Happy Holidays From Us, To YOU!!!

Mom, my brother Cody and I would like  to take a moment to wish ALL OF YOU the HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS!  We hope that whatever you celebrate, you have your loved ones around you,  lots of toys to play with, good food to eat and good health to last you a lifetime!!

We are grateful for each and every one of you and we look forward to more fun times with you in 2012!!!

Barks, licks, love and HOLIDAY CHEER!!!!

Dakota, my brother Cody  and “Mom”

We are particularly grateful to Rosie, the beautiful, brilliant, talented and loving daughter of Priscilla from one of our favorite blogs:


(please click on the above link to check out their blog)

for creating our GORGEOUS

holiday card!!!

If you would like to enlist the graphic design services

of Rosie, you may find her HERE

FROM ROSIE: My name is Rosie and I am a freelance designer and a learning photographer. I started creating photo montages of my sheltie, Eva, during my free time as a hobby. I then went on to creating more banners for my good friends, and now it has turned into a small business.

I am self-taught and still learning, but I hope you enjoy my designs and please contact me if you are interested in having one.

Photo Montages are for everybody! Although most of my clients are breeders to advertise their kennels and successful dogs, I also create montages for pet owners and dogs that have gone to the rainbow bridge. Photo montages are very useful when advertising a litter, a stud dog, or a great win!

I have created many banners and website headers with all happy clients. I hope you will be one of them!

Thank you Rosie!!! We love YOU!!!!!!!

Caren, Dakota and Cody


Pets And The Holidays, From Trupanion

Pets and the Holidays
Pets and the Holidays graphic created by Trupanion.

Advice And Fashion Blogger Also Loves Dogs!

I am thrilled to introduce all of you to Ellen Ross who is a  wonderful and wise-beyond-her-years young woman who I met through reading her interesting and relevant blog Ask Away.    One of many things that I love about blogging is that I  get to meet and grow to know so many different types of people…  just through reading their blogs. Through reading Ellen’s blog and getting to know her better, I discovered that she is a HUGE dog lover and is a “Doggie Mama” herself!

Ellen and her babies!

I was thrilled and honored that she agreed to do a guest post today! Enjoy!

I was just 19 when I got my first dog of my very own, my 6-year-old Chihuahua Pixie!  2 years later I got Grace, and most recently, I got Stella.  These 3 girls are the loves of my life!!  I always knew a lot about pets and animals, even as a young kid, but I acquire more and more knowledge everyday and I love sharing it with people.  So I was so ecstatic to begin answering reader’s pet questions on my advice (and fashion) blog Ask Away.   As with any topic of advice, I give a 100% honest suggestion from a totally neutral standpoint.

Here are some previous questions I’ve received for my blog:, and my responses!

Housebreaking Issues

Hi Ellen,


I know that I wrote to you once before for your advice regarding my aggressive Chihuahua.  Now I’d like to ask your opinion on a different issue…house training.  We have had Daisy since last Memorial Day.  She is a little over 1-year-old.  However, she is not house trained.  It is becoming quite annoying when I constantly have to pick up after her.  She also urinates on our small kitchen throw rugs constantly.  With a 1-year-old learning to walk in the house, I do not want him to be exposed to feces and dog urine like that.  We have tried and tried to teach her and really don’t have the money right now to hire someone to personally come to the house.  The biggest problem of all is that we are going to try to get pregnant again this Fall and I do not want to bring another child into this house without her being house trained.  How long did it take you to train your Chihuahuas?  Do they use puppy pads or go outside?  Any advice that you can offer would be SO helpful!




Dear anonymous:

All three of my Chihuahuas are potty trained.  They go on puppy pads (and outside, if we are out there) and are very good with it now.  Pixie came trained from the breeder so there were very few accidents.  Grace learned overtime from me and by about 7 or 8 months she was doing almost perfect. Stella was the hardest.  With multiple dog households, I know there are some territorial issues and sometimes something is purposely done to mark territory (like, literally, right next to the puppy pad LOL).  Patience is the best thing.  It took Stella a couple of months after her 1 year Birthday till she was 100% trained. She still has slip ups.  Weird thing is, when we are somewhere else, she does fine, but at my place, sometimes she’ll slip up.  If your Chi goes in the same spot when she has accidents, you may need to clean the carpet really well so the odor doesn’t entice her. Recently I found this stuff called Kids N Pets cleaner (you can find it at Wal-Mart) and for $5 a bottle it gets stains and odors out that NOTHING else would.  I 100% guarantee you that.  Also, try limiting water to in the morning with breakfast, and then in the evening with dinner. I always put their water bowl up after about 7pm, so that if there’s an accident, it’ll be when I’m awake, not overnight.  That way, I can discipline and correct.  When I caught Stella in the act, I would scold her right away by saying NO!  and then I would quickly place her on her pad and say ON PAD.  If I happened to catch her going on the pad I made a HUGE deal about this! My neighbors probably thought I was crazy!  And sometimes when I would notice Stella coming out of the puppy pad area, and then I saw a “mess” on it, I realized it was hers, I’d quickly grab her and run back to the pads and point to them and say GOOD GIRL ON PAD!!!!!  She would wag her tail and spin in circles and was so happy. Rewarding is everything.  They need to know what to do, and when they do it right.  If you know Daisy normally goes after she eats, hang around so you can catch her to see if she goes on the pads or not.  A good idea is always to check out a Chihuahua forum online and ask for advice because you can find all sorts of creative tips. Good luck!



Getting a New Puppy Used to Being on It’s Own

Dear Ellen-

We just got a beagle puppy and I don’t want her to end up having anxiety issues if we leave her at home. We live in a townhouse so I don’t want to bother my neighbors.  Since I want to start young, what are your tips for helping get a puppy used to being on it’s own.

Dear Shelly:
Don’t ever give in. It’s very important that if she cries now you don’t give in.  If you are keeping her in a gated area or a crate when you aren’t home, that’s a great start.  Start now by leaving the room, listening to her cry and NOT RESPONDING.  After a few minutes, she should give up.  Once she is quiet, then you can get her.  Do this at night also when you go to bed. I know you will probably be worried about her keeping you up, but her whimpers will only last for ten minutes or so.  If you start having issues with this, you may want to sign her up for Puppy Training at a local pet store. Also, checking out online resources with other beagle owners is a great start!
Good luck and Congrats on your new addition!


Ellen's Pups

Doggy Dilemma when Choosing a Breed


Hi Ellen,

 I really enjoy reading your blog and it sounds like you have been a pet lover for most of your life so I hope you can give me some advice.  I never grew up with any animals but I have always loved Golden Retrievers from afar.  My husband had a border collie as a child and although he likes dogs, he thinks it’s a lot of work.  We have 2 boys, ages 5 and 3 and for some reason my older son has a fear of dogs and we have no idea where it comes from.  He’s never been bitten by a dog or even been barked at that I can remember.  My younger son was really comfortable with dogs when he was little but I think he’s now copying his older brother because if they even see a dog, you’d think someone was coming after them with an axe or something by the sheer terror in their little faces.

 During the summer, we went to a fair and they have a show called the “Superdogs” and afterwards they welcome the audience to go down and meet the dogs and their owners.  To my amazement, both of my boys wanted to go and meet the dogs and actually petted some of them.  They were so proud of themselves so it gave me hope that maybe we can get a Golden Retriever but my son has said that he doesn’t like big dogs or puppies that will become big dogs.

 I don’t really know too much about smaller dogs and I’m guilty of thinking smaller dogs are ‘yappy’ so I apologize to dog owners everywhere for that assumption.  Can you educate me and advise what breeds of small dogs are good with kids, not yappy and loud?  Are there dogs that don’t shed as much?

 Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.




Dear Ally:

Starting with a smaller breed is probably a better idea.  I for one, am proof that not all small dogs, especially Chihuahuas, are yappy.  It all depends on the individual dog.  Also, barking is a behavior that can be corrected depending on the circumstance.

In regards to which breed would be best, I did some research on the internet and judging by your other needs, here is what I came up with.

The Brittany Spaniel is a medium size dog of thinner build.  The breed is easy to train and very sensitive, which is good.
I also found the Bichon Frise to be suitable for children.  These dogs don’t shed because they have hair instead of fur.  They are a small breed and when trained like any other dog, aren’t “yappy”.

I also found the Cocker Spaniel and Beagle on the list.  You should do some more research on all of those breeds.  They are also a decent size.

No matter what breed you may decide on, it is a very good idea to sign your dog up for obedience school when you can.  Also, your entire family should attend so you can learn everything together.  I also think that may help your son get more comfortable with dogs.  Petsmart and Petco also offer reasonably priced training.  My one Chihuahua Grace took classes at Petsmart and graduated last year!

