Fun Friday! Puppy Parcel from Five Wags! Enter to Win!

It’s finally time!! The long-awaited give-away from our furiends at Five Wags has arrived! First, I would like to thank Reed for his patience with my having misplaced the information telling me who is eligible to win and what they could win!

click on their photo to visit them!

click on their photo to visit them!

A few weeks ago Reed contacted me asking if I would be interested in receiving a Puppy Parcel from Five Wags. I was intrigued and jumped on the opportunity.

What is a Puppy Parcel?

From Five Wags:

The Puppy Parcel is filled with premium dog products hand-selected to match your pup’s personality and interests. Each month, we search for toys and treats for your pup, some classics and some unexpected, always selected to delight your dog and create endless wags!

Because every dog is different and special, in order to determine what types of goodies should be included in your dog’s box, Five Wags offers the Puppy Profile Quiz . I filled out the quiz for Dakota and it couldn’t have been easier!

After you complete the Puppy Profile Quiz  you join by signing up for their monthly membership, and within a week you will receive your first Puppy Parcel delivered right to your doorstep! As long as your membership is active, you will receive a new and fun Puppy Parcel every month! How cool is that?

Here  are examples of their sample boxes. Dakota received a mixture of two different boxes, based on his interests.

Dakota received a mixture of two boxes. Click on the photo to read more about them

Dakota received a mixture of two boxes. Click on the photo to read more about them

They are packaged sooo cute aren’t they? Here is a photo of the products that Dakota received and I will tell you what our favorites were!

five wags puppy parcel

One item that I received for Dakota that I LOVED was the lavender-scented outdoor refresher spray, Pal Dog Freshen Up Spray for active outdoor dogs. It is meant to use on your dog to “refresh” he or she after playing or hiking outside. What I used it for was the mess that Dakota gets on his mane after devouring some of  his favorite bones! I just sprayed it on the brush and brushed his mane and it not only removed the stickiness, but he smelled delightful!

Some of Dakota’s favorite items in the Puppy Parcel were:

Angry Birds Wobbly Ball by Griggles. It wobbles and jiggles and is so much fun! We like to put a treat in ours as an extra challenge. Check out Dakota using it!

Fruitables Crunchy Dog Treats were also in the box, they smell good enough to eat! Dakota loves them and what I love is they are small enough to fit in a variety of toys that he has that dispense treats.

Another fave was Louie the Lobster by Jax and Bones. I was super impressed with how well made and durable this toy is! It is NOT flimsy! It is hand braided, lasts long (ours is still fine and Dakota is a major chewer!). It is soft enough to play fetch indoors and it is sooo cute!

Here are some super short videos of Dakota playing with Louie! In the first video I LOVE how Dakota shakes his head like a horse.

Here is another video of Dakota and Louie the Lobster, even after chewing Louie’s lobster claw it is STILL in tact!

Dakota and I were super pleased with the process of registering for our review box, the ease of taking the quiz, the  speed of delivery, the appearance of the box and the quality of the products. This would also make a great Gotcha Day, Birthday or anytime gift for your dog or the special doggies in your life!

Guess what? Reed is offering ONE lucky person  WHO LIVES IN THE U.S. a TWO MONTH subscription to the Puppy Parcel!! Do you believe it??? That is incredibly generous!


MANDATORY: 1) Leave a comment telling me what your favorite item is that Dakota received

2) Like Five Wags on Facebook for an extra entry!

3)  Like Dakota’s Den on Facebook for yet another extra entry!

THIS IS A QUICK GIVE-AWAY! DEADLINE TO ENTER IS MONDAY JANUARY 28th at 5pm ET. Winner will be chosen by and will be announced WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30th.

Good luck!


In full disclosure: I was not compensated for this review/give-away. I was sent a Puppy Parcel for one month. All opinions are my own.





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  1. Dakota you are so cute and silly! Shaking your head around like that lol. Reminds me of my old sheltie. And what a pawsome review. The lavendar spray sounds pretty awesome, I think that might be MY favorite. Shiner would probably disagree and pick some of the treats though. I also went and liked their FB page and I already like your page too Dakota!

  2. Great! Mom said we need such a Pal Dog freshen up spray too – because my feet would smell godawful ;o) (that’s not true!). I would like Louie the Lobster – grilled ;o)

  3. Hi Dakota! The Puppy Parcels are so cute! It’s hard to decide what my dogs would like best. I think the Angry Birds Wobbly Ball, especially with treats in it, would be the favorite of all three of my dogs. Tell your mom I also liked Five Wags on FB and of course we always love your page.

  4. That is FRICKIN’ PAWESOME!!!!! Seriously mom & dad have GOT to make a plan & move us to the USA!!

    Have a grrrreat weekend Dakota & mom

  5. The Angry Birds Wobbly Ball is my choice. Giz is having fun now with his treat puzzle, so maybe i need to mix it up and add another challenge for him

  6. Ooooh…. what a fun giveaway! I think all three of my dogs would love Louie the Lobster by Jax and Bones. Just liked/became a fan of Five Wags on Facebook and you know we already like you, Dakota 🙂

  7. Wow that looks amazing! We won’t enter (having cats and a pig) but some lucky doggy will be very happy 🙂

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  8. I like Louie the Lobster

  9. Liked Five Wags on Facebook as Amy Orvin

  10. Liked Dakota’s Den on Facebook as Amy Orvin

  11. Liked Dakota’s Den on FB

  12. Liked Five Wags on FB

  13. I have to say fave thing is the Lobster .Junior loves his toys and he would so love to flip that around,toss it against the wall and do his best to keep it away from Duke the Boxer who sneaks into the room and steals Junior’s toys.What fun it would be !Thanks for the giveaway

  14. Also following ,RTed and tweeted on twitter

  15. What a great concept! Louie the Lobster all the way baby!

  16. Hey Dakota,

    How coo!! I love Louie, and of course your twirls when you’re playing with him, I think my Mum’s favorite would be the lavender spray though! 🙂

    Love how Cody wanted to get in the video too 🙂

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  17. PS – we also did the likes 🙂

  18. How fun! My page MyGBGVLife liked Five Wags on FB and I had already liked your page a while back. My favorite item is the Fruitables Crunchy Dog Treats, I love treats! Thanks, Dakota, great post!

  19. By the way, I had mom like five wags fb page too, she had already liked yours…joy johnson Schneider is her name.

  20. Torrey and i would love this. I like you on FB already, and I just liked Five wags too. Ooooo, 3 entries. Lucky us.

  21. I LOVE the outdoor refresher spray! That is perfect for hot days too. What a great idea!

  22. We are huge fans of Dakota’s facebook 🙂

  23. Liked 5 wags on facebook

  24. I really like Louie the Lobster 🙂 wonder how mine would react to that!

  25. I like Five Wags on Facebook

  26. I also like Dakota’s Den on Facebook

  27. Treats and toys delivered right to your door? Not too shabby!

  28. Please enter us in the contest! We like your Louie the Lobster toy the best!!!

  29. This is so cool!!!
    Benny & Lily

  30. What a cool concept and giveaway Dakota. I already “like” your page on facebook, but I went and liked “FiveWags” too. It looks like you got a lot of cool stuff, but I think Louie the Lobster would be the biggest hit here with my crew. 🙂

  31. What an interesting idea for a product. I know the brown dawgs like those Fruitable Treats. They have had them before. 😉

  32. My dogs would love Louie the Lobster! Lots of limbs to chew and pull on (and pull apart, their favorite thing to do). I already like Dakota’s Den on Facebook and just went and liked Five Wags also.

  33. Dear Dakota, Me is not too sure if mes should enter. We winned a treat toy and wes thoughts the hairy slobbery sisters would enjoy it as much as yous did, but they IGNORED IT!!!! (Kozmo thought it was fun though). So Mommy talked to our neighbor (she has 5 rescue dogs) when she was walking the Hairy Slobbery Sisters – and delivered it down there and it is their FAVORITE toy.
    SO, mes will tells yous me LOVES the lobster. me thinks that is more their style.

  34. Our dog Artie loves balls so his favorite item would be the Angry Birds Wobbly Ball by Griggles.

  35. I Liked Five Wags on Facebook as Kelly Ann T.

  36. I Like Dakota’s Den on Facebook as Kelly Ann T.

  37. We really like the wobble ball. It looks like great fun. I am not sure that Mommy would let us eat most of the stuff in the package, since she keeps us on kind of a restricted diet, but! We want to win all the toys. So, off we go to facebook to LIKE all of your friends. Thanks for the introduction and reviews. – DogDaz

    • This is toooo weird but neither Dakota’s Den nor Five Wags can be found on fb. I tried several different ways. Is anyone else having problems. We really do LIKE you.

      • Ok….Dakota’s Den just left you a comment on YOUR facebook page…find the comment, which might have gone onto the side of your page…click on his link and “like” him…..AND….here is the link to “Like” FiveWags, I thought I included it on Dakota’s blog by clicking on the word Facebook next to FiveWags on Dakota’s blog at the instructions on the bottom. Anyway…here is the link to FiveWags, Love, Mom

      • Thanks – Mom is trying again – it is Sunday so she is slow

      • My Mom is slow every day…no worries!! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • It worked – Yahoo! You are the best!

      • YAY!! Thanks so much! You are welcome! YOU are “the best!” 🙂

  38. Hi there Dakota! Katie and I live in Michigan, about an hour north of Detroit! She loves her toys too…especially the couple of toys, (lambie and pigie) she won in rally trials.

    • Oh wow!!! Maybe when the weather gets warmer we could meet you!!! We are 34 miles north of Detroit, we are in Farmington Hills!

      • We’re in Davisburg. Maybe in the spring we could meet at Kensington, one of our favorite parks.

      • That sounds like a plan!!!!!!!!!! Great idea!

  39. Hi Y’all!

    Looks like you’re havin’ some great fun!

    Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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