanne was being forced to endure,  she would tie the hardship back to an event from Luanne’s childhood, a flash-back if you will, which enables us to understand  how her love of animals in her difficult childhood laid the groundwork for the woman of strength that she would become.

From Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw:

COMFORT: When Luanne was a young girl, she knew a thing or two about instability. Her real mother died when she was three. Her second mother died when she was seven, and her father and her third mother divorced. She’d lived with relatives and strangers. But a dog, now that was one thing that remained constant. Or at least in the beginning, the desire for one.

I am certain that you have had struggles in your own life that your  love of animals helped to see you through. You will find yourself nodding your head, smiling and even shedding a tear as you relate Luanne’s tale of faith and the healing that SHE received from animals to your own life. You will love this story and appreciate how as Peggy states, “Luanne’s story shares how pets can love, comfort and teach us as we take our own journey through life.”

Luanne’s arduous journey will remind you, as I paraphrase what Peggy so perfectly stated: to be grateful for the roof over your head, the pets under your roof and for the healing bond that exists between humans and animals.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: PEGGY FREZON is the author of the memoir, Dieting with my Dog. An award-winning writer and pet columnist, she is a regular contributor to Guideposts and Angels on Earth magazines, and staff writer at Be the Change for Animals. She also writes the popular blog Peggy’s Pet Place. www.peggyfrezon.com

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LATE BREAKING NEWS FROM PEGGY FREZON!! “As a special bonus, If anyone here buys the book, I’d be happy to send you a signed book plate and bookmark. Just leave me a DM on twitter (@peggyfrezon) or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PeggyFrezonBooks or email peggyfrezon (at) gmail (dot) com. Be sure to say you found me through Dakota’s Den!”

Bloggers Unite For Dog Rescue: Pilots N Paws

Hi everyone!

It’s Dakota!

Today I am honored to be participating in:

which is a special, online global event created by Be The Change For Animals in their hope to stress the importance of dog rescue.

From Be The Change For Animals:

“Millions of dogs are euthanized each year because not enough people are adopting dogs through local rescue groups and shelters.  Instead, many people purchase from pet stores not knowing that most come from puppy mills – read more at: http://www.aspca.org/fight-animal-cruelty/puppy-mills/puppy-scams-cons.aspx:  Additionally, many people underestimate the time and dedication it takes to become a responsible pet owner, and surrender their dogs, or worse.”


  • Adopting a companion: http://theshelterpetproject.org/
  • Donating to a local dog rescue organization
  • Fostering a dog
  • Volunteering at a local shelter or rescue organization
  • Sharing this post across all forms of social media and encourage others to paticipate!

As I mentioned in my blog post on July 15th, when my Mom and Dad began their search for a Sheltie to live with them, they chose to purchase me through a RESPONSIBLE BREEDER,  because they could not find a Sheltie Rescue near their home. At that time they did not know about the amazing organization called:

Had she and Dad known about them, I might not have ever come to live with my Mom and Dad! At that time obviously it wasn’t meant for them to know about Pilots N Paws but Mom was in complete awe when she met a gentleman named Darren a few months ago at a special ” Pet Connect” meeting that was held by Michigan Humane.

Darren had shown a video and had told everyone in attendance about Pilots N Paws.

Mom was completely in awe of the fabulous work that they do!

Here is some info about them:

“Pilots N Paws is a 501c3 charitable organization of general aviation pilots working together with rescue volunteers and shelters. Together they save the lives of innocent animals by moving them from overcrowded areas, escaping euthanasia, to areas where adoptive homes can be found.”

We don’t have the original video that Darren shared with us (because Mom forgot about  having to help me with  this blog post today, and didn’t have time to contact him! BOL!!) but we found one on YouTube that we wanted to share with you:

Guess what? If you are a pilot, they need you!

Find out how you can help


You may also “like” them on Facebook

We thank Pilots N Paws for the amazing work that they do, and we raise our paws to them!!!

We also  raise our paws in THANKS to  Be The Change For Animals,  for their commitment  and their passion in helping to bring awareness to the public of the often dire circumstances that exist in the lives of many animals and their dedication to “Making a difference” and “Being the Change for Animals.”

Barks and licks and love, Dakota