If you decide to get your dog through a breeder, you can ask the breeder if she can help match you up with the perfect individual dog for your family’s needs.

I also wanted to say, I noticed the Golden Retriever is the ideal dog for children.  I know of many cases of people I know that had a major fear of dogs that went away eventually.  Most of those people have big dogs now.  Maybe if you do start with a puppy, and your son builds a relationship, he will not fear it when it gets older.  You could also ask a breeder of Golden Retrievers what she advises.  I think Goldens are amazing dogs so if you really are interested in that breed (and from our emails back and forth it seems you are) you should go for it.

Thank you for your question and please let me know how everything goes!


Follow Up!  Ally ended up using my tips and resources, and she adopted a new lab for her family!! She has sent me many pics and updates!


And if you ever have a question, feel free to drop me a line via email at ellenr886@gmail.com, or fill out this form! 



Meet Three Dogz LLC, Featuring Upscale Apparel And More! For Pet Lovers! And A Give-Away!

You know how they say a “good man is hard to find?”

Well, I  have the man, and finding him wasn’t nearly as much of a challenge for me as my eternal quest for high quality T-shirts and sweatshirts that showcase the love I have for my furbabies was. That is, until I found Three Dogz, LLC!

I am all about proudly displaying my love for my furbabies but I am choosy about what I will wear. Much of the merchandise I had run into on the web was poorly made,  was unoriginal, didn’t allow me to showcase my love of Shelties, (many sites have a limited list of breeds that you can have put on a T-shirt,  and Shelties seemed to never make the cut!) and came in your basic BORING colors of white, black, blue and red.

Deborah, Joseph and their "furbabies" Mimi, Rita and Carli

Guess what? Those days are gone! Enter Three Dogz LLC,  an Internet-based business which is  owned and operated by Deborah and Joseph LaRocque of Livonia, Michigan (which happens to be about 20 minutes from where I live!) and specializes in selling high-quality products for pet lovers!

Have a passion for dogs, cats or horses? You have found the right place!  When  you visit their website be sure you have a bowl of snacks and a beverage by your side,  because this is NOT a quick-hit-and-run-website. I am certain you will become as smitten and engrossed when viewing their website  as I was.  They have a  vast selection of merchandise that will make YOU wag YOUR tail in sheer delight!

You will find everything from:


T-shirts (some with rhinestone, Zebra print, embroidery, etc.)


Pawprint Rhinestone Necklace


Pet Bandanas

Desk sets (including Bone shaped Paper Clips, pens/pencils, mouse pads)

Kids Apparel

Couples Apparel

Gift Wrapping Items


Did I mention these items are quality? Oh I did? Well listen again, I have yet to find T-shirts or sweatshirts for the pet lover that were of such superb quality.

Are you a hard-to-fit-size? No worries. When I was a Plus Size my frustration level used to be through the ceiling. I would find a T-shirt I liked that was only available in a 1X, that is NOT the case here! Plus Sizes are welcome and abundant here in many of their designs!  Where were these guys when I was a 2X or 3X?

Deborah and I live so close to each other that we met for lunch and she  gave me  an adorable “Wild About Shelties” T-shirt to keep and review.  (I have to say that Deborah is every bit as unique and vibrant as the designs featured on her website! It was a complete joy to chat with her in person and to be able to completely see and  feel the love and pride she has for her high quality products).

Here is the shirt that I chose:

My Shirt!!!!

Example of same shirt, showing sleeves and different breed on front.

I was so blown away with the custom design (all Deborah’s designs are created by their own in-house designer and are unique to Three Dogz LLC), you can have YOUR favorite breed featured on your shirt as well (most breeds are available). Your color choices are practically unlimited!

After receiving the T-shirt I proceeded to order the Pet Parents Pledge Sweatshirt (I PURCHASED IT because I LOVE THEIR MERCHANDISE, it was NOT given to me) which is the best-fitting, softest,   most unique and  comfortable sweatshirt that I own! My husband mentioned last night that I need to buy more of them because he had never seen me look so good in a sweatshirt! The attention to detail from the paw prints INSIDE of the hood, to the tiny paw prints on the top of the hoodie are the cutest thing I have seen in quite some time! (Many color choices are available!)

