Mischief Monday-“Officer! Arrest that Sheltie!!”

Hi and happy Monday all! It’s Dakota!

Well  my mischief for today began last week when Mom and Dad took me for a walk in the park.  Allow me to back up a few paws if you will.

I enjoy watching many of my buddies such as, Gizmo, Misaki, Will and Eko,  Max,  Bunny, Roxy and Torrey,( heck even EASY!, ) and so many more, grab life by the tail and go for the gusto!  They lead fun lives and  enjoy themselves every step of the way!  There are many more of you who have fun and I see that, but there are too many to list here!

I know Mom is frustrated with my couch-potato-esque type of life, so last week I thought I would give her a little thrill and allow she and Dad to take me to a park that Mom found that actually allows DOGS!  Trust me, in the part of  Michigan that I call home, picturesque parks that ALLOW DOGS are a rarity indeed!

We jumped into Mom’s Honda Fit ( which for many of you who will meet her at BlogPaws,  when you see Mom and her UNFIT SELF, it will strike you as amusing that the word “FIT” is the model of her car, but I digress), I got behind the wheel and we were ready to roll!

The photos below give you some idea of the great time that we had!

dakota park collage

The park was soooo delightfully peaceful!

I even walked for a bit!

With GEESE (my arch nemeses) AROUND NO LESS!

There was ONE slight problem though

After seeing this photo:

dakota driving 3

A few of you  left comments voicing concern

about whether or not I have a driver’s license. 

 I laughed with care-free Sheltie abandon

while reading of your concerns!

I eagerly started digging under my mane to pull out my license

and noticed THIS:

Look closely, what do you see?

Dakota drivers license


My license that was made on MYPETDMV

had EXPIRED ON 2-20-13!!!


A few months ago I had been contacted by My Color ID offering to make me yet ANOTHER driver’s license, I did, but GUESS WHAT? Dad had that  license in his wallet,  which was NOT with him! It was at HOME!

Lucky for me, when I put my paws to the metal, all the officers in my area must have been on a donut break!  I high-tailed it home in a flash and they were none the wiser!!!

Now, how is THAT for some mischief?

Barks and licks and love,



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  1. wow…that is massive! First let me congratulate you for owning a license in the first place…trust me, not many in the canine category have this privilege! 🙂
    Purrs, Dushtu
    p.s- oh yes, that’s a lot of mischief but without that you wouldn’t be you, would you?

  2. too cute for words!!!! Very mischievous indeed, but with that adorable face, I’m sure you could have sweet-talked the cops if they came after you! 🙂

  3. A park without dogs is not a park! And a dog without a driver’s license is…is… It’s ME!! I need one of those! I’m glad you didn’t get a ticket, D. Great adventure!

    Love and licks,

  4. Driving on an expired license huh…..well I am sure you could of sweeten talked yourself out of any ticket 🙂

  5. Wow, that was an eye opener…I checked and my license it good until Jan. 2014…being a doggy driver is not easy! At least you had a nice time at the park!

  6. Oh geez, now you have me thinking about when I last had my license renewed….I’m afraid to look!

    Glad you didn’t get a ticket!

  7. Glad all is well. It looks like a nice park!

  8. Whew boy that IS awkward – bet you obeyed the speed limit all the way home (like I do when I realize I left my license in my other purse :/
    HAHA great story Dakota!

  9. What a great adventure, Dakota! Good thing you drove safely and didn’t get pulled over. Glad you had such a fun day! Hugs from Dakota the Corgi Girl.

  10. Thank you for the props Dakota…With that great trip to the park I bet you even have a Bingo 🙂 It’s sad that you don’t have many dog-friendly parks…Your mom needs to work on that…About your license…Puppy prison is NO fun so make sure to get your new license tucked away in your ruff for your next drive…PS You can always call me if you need bail money 🙂

  11. Oh wow, that’s really a monday-mischief…imagine, we had to sing the jail house rock for you…. that would be a special kind of “bingo”…but I’m glad you brought the “the power of dreams” back to the hailing port without problems :o)

  12. What a beautiful park! How I wish I could have the wild ride with you and went to the park together. So glad that there was the donut break too. Phew!!


