I was given ANOTHER Award!!

I woke up on Sunday morning to a wonderful surprise! I am the lucky recipient of the:

I was overcome with happiness because this award didn’t just come from anyone, no siree, it came from a KITTY and a SUPER SPECIAL KITTY at that!

This “lovely” award was given to me by:

Click on the photo to visit Katie’s blog!!

It is nice enough when you are a doggy and the award is given to you by a fellow canine, but when you can cross species and are given an award by a KITTY, well, then, that  just rocks my world!!

Part of the rules of this award are I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself….I am probably repeating myself on some of these so if I have, I am sorry!

1) Katie TOTALLY helped me out by giving me this award because I was supposed to be doing a product review and give-away but the company never sent me the product to test!!  They forgot!! Hey ya snooze, ya lose!!

2) I am at the vet today for a follow-up urine test from my UTI that I had about two weeks ago. Please cross your paws that all goes well!

For the next few things about me I asked my Daddy. Mom usually helps me with these but I decided to have Daddy add his comments for a change!

This is one of Daddy’s sisters. Also known as my “Aunt Nancy” I go insane when she comes to visit. I show her TONS of affection!

3) He says I am extremely affectionate. I would have to agree. If I were a politician I would be kissing all the babies and women!

4) I’m sensitive.  I’m all about hearts and flowers. My sensitivity shines in my eyes. Don’t believe me? Here is what I posted last Valentine’s Day:

5) I eat anything and everything. I guess I wouldn’t make it on Hell’s Kitchen because I am not known for having a refined palate.I will eat anything from cell phones to wood. If it can be chewed, I’m all over it!

This was particularly delicious. The green color gave it a “Minty Fresh” taste. I was stopped from my fine dining experience before I could get to the delicious licorice flavored battery

I don’t understand why everyone was so upset that I did this! They tell you to eat enough fiber daily and then when you listen to them you get yelled at! Geeze!

6) I have a zillion toys, but what is my ultimate “go-to?” My mangy  red, white & blue ball that Mom purchased a few years ago at the Dollar Store!!

“Hooray for the red, white & blue!!!”

7) This is probably the best one yet. I have a real “thing” about “I Can’t Believe It’s not Butter”  Mom and Dad cannot figure it out. For some reason I can’t stand the bottle. Mom thinks it is hilarious to pull the spray bottle out of the fridge and just let me look at it. Dad says that’s mean. I would have to agree!  Looking at that bottle to me is the equivalent of making someone watch The Exorcist against their will!

Click on the logo to visit their website. I may not like looking at the stuff but Mom sure enjoys EATING it! Many others do too!

Just the SIGHT of it makes me go berserk

To read about this product, click on the photo and visit their website!

 See for yourself:

Another requirement of this award is that I pass it on to I forget how many other blogs. Ok, here’s the dirt, when I pass it on I  get in trouble, when I don’t I STILL get in trouble!!

My Mom and Cody did give some awards out recently, only to find out a number of people either :

had already received them.

don’t want awards because they are time-consuming.

or those that weren’t selected get their feelings hurt.

So, I am going to say that Mom and I  follow TONS of blogs and once again, if we follow you,  you are ALREADY AWARD-WORTHY! So, wrap your paws around this and enjoy!!! If you have a blog we know how hard it is to keep up with all that entails, so please accept this with love and gratitude!!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

In full disclosure: no bottles of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” were hurt in the filming of Dakota’s video. Nor did Mom and I receive a dime, a bone, or a bottle of their butter for mentioning them here. Why? Because no one reads this blog anyway, so they will never know! BOL!!

Thankful Thursday- We Received The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I am one excited Sheltie!!! The other day when Mom and I were reading blogs, we discovered that we were given an award!!!

The award we received is a super special one and we are THANKFUL to have received it!! It is the:

and it was given to us by our new buddies over at My Dog Sheba’s Life StoryMom and I get a kick  out of this blog because they have a  cat in their family named CODY too!! Imagine that!

The rules are simple in accepting this award. We are supposed to thank the person (or doggy) who gave it to us, THANK YOU My Dog Sheba’s Life Story  and link back to them. DONE!!! Then…we are supposed to tell you seven things about us! HERE WE GO!!

1) Like Sheba, I also LOVE to lick people’s feet. One might even call me obsessed. If you have a foot, preferably a freshly pawdicured and lotioned one, I am ALL OVER IT! Dad finds it charming, Mom? Not so much!

2) I do NOT like going for walks. I used to, back in my younger days. I wasn’t jaded then. After a territorial “Mother Goose” nearly bit my head off when I innocently was checking out her babies, and a garbage truck decided to make too much noise for my liking, that put a SEVERE damper on my walks.

3) I like being groomed. It’s impawtant for a manly Sheltie to keep his fur looking good at all times!! Got a brush? Come on over!

4)  Like Sheba, I also like love to be  around my humans. When my pack is away I’m a sad Sheltie for the day!

5) Also like Sheba, I LOVE my cat brother Cody!!!

6) I can spell!! It just dawned on me that I might have told you that before. If I did, just humor me and pretend that I didn’t. ‘k?

7) I like to scale our couch thinking I am a CAT! The first time I did this my Mom nearly died laughing. I came up behind her while she was watching TV and BOOM!!! I had crawled up the back of the couch and walked along the top!! I was pretending I was a CAT!!! It always looks so cool when Cody does it that I had to try it!

The other requirement of this award is to pass it on to 15 other bloggers who inspire us. This is a hard one. We are not going to do that because:

1) We don’t know if some pals have already received this award

2) Some blogs like to stay “award free”, while appreciating the awards, they don’t always have time to do a blog post about them.

3)  We follow way more than 15 blogs and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not passing this on to them!

Soooo, if you haven’t received this award and would like to claim it as your own, GO FOR IT! Just link back to us ok? We would one day  like to have more than 6 readers. BOL!!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota



Fun Friday! Versatile Blogger Award

Mom and I were sitting reading blogs yesterday and were delighted and flattered to learn that we had been given the:


We received this award from a blog that we recently started following:

Hey…It’s Jet Here

That’s Jet in the photo!! If you click on the photo it should take you to his blog!

Mom and I first discovered Jet when we noticed comments he was leaving on other blogs (see? It pays to read comments that people leave on OTHER blogs too, you can meet some super nice new friends that way!).

We liked Jet’s friendliness and chatty style and decided that this was a dog we would love to have in our pack!

Mom and I visited his blog and read his first post and instantly fell in love. When we read this passage we were hooked:

“Mom gave me a forever home in October 2008 after Golden Rescue South Florida saved my life with FOUR days to spare.  I can’t even discuss my life before this because it hurts.”

….you can read the rest of Jet’s first post right here!

We are honored that such a special doggy thinks highly of us well, ME, I just dictate to Mom like Jet does! I will even forgive him for thinking  that I was a GIRL,  when I am really a BOY!!! BOL!! Probably cause I am too “pretty” to be a BOY!

Our blog is only a little over a year old,  we don’t have a lot of followers like my brother Cody does on Cat Chat, heck, it isn’t even  BlogPaws Nose-to-nose award-worthy,  well frankly, neither of Mom’s blogs seem to be, but I digress…. Mom and I are dedicated to writing it because we have discovered that the doggy bloggers  are some of the most loyal and warm-hearted bloggers on the Planet!! Each and every one of you have wrapped your paws around us like a warm blanket and have accepted us into YOUR pack!  You have been encouraging, hilariously funny, supportive and GENUINE.

Just like your doggies.

That means A LOT.

We thank YOU.


we thank JET for giving us this award and for being our new friend!

One of the requirements of this award is  that  we thank the person  doggy who presented it to us,  (done!!),  lick  link to the person  doggy’s blog (done!!),   then  pass it on to 15 other deserving blogs.

Yep, you know what Mom and I are going to say. We can’t pick just 15 so we want ALL OF YOU TO HAVE THIS. Like we always say, if we follow you, you’re award-worthy!!!!

Thanks for being our furriends!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Sunny Sheltie Saturday!

Last Sunday Mom and I were making the rounds reading the blogs we follow, and boy were we ever surprised when we found out that we received an award from one of our new favorites,  Savannah’s Paw Tracks.

Mom and I were blown away! The award we received was:

the Sunshine Award and we couldn’t be more flattered! Thank you Savannah!! We are honored!!

As with any blogging award there are instructions that must be followed:

Link the award to the person who gave it to you… (check!)

  • Answer the questions that come with it
  • Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it


Favorite number:  Never thought about this one before.  I guess my favorite number would have to be TWO. I eat two meals a day and I LOVE to eat, so TWO it is!

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:  is this a joke? Like a dog would have a favorite alcoholic drink? Seriously?

Facebook or Twitter:  BOTH. They are necessities for every social media minded Sheltie.