I also ordered Bone-shaped paper clips, a “Dog Mom” embroidered tote bag (that I am giving  to a lucky girl in our family for the holidays, shhhh…don’t tell!)  and some note pads (as a thank-you for my order Deborah threw in a couple of extra items which I was just tickled to receive!)

I am thrilled to let you know that Deborah has generously offered to GIVE one of my readers a T-shirt of their choice!

How can you win?   NUMBER 1 IS MANDATORY. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE NUMBER 1 YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERED. (U.S. and Canada only please)

1) MANDATORY: Visit the Three Dogz LLC website, then come back here and leave a comment telling us which T-shirt design you would like to win if you are chosen by www.random.org as the lucky winner!

2) “like” Three Dogz LLC on Facebook and tell them that Dakota’s Den sent you!

3) DEADLINE TO ENTER:  MONDAY, DECEMBER 5th at 11pm EASTERN. The winner will be drawn by www.random.org and announced WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7th.

How cute are these dog bone paper clips?

Good luck!!

Desert Raven Art

Back in October my Mom entered a give-away on a wonderful blog called Desert Raven Art.  The give-away was for a beautiful beaded bracelet, and guess what?

Mom WON!

She was so excited!

Isn't it beautiful!? Mom got a lovely note from Mary as well!

Mom thinks the bracelet is colorful, unique and is a  special piece  that she will always cherish!

Part of what makes it even more special is that Mary Hone (the artist behind Desert Raven Art)  is a member of Art For Critters.

What does that mean?

I’ll let Mary tell you from her own website because she can explain it best!

“Being a member of Art for Critters, means I can help an animal organization through selling my art. There are several organizations that Art for Critters helps, and one of them is Almost Heaven Golden retriever rescue.    

I am going to donate 15% of the total sales for November and December,  from theTrade bead jewelry, Bison leather bags and the Stone Spirits to Almost Heaven. 

Photo Courtesy Of Desert Raven Art

So please help me help them. Almost Heaven is a sanctuary for Goldens that due to age or health issues are considered unadoptable. Almost Heaven helps them to find a forever home, or if that isn’t possible they stay at the sanctuary. To learn more about Almost Heaven, please click the link above.”

Mom and I think that is truly special and generous of Mary to do that!

Mary also has another great blog that we follow called Roxy The Traveling Dog

  Click HERE to check out Roxy!

Mom says THANK YOU Mary for her beautiful bracelet and for all that you do for the “Goldens”

Give  Roxy a special “hello” from Mom and Dakota!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

“My Little Man” A Guest Post By Colleen Richman

Almost three years ago, I rescued a little chihuahua who only weighed 2 pounds. He was in Alabama and only a few months old. His one testicle did not drop so aside from being fixed he also needed to have surgery to have his testicle removed and biopsied. Sadly, this handsome little guy was unable to find someone to open their hearts to love him enough to pay for his surgery. Until I heard about him of course!

How could anyone resist that face?!? At the time I was working in law enforcement and had the ability to work overtime often. I knew no matter how much it cost me, or how hard I had to work, I was going to have this little guy and he was going to be spoiled rotten! I paid to have him flown from Alabama to New Jersey, took him to the vet, and got him all the attention he needed! Here is a picture of him when he came home from his surgery:

It warms my heart to know how safe he felt cuddled in that little blankey. Although he had all the toys in the world, he wanted the care bear that I had gotten from a coworker as a joke between me and that officer. I knew then, that Bullet only wanted my love and anything that reminded him of me. From then on, we were inseparable, and still are to this day! What also warmed my heart is that several months before rescuing him, we had also rescued an abused cat from a shelter. The following picture shows my cat Trent watching over Bullet as he slept off his pain from surgery:

There are times that I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have him and how special he is. He brings joy to my life every day and there is nothing more important to me than keeping him safe and feeling loved.

He was even the ring bearer at my wedding:

He is my little man!!!

From Dakota and “Mom”:  Colleen Richman is a special lady. Mom and I met her through her blog: “Welcome To CRichman Freebies”. Colleen features many fun give-aways  interspersed  with adorable stories about her precious Chihuahua, Bullet.
DDC grab

One of the things that Mom and I LOVE about blogging is meeting  people with huge hearts like Colleen. We thank her for sharing her story about Bullet with us and hope that you will stop by her blog and give her a warm woofie  “hello!”

