Mom’s Mischief!!

Hi everyone! It’s Dakota and I am posting my Monday Mischief a day early because Monday is the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah and I have a special post going up for those who are observing (like us!)

Anyway…last Sunday my Mom was up to some MAJOR mischief!

Wanna see?



Janet and Mom…click on the photo to visit her blog! Photo courtesy of Basset Momma


If you read the hilarious blog, Basset Momma you know that Freddie and Gloria’s Mom (Janet) and my Mom FINALLY met in pawson at the Detroit Lions game last week! Janet wrote about it here

Mom was beside herself with excitement! Mom and Dad have season tickets and Janet has some  too (she and her husband drive to Detroit all the way from Canada just to see the Lions!)  they arranged to meet in front of the Pro Shop at halftime!!

Mom was worried that she wouldn’t recognize Janet or find her in the crowd… but she did!

Mom said it was as if they had known each other furever! They talked, laughed and hugged. Mom couldn’t have been happier!

Check out the photo…they even have the same beads!

Mom tried with all of her might to cover her face and for the most part she was successful. You see Mom is a zillion years older than Janet,  so Mom wanted HER to have the spotlight!

Mom said that Janet is even NICER in pawson than she ever hoped she would be and she is excited because there are a few games coming up that Janet and Mom will both be attending and hopefully they will be able to see each other again! Mom feels as if she has a new “furever” friend in Janet and thinks that is oh-s0-cool!

Mom said one of the coolest parts about blogging is to meet the people BEHIND the blogs. Mom doesn’t often get to do that, but when she does it is super special!

The icing on the cake? The LIONS WON!!!!!!!

Mom and Janet brought them good luck!!

Now, maybe one day I will get to meet Freddie and Gloria in pawson! I wonder what mischief Freddie and I could get into?

Barks and licks and love, Dakota



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