My Passion:  you have to ask? SMART BONES! I would give my kingdom for SMART BONES! I get NOTHING for saying that. I am INSANE FOR SMART BONES!!!

Favorite pattern:  the carpet that I lay on to eat my SMART BONES!

Favorite Day of the Week:  Any day that involves food and treats. If I have food and treats then that is a GOOD day!
Favorite Flower:  CAULIFLOWER!! BOL! Wait! I have eaten broccoli but I have never eaten Cauliflower! I guess I just like the sound of it!

Now, that pesky part about passing the award on to 10 bloggers. Mom and I always say this but it is the TRUTH,  if we follow you , you ALREADY bring us SUNSHINE! If you didn’t, we wouldn’t waste our time!

Awards can be tricky things. We don’t want anyone to feel left out, so we would like everyone who stops by our blog to grab this award for themselves! You ALL deserve it!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

We are “Versatile?” Color us HONORED!

Last night Mom  & I  sat down to begin to make a long-overdue trip around the Blog-o-sphere to try to catch up reading the posts of our buddies, and boy oh boy were we ever shocked and honored with what we found!

Leslie and Bella over at the superb blog Bringing Up Bella had given us the Versatile Blogger Award!

Here is some info about Bella and her “Mom” Leslie:

“Bringing up Bella is a journal of sorts about my beautiful, crazy, smart (and crazy-smart) rescue dog, Bella (and other doggie stuff).

Bella is both fearful and reactive and I hope these stories will highlight her amazing resilience, joy and growth as well as my own learning curve as her guide through this life’s journey.”

Mom is tickled and grateful, I on the other paw, am shocked! Us? “Versatile?” Ummm…have you seen the ridiculous amount of product we have featured on this blog in the past few months?

The fact that Leslie and Bella, whose blog is impeccably organized, beautifully written and evokes complete and total feelings of love to all who read it, thinks we are “Versatile” is the greatest honor indeed! We thank you from the tip of our ears to the end of our respective “tails.” We are shimmying, shaking and spinning with delight! THANK YOU!

All awards come with rules and this award is no different. The rules involved in accepting this award are:

1) Thank the award giver and link back to them (check)

2) Share 7 things about yourself. Ok here we go. Mom wasn’t in a mood to reveal much about herself so she is passing the keyboard on to me.

Here are my 7 things:

1) I love to be brushed. Yes! I am a vain little guy! If you have a brush, are ready, willing and able, I will stand and be brushed for however long you are willing to do it!  If I were a woman I would be one of those 100-strokes-a-day-kinda-gals.

2) I can talk. Mr. Ed isn’t the only one who can yakety-yak all day, the incredible Dakota has something to say!

Mom engages me in conversations while she is cooking. She asks about my day, my thoughts and I respond, ( I am doing it now but you can’t hear me BOL!)

3) I can spell. I know how to spell “D-I-N-N-E-R”, “P-E-A-N-U-T B-U-T-T-E-R” and “B-O-N-E” (it is important when one is spelling that they include the dashes as well. BOL!

4) I can read lips. Mom almost fell over with this one. She was playing harassing me one day, and was trying to get me riled up, which doesn’t take too long. She started mouthing all sorts of words. I barked at just the right time and at each proper place,  for each and every word.

5) I am crazy at home but a perfect gentleman at the Vet. I love my Vet and the entire staff. The Vet always marvels at how “calm” I am. Mom says I am like the little kids that act up at home for their parents but at school they are perfect angels.  In my opinion when someone is standing there with a needle in their hand, poised to give me a shot in the butt, it behooves me to be on my best behavior. I’m no fool!

Instead of "reach out and touch someone", I thought they meant "reach out and EAT someone or some THING!"

6) I once ate part of my Mom’s cell phone-ummm…we won’t go there

7) I prefer to sleep on the floor and not sleeping in a dog bed. My poor Mom has bought me so many beds because she says she can’t bear to watch me sleep on the floor. She is afraid that if people see photos of me sleeping on the floor they will think she is an awful Mom.  Mom will purchase every bed that strikes her fancy and I have yet to sleep in ANY of them. Oh yes, I have eaten a few, but sleep in them? NOPE. Not ME!  My kitty brother Cody has inherited the majority of them.

See what I mean?

The last rule involved in accepting this award is to pass it on to 15 other bloggers. Mom and I  always feel so bad when we are asked to do that.

There have been all sorts of things in the blogging world that maybe myself, my brother Cody and my Mom have been included in, or not,  that can often cause hurt feelings, albeit usually unintentionally. 

