Foodie Friday! PetCakes by Lucky Paws Enter to win!

Hi everyone! It’s Dakota!

Today I am happy to share with you a DELICIOUS treat I was lucky enough to try, PetCakes by Lucky Paws!

What are PetCakes?


They are the FIRST EVER microwavable dog treats!  They were created by Melinda Kirk  (who is the founder and CEO), and  PetCakes are made of all natural and organic ingredients!  One of the coolest parts? They can be microwaved in LESS than 3 minutes! PetCakes achieved Best New Product of the Year 2010 at the Global Pet Expo!!

  • There is NO SUGAR, SALT OR PRESERVATIVES in their products!
  • They are made in the USA
  • They are also Veterinarian Approved!

I couldn’t believe my luck when Mom received some flavors to try:

  • PetCakes Kit-Original Carob-Organic Oat Flour, Organic Rice Flour, Wheat Germ, Ground Carob, Organic Flax Seed, Cinnamon, Baking Soda and Baking Powder
  • PetCakes Refills-Pizza flavor
  • PetCakes Refills-Spice
  • PetCakes Frosting Yogurt Flavor
  • and a purple pan to make 3 bones and a red Pet Lovers Pan (Rubine Red) that is the size of 1 large bone

Here is where Mom screwed up.

She made the Original Carob for my birthday and guess where the photos are? They are in her FRIED computer that we told you about a few days ago. Once Mom uploaded the photos from her camera the brainiac DELETED THE PHOTOS! So we don’t have those for you.

But…all is not lost!

Mom decided to make one of my refill packs so that she could take new photos for all of you!

The pack she made was PIZZA FLAVOR! YUM!

petcakes pizza box

Here is the list of ingredients in the Pizza flavor:Organic Oat Flour, Organic Rye Flour, Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Romano Cheese, Oregano Flakes, Baking Soda, Baking Powder

PetCakes couldn’t be easier to make!

You just mix one packet of dry mix, 1 tablespoon ketchup and 1/3 of a cup water.

petcakes mix in bowl

Then you fill the pan

(ignore the white stuff…Mom isn’t super bright and used too much cooking spray)

petcakes raw in pan

Then you microwave for 2 and a half minutes!

petcakes in microwave

Even my Mom can handle that!

Once they come out of the microwave you have to wait 10 minutes for them to cool.

petcakes finished in pan

petcakes pizza flavor finished

Then! Enjoy!!

To keep the treats fresh you can refrigerate them for up to 1 week or freeze for 2 weeks.

Dakota gives these 4 paws up!

Where can you purchase them for your dog? Click here and find out!

PetCakes also has cakes for CATS!



Want to learn more about PetCakes? Visit Lucky Paws Online here

I saved the BEST for LAST! Our furiend, Melinda, was kind enough to offer my readers a GIVE-AWAY!

That’s right! THREE LUCKY WINNERS in the U.S. AND/OR CANADA are going to win:

  • ONE BOX OF PETCAKES ($10.00 value)
  • 1 REFILL AND ANOTHER PAN ($8.00 for refill and $5.00 for extra pan)

HOW TO ENTER: You must tell me in a comment that you would LIKE to be entered and if you would like the dog version or cat version! That’s it!

The give-away starts NOW and will end on MONDAY APRIL 1ST, AT 5PM. WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED BY and will be ANNOUNCED WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3RD.

Good luck!

Barks and licks and love,


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48 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. I love to cook & Junior Loves treats.I would Love to win the Dog Petcakes for Junior,Duke (it’s his bday today) & Kelsey Thanks

  2. Please enter us in the contest for the DOG option!

  3. They look yummy but look at the state of them..Bawaahhaaaa wonder what your Moms fairy cakes would come out like..bawaahaaa tears rolling xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Please enter us to win the doggie version…these look like fun

  5. What a great idea! They look delicious.

  6. I would love to be entered to win the Dog version! These look like they would be really tasty for the pups AND super easy to make. Thanks for the review and the giveaway.

  7. Are you kidding me! Of course I would love to try the dog treats, put my name down for the contest…not wasting my time getting something like that for my cats…let them find their own treats! They sound fabulous!

  8. Haha Dakota took it to make sure no one else got it! I would say he likes it. 🙂

  9. We would like the cat version and somehow we will get Mommy to cook them for us if we should win. They look simple enough that she can manage. ~Fenris, Tuiren, Socks & Scylla

  10. Dog treats right out of the microwave?! Oh, yes please! We would love to try those! *wipes drool off keyboard*


  11. Toby would be thrilled to win the dog version and I’m happy they’d be easy and quick so please do enter us for this one.