Barks and licks and love, Dakota and “Mom”

Please Vote For Me In The Dog Halloween Costume Contest Being Held By Ellen Ross Of “Ask Away!”


Hi my pals!! I am excited to be one of the entrants of the “Dog Halloween Costume Contest” being held by Ellen Ross of  the fabulous and hip advice and fashion blog “Ask Away”


My Mom has been following Ellen’s blog for some time now and she always learns about the latest trends, gifts, fashions and she is a fan of the responses that Ellen gives to readers that send questions. You can submit questions to Ellen at ellen886@gmail.com  and you can remain anonymous if you choose to!


Here is the photo that Mom entered in the contest, voting ends October 31st, 2011 which just happens to be Halloween!


You can vote right here



I will look much happier than I do in this photo if I win!

Thank you my friends!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota


Semi Wordless Wednesday-We Have Winners!!

The two lucky winners of a Spooky Buddies DVD are:


(be sure to check out his blog, just click his name to get there!)

My buddy Snoopy!


Adorable Kouga!!

Kelly Ann T. & Kouga!!!

Huge congratulations!!

Please email your complete address to my mom at cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

Thanks to all who entered!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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Let’s Talk About Shelties! A Guest Blog By Heather Kalinowski Of Trupanion Pet Insurance

Heather Kalinowski is a pet lover and internet journalist at Trupanion pet insurance. Trupanion offers 90% coverage for diagnostic tests, surgeries, medications, and other treatments if a pet becomes sick or injured.


I have been a fan of the Sheltie ever since I was six years old and my mom brought a Sheltie mix home as an Easter present for my brother and me. My brother named her Rebel (he was 15 and thought that would be cool… sigh) and we soon discovered she had all the wonderful traits of the Sheltie. She was incredibly smart and quickly became quite devoted to me and my family. She was so gentle and sensitive and was the perfect companion for my young, shy self.


Shetland Sheepdogs like Dakota and Rebel have brought joy to people since they were first developed in Scotland in the early 1900s. They are herding dogs and it always makes me smile to see them taking that job to heart today, even when not in the pasture! Rebel used to herd anything she came in contact with, especially other dogs and children. It was a site to see her circling a group of happy children, who had no idea they were being ‘contained’ by the cute dog in front of them.

This breed has so much energy as well, requiring a lot of play time and exercise during the day. As a child, this was fantastic, as my dog could always keep up with me as I was zooming around the yard. But as I got older I remember thinking of it as a chore to walk her around the block. Poor pup! It must be hard to grow up with a girl who was once so active and who slowly decided reading books and watching movies was much more fun than playing tag outside.



But Rebel and I had other activities that kept us busy. We enrolled in training programs and canine good citizen classes to help keep us bonded and our minds sharp. Shelties are so smart and really need to have mental exercise as well as physical to keep them healthy. She was a star in her classes, picking things up so easily. She definitely made me look good!


Of course, like all dog breeds, Shelties are prone to certain ailments that can cause heartbreak in a family, including hypothyroidism (insufficient production of the thyroid hormone), Legg-Perthes (a degenerative disease of the hip joint), patellar luxation (the displacement of the kneecap), and allergies. Luckily, advances in veterinary care make it possible – even easy – to treat these conditions and keep these dogs happy and healthy for a lifetime. Of course, it doesn’t come without a cost. Veterinary treatment can be very expensive, especially when long-term care is required.


One way to offset the costs of treating medical conditions in our pets is with pet insurance. Pet insurance can be beneficial, especially for purebred pets like Dakota. Purebred pets are notoriously more prone to ailments because of the hereditary nature of many conditions and the long line of breeding that occurs. Pet insurance reimburses you a large part of veterinary bills so that you can rest assured that you can afford the treatment your pet needs. We all know there is nothing worse than sitting at a vet listening to a treatment plan your dog needs but you know you can’t afford.


But let’s not dwell on the less fortunate traits of the breed we love. We accept those traits and prepare for them so we can enjoy the characteristics and companionship this breed shows us every day. So what is your favorite thing about the Sheltie?

Halloween Safety Tips From Our Friends At “Haute Or Not… Pets” And A Spooky Buddies Give-Away!



It’s October and you know what that means! Halloween is right around the corner! While Halloween is  definitely a fun holiday there are some safety tips that you should be aware of.  It is important to take some precautions to make sure you have the best Halloween ever!


