Book Review: Planet of the Dogs: by Robert J. McCarty, Illustrations by Stella Mustanoja McCarty

Looking for a book for the  youngsters in your life that sends the message of love, friendship and loyalty?

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Have you wondered what life was like BEFORE there were dogs?

Where did the first dog come from?

Why did dogs inhabit Earth?

From the Publisher: Out in space, on the other side of the sun is the Planet Of The Dogs. This is the story of the first time dogs came to planet earth to teach people about love and to save the farmers of Green Valley from the invasion of the Stone City warriors.

Planet of the Dogs is a delightful fantasy for  those in the mid to upper elementary grades as well as their parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents!

The story begins in a time long ago before there were dogs on Planet Earth.

For a while things were beautiful, people prospered and life was good.

Then, as is often the case, where there is good, to have balance in life there must be some bad. Planet Earth was threatened by evil forces.  These forces made some people forget how to love.

When Miss Merrie (Queen of the dogs on Planet Dog) heard of the problems on Earth she knew that something had to be done to help them.  The first dog arrived and the course of the world changed.

“The most special thing about dogs is their ability to love.   They do this better than any other creature.”

People learned about loving without judging, devotion, the rewards of hard work, protection, peace and much more.

Planet of the Dogs is a quick read for adults.  The  resplendent imagery,  is sure to captivate,  delighting the imaginations of the young readers by transporting them to a  fantasy place where dogs are the heroes and heroines.

If only we all always lived the lessons of the most devoted animals on the planet, DOGS. Then it would truly be “Heaven on Earth.”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert McCarty is a producer/writer/director of films and videos on subjects ranging from teenage lifestyles to race relations. His short film,Rooftops Of New York, was nominated for an Academy Award. He is a former adjunct instructor at Teacher’s College, Columbia University and at the School Of Visual Arts, New York City.Planet Of The Dogs was inspired by the many stories made up for his four children and five grandchildren.

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR: Stella Mustanoja McCarty, who teaches painting and drawing at the Vantaa, Finland, Art School, illustrated the book. She graduated as a painting major  from the Art Academy in Helsinki and also holds degrees from the University of Helsinki in Education and Sociology and Social Policy.

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