Where have we been? Wordy Wednesday

Wow! I just realized that Mom hasn’t let me blog in about a week! Normally I would be upset, but this time she had a good reason. You see, Mom had been quite busy planning a wedding shower for Marla, my human “bonus” sister!

Why do I call Marla  a “bonus” sister?

Well, Mom has no children of her own, but when she married Dad he came with his own puppies! Yep! He sure did! So since Mom doesn’t like the word “step”  for stepchildren, Mom stole a term from a friend who also calls her stepchildren BONUS children! Why? Because they ARE!

Marla is also quite special because it was she who first heard about me and told my Mom and Dad, because she knew they wanted a Sheltie. If it hadn’t been for Marla, I wouldn’t be living with  my Mom and Dad!

Thank you Marla!

But I digress, here are some photos from the shower which was this past Sunday:

The banner came from www.buildasign.com

The FANTASTIC cake and delicious cupcakes came from http://www.bakedimpressions.com/ See the puppies on the cake? Those are Marla's doggies!

Here is Mom and a photo of my gorgeous  “bonus” sister Marla.  She will be married this June!

What was I doing part of the weekend? Well, you know how much I love my Aunt Nancy who lives in Florida? You have heard me talk about her before. Aunt Nancy came to Michigan for the shower and I did my best to impress her!

I think I impressed her, don’t you?

Mom said to tell you she is sorry if she hasn’t visited you as often lately. Because of the shower she just hasn’t been able to come around and visit as much as she would like to. She hopes she will be able to catch up soon!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

I’ve been waiting a l-o-o-o-n-g time…

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Some People Have Nerve…

Contrary to what is being conveyed in the photo above…they are in GREAT HANDS!

Will be offline for a few days!!!

Happy Birthday To Our SUPER Dad!!

“Are you ready for some FOOTBALL????”


Love, Dakota and Cody

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Freaky Friday

Just a “normal” time at our house!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Now I have to go and hide since my parents are so crazy….


Barks and licks and love, Dakota

I’ve Been Waiting A Loooong Time!

Do you know my Mom hasn’t allowed me to blog since JULY 4th??!!

This is a travesty!

I have waited  so patiently

isn’t my face cute enough to call for

frequent updates?

Here is what happened.

Mom’s laptop died.

It happened a few weeks ago.

The battery became so hot her laptop nearly burned up.

Mom was super angry because her laptop was just purchased last October. In “computer time” it’s already obsolete.

She took it to Best Buy and had to have it shipped back to HP.

Best Buy made her  purchase  a temporary laptop until hers came back from being repaired.

Mom was lost on the new laptop.

Not lost enough that she and Cody couldn’t work on THEIR blog! No Sirree!! Nothing stops her from working on THEIR blog.

I’m the one that gets the short end of the bone.

I’m the sable furred step child.

The good news is that Mom got her laptop back today.

Too bad if she had read her HP manual she would have had it fixed the same week that it broke. Reading the manual is too easy. Mom likes to do things the hard way.

She would rather pay Best Buy $100 to have her data moved from her computer to the temporary one and wait over two weeks for her laptop to return.

Mom likes the Geek Squad because she can relate, she’s a Geek.

What? Does she think that money grows on trees? Doesn’t she know that trees are for PEEING ON???

What was the first thing she did when she got her laptop back?

She worked on hers and Cody’s blog.

Mom, it’s time to let me BLOG or get off the pot!

Barks and licks and aggravation, Dakota

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! And…It’s “National Take Your Dog To Work Day!”

Today is my Mom and Dad’s 5th wedding anniversary! Yes, I know they are both older than dirt but you see they are such gems that their first marriages didn’t work out and this is the second marriage for both.

Look at this card that my Dad gave to my Mom….

This card was made by Avanti Cards, to read about them click  here 

I think this is a great card but the Sheltie is wearing a DRESS! I am a boy dog and my Dad gives this to my Mom from ME??? This greatly affects my Sheltie sensibility!

Anyway, I hope Mom & Dad have a great anniversary, nobody else wants them so they had better make the best of what they have!!

Now, on a totally different paw,  today is also:

National Take Your Dog To Work Day!!

You can read about that by clicking on the above link…

I have a bone to pick about that too.

I would LOVE to go to work with my Mom and/or Dad but you see, they must have a JOB first!! A JOB!!

Dad retired last summer after 36 years of teaching in the Detroit Public Schools. Mom worked 20+ years in Advertising Sales but lost her latest job due to downsizing in 2007. Mom is now a freelance writer/blogger. Yeah, yeah she puts in TONS of hours doing this (as all of you bloggers completely understand), makes enough to keep me in kibble,  but she works from HOME!  How in the dog world can I go to work with her if I am already THERE 24/7?

Even more insulting, her  “office” is off-limits to me! She has the hallway baby gated!   See the photo below? This is the closest I get to her office:

That’s not even me!! It is merely a stuffed replica!! (And a poor representation at that!) I’m not allowed back there because that is where Mom keeps her partner in crime’s  Cody’s toys.

For all of you “lucky dogs” who get to go to a BONA FIDE WORKPLACE with your Mom and Dad and not some bogus representation of an “office” this video is for you!!!! It was done by Ginger of YouTube and Mom and I LOVE her videos!

Now THAT’S a workin’ Sheltie!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota