Spoiled Rotten Box from PetFlow.com Enter to win!

Remember the song It’s Raining Men? Well that’s how Dakota is feeling now, but in his case it has been “raining” BOXES! Since we reviewed our first “subscription gift box” a few weeks ago they have come out of the woodwork! It is appropriate that one of Dakota’s faves is  named the Spoiled Rotten Box , because that’s how he felt after receiving this wonderful box!

The folks at PetFlow.com have spent countless hours deciding what to put in their boxes because they want to be sure that the dogs that receive their boxes are wagging their tails with delight when they receive them!

Each box is stuffed with almost $40 worth of products and when you subscribe to receive a monthly box you can purchase it for only $24.99 a month!


Take a look at this fabulous box!

click on the photo to visit PetFlow.com and to learn more about the Spoiled Rotten Box

click on the photo to visit PetFlow.com and to learn more about the Spoiled Rotten Box

I apologize for neglecting to take a photo of the  actual box that Dakota received right when it arrived, we were too excited to open it and we totally forgot about photos! Here is a photo of most of the contents of Dakota’s box AFTER he and I opened it:

Partial sample of what Dakota received in his Spoiled Rotten Box...click on the photo to visit their website

Partial sample of what Dakota received in his Spoiled Rotten Box…click on the photo to visit their website

Dakota’s box contained (click on each product title to read more about them):

Pet Naturals Breath Bites

Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier Mini Dog Biscuits

Luther’s Treats

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Duck & Potato Rolls dog treat

John Paul Pet Full Body and Paw Dog Wipes this is my personal favorite, we ALWAYS need dog wipes!

and Dakota’s favorite of all:

Frills the Triceratops with Chew Guard this little guy is so cute he deserves his own photo-op:

Click on the photo to learn more about him!

Click on the photo to learn more about him!


Every treat in the box is made with care in the U.S. and are made with super yummy ingredients! Everything in the box is available online at http://www.Petflow.com ,  that way, if you run out of a particular treat that is your dog’s favorite you can find them there!

When I was offered a Spoiled Rotten Box for Dakota I wanted to be sure to have a give-away for YOU! I wish I could offer it to everyone but unfortunately the give-away is only available to those who live in the U.S.

Beginning today and until 5pm EASTERN on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11 you can enter to win: One lucky person will win a one month subscription for a Spoiled Rotten Box of their own! (worth approx. $25) The winner will be chosen by http://www.random.org and will be announced on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13th!


MANDATORY: leave a comment telling me why your dog (or cat) is “Spoiled Rotten”

Extra Entries worth one entry each:

LIKE  PetFlow on Facebook by clicking here and be sure to tell them that Dakota’s Den sent you! Be sure to leave a comment telling me  that you did this.

LIKE Dakota’s Den on Facebook by clicking here and leave me a comment telling me you did this!


Good luck!


I received no compensation for this review/give-away. I was sent one Spoiled Rotten Box for Dakota to review. All opinions are my own (and Dakota’s)





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  1. My three dogs rule the house and are totally spoiled. One thing they have trained us to do is give them treats on command. Somehow all three dogs have finished their breakfast and are lined up by the refrigerator in time for my husband to give them the final ingredients in the parrots breakfast – almonds. They’re at our side for parrots lunch too and will demand and even eat a carrot, broccoli, apple, or anything we feed our parrots. Actually, all three are lined up anytime we’re preparing food, hoping for some samples. I just “liked” PetFlow on FB and of course I’ve loved Dakota’s Den a long time.

  2. I’m so spoilt, well I’m Mommy’s little girl 🙂 Am going over to that FB now 🙂 xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  3. What awesome stuff! That toy is the perfect size for a sheltie. So hard to find toys that aren’t too big, or too small.

    Loved Dakota’s happy face at the end of the video 🙂

  4. LOL – love the video with Dakota dancing at the end! Awesome box of goodies! Just liked Petflow on FB and already like you 🙂

  5. O…M…D!!!

    that is all we have to say.

    Have a super weekend!!
    Wally & Sammy

  6. I am spoiled rotten and I know it and everyone tells me that I am spoiled. Mom is always snuggling with me, letting me do things I probably shouldn’t because she can’t tell me no…I am spoiled and I love it! Mommy already liked your fb page and she just liked the PetFlow page…her name is Joy Johnson Schneider…I would love to win because I love getting packages! Thanks for another great post and opportunity, Dakota!

  7. Please enter us to win! This prize sounds so pawsome!!! Is that dinosaur toy cute or what!!!!!

  8. Where to begin…Cody is so spoiled. He has the whole house trained to give Him a cookie when they come home…haha. He gets ice cream every night with my son, and he goes on every vacation with us. I think that’s spoiled….don’t you?