 We have experienced seeing  lists, events,  or whatever that we thought maybe we would be included in, for  a myriad of  reasons, and then for reasons that we often don’t understand, we find that we have been excluded.  OUCH. Whether you want to admit it or not, when it happens to you,  It hurts.

We all like to be recognized and to feel as if what we do is important.

We have experienced feeling like the odd-one-out in the schoolyard who is picked for a team last,  it is a stinky feeling and we  don’t want to make anyone else feel that way.

Also, some people don’t like to receive awards because they feel obligated to blog about them, and we know how so many of us are pressed for time, so we don’t want to unduly cause more stress, or have who we chose be upset that we chose  them, or not. 

Let’s just say we LOVE and APPRECIATE all of you!  All bloggers bring their own unique talents to the table, we all have something special to offer, no two of us are alike, we work hard at doing what we are doing, whatever that is, and we all deserve to be recognized for our efforts!

So to our blogging buddies, if you haven’t received this award, grab it……you deserve it!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota and “Mom”

Kreativ Blogger Award

I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself! I am spinning and barking to beat the band! Why? Because a couple of weeks ago I received my FIRST blogging award!!!

I couldn’t believe it!

My brother Cody has received many blogging awards and always brags about that fact to me, but up til this award I have won NOTHING! NADA, ZIP, GOOSE EGG!! That is probably partly due to my Mom and Cody always monopolizing the computer with their feline follies but that’s a story for another day. All that matters is that I received my FIRST blogging award!

I am honored to have received it from a blog that I follow that is simply superb. That blog is called Roxy The Traveling Dog (click on the name to check out her blog if you haven’t already!) Mom and I think highly of Roxy and her Mom so that makes this an extra special honor!!

When you receive this award the first requirement is to name who gave you the award (check!) Then you list 10 things that you may not know about me (or Mom or both!)

1) I sort of gave it away but for those of you woofies who may have Mommies who like cats, Mom and my brother Cody have a blog called Cat Chat (you can click on the name to check it out!)

2) My Mom and my Dad were show dogs!! That partly explains why I am so handsome!! It would also be due to the fact that Shelties are just downright handsome or beautiful to begin with!

3)  My Mommy’s name was Tula, here is a photo of her that my first Mommy Sheila Ellis took of some other brothers and sisters of mine that were born way after me!

4) Whenever my Mom and Dad come home from ANYWHERE (even if they have been gone for 30 seconds) I run and pick up my favorite toy (my red, white and blue Dollar Store toy, go figure!) and I run around the room with it in my mouth while Mom sings “Hooray for the red, white and blue.” No one understands why I do this. I won’t tell Mom and Dad but I don’t understand it either!

5) I kiss my kitty brother Cody ALL the time! I love him so much

6) I live in Michigan

7)  I am an obedience school drop-out. Just call me a “Sweathog.”  (For those of you that might be too young to know that term, it came from the TV show from the 70s, “Welcome Back Kotter”)

8) I don’t like sleeping in a dog bed. Yep, that’s right! Mom has bought me at least FOUR beds and I want nothing to do with ANY of them! Cody ends up taking them ALL. Mom wishes she could find a bed for me that I would actually LIKE. She doesn’t know that I LOVE sleeping on the carpet either under the coffee table, dining room table or on the floor by the baby gate in the hallway.

9) I am a very loud dog at home but I am a perfect gentleman at the vet! I truly am! Everyone there talks about how “calm” I am. I have ’em fooled don’t I?

10) I have only had my blog since April. Mom and Cody have had theirs for slightly over two years. That makes me extra grateful for this award because Cody has THOUSANDS of readers and me? I have around 200 if I am lucky!! No matter what, I love each and every one of my readers and I am super grateful for all of you.

Another requirement when you receive this award is to pass it on to 6 other blogs. Well, Mom, Cody and I have a “thing” about that.  We follow over 300 blogs (yep we sure do!!!) and we can’t narrow it down to choosing just six. Plus, some people like receiving awards and some don’t cause they just don’t have the time to blog about it which is a requirement of getting an award.

So, if you read this and you haven’t had this award yet you definitely DESERVE IT and should grab it and make it your own!!!! Blogs take a lot of time writing, posting, editing, and tons of other stuff and anyone involved in blogging knows this to be true!  If you are a blogger I want you to have this and tell your friends that Dakota gave it to you with LOTS of BARKS, LICKS and LOVE!!!!