Today I am proud to present to you some dear friends of my Mom’s, Haute or Not….Pets, they are here today sharing some Halloween safety tips with the help of  some friends from the Disney movie, Spooky Buddies! 

Here we go!!


Haute or Not… Pets is your premier online resource for information, opinions, and reviews on the latest pet products. We’ve assembled an expert panel of in-house product testers, along with special guests, if the product calls for it. Our product reviewers work their collective tails off, eating, chewing, wearing, or playing with all the products featured in Haute or Not… Pets so that you can benefit from their “first-paw” experience.”







Spooky Buddies, everyone’s favorite talking puppies want to get you into the spirit of the Halloween season!!! This spook-tacular holiday is perfect for everybody in the family to dress up, visit neighbors and enjoy parties and treats. Follow these simple safety tips to make your Halloween adventures a howling success for your kids and your canines!!!


Your pet may like getting dressed up with the rest of the family, but make sure their costume is safe.

The outfit should not be too restrictive or tight.

Have a “dress rehearsal” a few days before Halloween to make sure they can move about easily.

Inspect the costume for loose or small parts that they could chew or swallow.


You may want to be as mysterious as possible with your costume, but make sure you aren’t trading mystery for safety.

If wearing a mask is part of the costume, make sure your vision is not obstructed.

Costumes shouldn’t be so long that you can trip over it, or so bulky that it’s hard to walk in.

If your costume is made up of black or dark clothing, add some reflective tape to sleeves and shoes so you will be easily visible to others.


If your dog likes to greet every doorbell ring with enthusiasm, work with them before Halloween night. Have several family members ring the doorbell several times in a row do your dog can get used to the noise.

If your dog still seems to be getting over-excited and worn out greeting each trick-or-treater, put them in a quiet rooms with a few toys until the rush is over.

• Make sure an adult is nearby when answering the door to trick-or-treaters. Even if all the visitors are friendly, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by unfamiliar faces.

• Have an adult open the door, then you can help hand out the treats.


Keep a supply of doggy treats on hand for your own pets and any four-legged trick-or-treaters who show up at your door.

It’s important to know that chocolate and other candy treats can be harmful to our canine friends, so make sure they have their own doggie-treats and keep the human treats out of reach.

• Have an adult inspect your treat bag when you arrive home. If you receive any “homemade” treats from unfamiliar homes, you may want to discard those. Then, sift through all of your treats and divide them up into smaller snack bags so you can enjoy having a few treats each day. You’ll enjoy the fun even longer!



• Don’t leave your dog outdoors alone while trick-or-treaters are out and about. A careless child (or adult) could forget to latch the gate when leaving your yard, giving the dog a chance to escape.

Also, rambunctious trick-or-treaters may tease your dog as part of their play.

If you are going to take your dog with you while you trick-or-treat, make sure they are on a leash and have current ID tags, if they become separated from you.

Likewise, although you don’t have to be on a leash, make sure you have an adult or older sibling with you on your trick-or-treat rounds.

Be especially careful when crossing streets

Stay with your group throughout the evening


If you plan a Halloween party that includes dogs, have it during the day in your regular dog park (where all the dogs know each other) or in a big backyard, where there is room for them to run and play.

Don’t leave a group of dog unattended for any reason. Make sure there is plenty of water and shade so they don’t get overheated.

Planning a costume party for your family and friends can be a fun way to celebrate Halloween.

Plan your menu and decorations carefully – no open flames or sharp objects.

Set the mood with fun music like, “Monster Mash,” and “Thriller” and be sure to have a dance contest along with a best-costume contest.

Pair teenagers with younger children for activities such as scavenger hunts and pumpkin-carving contests.

Now that your ready for Halloween, give your whole family a special “treat” with a screening of Disney’s new movie, Spooky Buddies.



 GIVE-AWAY!! Haute Or Not…Pets  has generously offered to give a copy of Disney’s Spooky Buddies to two of my readers!!  Since it’s Monday and Mom and I are tired (already!) entering is super easy! Just leave a comment telling us if you could dress up for Halloween what you would like to dress up as!


The deadline to enter is MONDAY, OCTOBER 17TH at 11pm EASTERN. The two winners will be announced WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19th!




A big THANK YOU to our friends at Haute Or Not…Pets for guest blogging today! Be sure to click on their name to visit their “haute” website!


Barks and licks and love, Dakota