  13. BOL!!!! Oh, Dakota, you’re not supposed to drive on a picturesque walk, you know! 😛 Okay, I do know you’ve got to get there somehow. I got my license from Subaru and it’s still good!

    Trust me, my mom isn’t going to make any cracks about your mom being unfit!


  14. Pawsome driver’s license (even if it is expired). So, that’s where the word “tail gating” comes from. It’s in reference to dogs and cats who drive cars and sniff too close to the cars butts in front of them. 🙂

  15. Driving on an expired is better than driving under the influence!

  16. How fun you got to go to a dog friendly park. Looks pretty nice. See…..walking and parks are fun!

  17. BOL , glad you didn’t get pulled over. Our Mommy has a Honda Fit too, so does Eldest Boy Bean and Youngest Boy Bean. Mommy’s is Blue, EBB is Black and YBB is White. Sometimes I get Mommy’s and EBB mixed up when they are parked next to each other and run to the wrong one. ~Fenris

  18. Looks like a great walk in the park Dakota! No worries about the expired license, I did that once too but lucky for me I realized the license was expired before any cops did!

  19. RUFF!! RUFF!!! RUFF!!!!!! This is so cool- Dakota!!! I might have to do the same thing- there is this red convertible Mustang parked up the street- a friend of my humans! WOOOF!!!! You’ve given me an idea!!! WOOF! PAWS TO YOU, my friend- glad you enjoyed your adventure- Noah

  20. Mischievous is a delight. It keeps the woman on her toes, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  21. LOL! So funny. At least you thought to buckle up. 🙂

  22. Wow, that is mischief! You are one lucky Sheltie that you didn’t get pulled over. 😉

  23. Hahaha, I can’t stop cracking up about the listed height on your ID. For some reason that really cracks my simple mind up. I would recommend facing forward when you drive, but hey, you got the job done! Glad you got out for a little adventure.

  24. Phew, Dakota! Lucky you didn’t get caught – you could end up in the Paw-nitentiary for something like that! 🙂

  25. That looks like a lot of fun Dakota! I’m going to see about getting a license so I can drive too!

  26. Well, Dakota, when you decide to go out and get into some mischief, you really go all out! Glad you had a fun day at the park, and that you didn’t end up in doggie jail either! 🙂

  27. Lovely Dakota!!! You are such a rebel! Yay for your fun walk in the park! Take care

  28. You sure are a lucky pup! The police don’t care how cute you are when you are driving with an expired liscense! BOL, but then again, you are extra cute!

  29. Ha, I should drive a Fit too and just add an “un” to the front 🙂 but I have a Civic :). Dakota, sure is good the coppers didn’t get ya! If ya ran you’d of just ended up on America’s Most Wanted Pups! Better hurry and get a new one! Mom, I am rather surprised…I visited Brighton, Michigan 25 years ago and it seemed like that would have been the perfect place to have goregeous dog parks! We visited a few places like Detroit, Livonia, etc. and got our car searched and kids questioned when trying to go eat in Canada (my friend there used to go ALL the time back then but of course when yours truly goes…we get stopped, searched and they question are children – we never did eat there!). Ok, don’t laugh but what is the first thing I wanted to do after leaving the airport? Eat a White Castle burger! I never had one before!

  30. Dakota, you have the “purrfect” kitty brother Cody. Thank cody for meowing that comment to us on our blog.

  31. Looks like a lot of fun at the park Dakota. I like the way you say you pulled your license out of your mane… bahaha – you are too cute and funny!

  32. you have a driver’s license?! coooool…you’re the dawg. x0x0x Vanilla Bean

  33. Looks like a wild adventure. But didn’t you want to go for a donut break too?? 🙂

  34. I *need* a license too. That is so cool Dakota!! I love your adventure. I wanna go too. snort stomp.
    Check my page out in a bit. I’m leaving you something there. XOXO – Bacon

  35. Love your park pics!
    So glad you didn’t get caught with your expired licence though!!

  36. Which park did you go to? We have several parks we could go to here…want to meet up when it gets just a tiny bit warmer? Katie and Dawn

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