  12. Yummy, I think even my mom could handle making those. We would love to win the dog variety, of course.

  13. Yummy!!! You’re so lucky, Dakota! I love your mom; she is always so sweet and thoughtful! Do you have any extra room for me, Dakota? I’m thinking of moving…sh….


  14. Cody and I would really like these. I could bake him cookies too.

  15. I love the product list and the fact that it is made in the U.S. My concern is the plastic case, I don’t microwave in plastic.

  16. Oh boy we like this prize
    Benny & Lily

    • Of course we want the doggy version

  17. Hey that sounds great, I’ll bet this pan is good for preparing ice cream too. I like your face and your fabulous sheltie-smile :o)

  18. Bailey and Katy would love to be entered for the dog version. Mom has been looking at a Dog treat baker.

  19. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Me would LOVES to win the Doggy Cakes for the hairy slobbery sisters!

  20. We would like to be entered in your contest, please! And with all the collies, we have to choose the dog version! lol
    One question, is the tray you microwave them in BPA free?

    • Good question…let me see if I can find out

  21. That sounds like such a yummy treat!

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  22. Oh Dakota..fanx for sharing. We would like to be entered for da Dog Version of Pupcakes. They sound nommy and deelish Awoooooooooooooooo,

  23. I quite fancy trying them Pizza flavor ones.


  24. What a good idea! I know your mom has said she doesn’t bake in the past and these look really simple to make. Shiner would love some doggy ones! Oh and thanks for the laugh this morning! Regarding your comment on my post today – put a big smile on my face! Lol

    • Hi Ann! “Mom” here…OMG I had to comment because I CANNOT believe how GREAT your memory is! I HATE BAKING!! Yessss these couldn’t be easier (if someone would take the time to fill the pan in an attractive manner that would be even better) I have no patience!
      Thanks for laughing about the comment! I had a feeling you would!

  25. My dogs would like to try the Dog Petcakes, so we would like to be entered for that one! I had actually tried the cat ones in the past, but they weren’t a hit with the cats (the dogs wanted them though!). The dogs are far less finicky than the cats though so I’m betting they would love them.

  26. I would love to win this, please enter me in the giveaway! Would love the dog version, thank you so much!

  27. I would luv to be entered! We would enjoy the doggie version in our household!! Thanks for the chance!!

  28. Hi Y’all,

    Looks like a fun treat. My Human bakes my treats in the oven. She started when my allergies were so bad. Since they found a bad tooth and removed it my allergies are much better but she still bakes the same treats ’cause I like ’em.

    Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  29. Pizza treats for dogs?!? No way! If mom does not get me some of these I am going to pout for at least a week!

  30. If Dakota give it a paws up then sure, Max would love to enter it too…because Ma isn’t much of a cook but she can manage the Microwave 🙂

  31. Oh, the Dog version…yep, microwave she can do…hitting enter before she’s done typing…not quite mastered yet 🙂

  32. Dakota that looks like a great easy to make treat, but as I said the girls are really picky. We will let someone else win 🙂

  33. I don’t microwave in plastic, but that cat treat pan is wonderful! Sharing.

    • It’s BPA free!! See comment that I added! Thanks for sharing! Love, “Mom”

  34. Wow! These look great. I seldom make dog cookies because I hate cooking. But this seems so simple. We’d love to try the dog version!!!

  35. So cute…Cody wants cookies.

  36. Hi Guys! This is Dakota! Here is information that Melinda just emailed to me!
    “Yes it is BPA free-
    The best way to start is with a 2 cup measuring cup with a spout- add water 1st
    and then mix & PB & stir with a fork.
    The spout makes it easier & less messy when u pour batter into pan.”

  37. You guys get such utterly cool stuff over there. Maybe there’s just not a big enough market here? Oh well,they look great and I’m sure you loved them.

  38. Oh I would love to be entered! These look so neat to make for the dogs! I would love the dog one!

  39. Hello Dakota! My mistress has a Sheltie named Sheba, who says hi! You can see pics of her on my blog. HMC

  40. I’d like to enter to win the dog version! Our cat is very picky, so I don’t think she’d like cat cakes unfortunately. I’ve always wanted to make dog-bone shaped treats for my guys, and 3 is the perfect number for my canine family. Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. My Bella (dog) would love this! I bake her treats all the time, nothing this cute or tasty looking, please enter me! Thank you 🙂

  42. What a neat giveaway! Love that these are made in the microwave 🙂 We would like to be entered for the dog version please!

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