  9. Both my dogs and cats are spoiled rotten because they all have the run of the house! My dogs get handfed twice daily, baths weekly, treats and toys everywhere and get to go to the park pretty often too. My cats are spoiled with a bag of Temptations cat treats a day, a nice cat tree and plenty of cat nip!

  10. Liked PetFlow on Facebook as Amy Orvin and told them you sent me. 🙂

  11. Liked Dakota’s Den on Facebook as Amy Orvin

  12. Gizmo here and let me tell you I really want that Triceratops stuffie and promise to never ever put the bitey on him or tear up his stuffing…honest! Momz wants to know what you do with the pet wipes…she’s really not sure how you use them…are they for cleaning off paws? Me Gizmo’s Terrier Torrent has liked you dakota on FB for a long time and today i liked PetFlow’s page too

  13. haha now I know why we have no more dinosaurs on the earth – the video is the proof BOL Good luck to all competitors ;o)

    • BOL! Barks and licks and love Dakota

  14. That’s pawsome, you are one lucky pup. I wish they did stuff like that and bark boxes in the UK i think we’re behind the times.

    Have a great weekend.


  15. Another awesome giveaway guys! Those breath bites look pretty cool. And the paw wipes sound great too. Shiner is spoiled rotten because she has completely taken over the bed! She never wants to get down from it once she’s up there. I went and liked PetFlow and I also like Dakota’s page already!

  16. Oh tut,tut! It’s for US only again. That’s it, we’re going to organise a South Africa only comp 😀
    Looks fabulous, though. Good luck to everyone

  17. Wow, lots of goodies in that one. We liked you and can’t wait to check out PetFlow, even if for our pet pig 🙂

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  18. Oooh, love the dinosaur, Magical-dawg is a glutton for stuffed toys.

  19. Stopped by Pet Flow liked and gave ya a shout out

  20. Already Loved Dakota’s Den on Fb .Left comment & tagged

    Also tweeted & Following on Twitter

  21. Dakota I’m starting to think you’re the spoiled one. BOL. I am the princess in my family, and therefore really spoiled. We liked PetFlow on facebook, and of course we already like you.

  22. Life sure is tough, Dakota!

  23. The better question would be, how AREN’T my dogs spoiled? They sleep in our bed and I will literally sleep at the end of it if one of them gets up and steals my spot when I need to use the loo. If that’s not spoiled, well I don’t know what is!

    I do already like Dakota’s Den on facebook too. 🙂

  24. Boy oh boy you lucky dawg!!
    Benny & Lily

  25. Oooooo, what a lot of fun stuff! You’re a lucky dog, Dakota! Rita is spoiled in SO many ways, but here’s one: she sits between us on the sofa when we eat in front of the TV and waits for us to share tidbits with her. (Terrible, I know!)

  26. What great stuff. Our Lady is trying to convince our Man we need something like this, but he says no.

  27. Look at all that great stuff!!! My dogs would love to win, especially the triceratops. My dogs are spoiled rotten because they get new toys all the time, if not from me then from friends who come to visit.

  28. Dakota, I don’t think you are spoiled – I think you’re just getting the adoration you so rightly deserve 🙂

    • 🙂 I agree 🙂 Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  29. Hi Y’all!

    Guess I’m not spoiled rotten. ‘Cause of my allergies, which have temporarily abated, I only am allowed home made treats made from potatoes. Must say they are really yummy though!

    You’re lucky to be so spoiled, Dakota!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Hawk my Kitty brother (Cody) can totally relate because he has skin allergies too 😦 It’s not fun! He can’t have ANY treats at all! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  30. Looks like a lot of good stuff!

  31. Us three dogs are so spoiled that we have our very own sun room with a couch for each one of us to lay on. We can go in and out as we please cos we have a doggy door and we also have a/c and heat! Mom leaves the back door from the house into the sun room open most of the time so we can come in and out of the house as we please! Now if that’s not spoiled then we don’t know what is!

    We already like your Facebook Page but we went over and left a comment and liked PetFlow!

  32. Good luck everyone! Darn, Canada I love you, but at times like this you just tick me off! XD

  33. What a great giveaway Dakota, I especially like Frills – how cool!!

    Dad says I’m spoiled rotten as I have Mum wrapped around my fluffy paw and I get away with everything and get lots of carrots, Mum and I don’t know what he’s talking about! 🙂

    I liked pet flow on Facebook and left a comment there, and of course I’m already your buddy on fb! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a fun day 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  34. Hi, Dakota. What a great giveaway. I Liked PetFlow and your page on Facebook as Amy Robinson. I already Liked your page as my blog page, Life with Doxies. I hadn’t realized I didn’t Like your page as myself yet!

    My two doxies sleep in my bed every night. I try not to disturb them when I get up in the morning to go to work because they like to sleep in. They also eat better than I do – they get pork and beef and turkey. 🙂

  35. […] What a fun day today is and just in time for Valentine’s Day! I am excited to announce the winner of the Spoiled Rotten Box from Petflow.com […]

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