Book Review: “Dogs Of Courage” by Lisa Rogak

I was honored to be given the opportunity to review Dogs Of Courage by Lisa Rogak.

Dogs of Courage is “the heroism and heart of working dogs around the world.”

Prior to reading this information packed book I was under the mistaken assumption that only certain breeds with certain “jobs” could be considered to be “dogs of courage.” I never suspected that a Chihuahua, or for that matter a Sheltie, would be a dog that could ever  earn the title of  Dogs Of Courage.  That mistaken thought reveals the cat lover in me, and shows just how much learning that I need to do to truly better  understand DOGS. Of course I LOVE dogs but I do admit that I am far less well versed about all things dog, than I am about all things CAT.

Photo Courtesy of macmillan

Photo Courtesy of macmillan

I never realized until reading  Dogs Of Courage, that EVERY dog has the potential of being a “dog of courage” regardless of their breed, size or particular talent.

From Dogs Of Courage: While we smile (and cry) when we hear stories on the news about courageous dogs, we rarely learn “Why dogs go out of their way to help us.” and “how do they get that way? How are dogs able to perform tasks and work in tandem with the humans who are their partners?” Dogs of Courage answers those questions and many more.

What Is a Dog of Courage?

It could be your next door neighbor’s dog, it could be a dog that works with police or fire, a dog trained as a therapy dog in a nursing home or hospital, a dog that works in a prison, even a movie star dog such as Lassie.  A “dog of courage” can have any one of a number of jobs that you will delight in reading about in full detail in this marvelous book.

Did you know?

  • That the smallest police dog in the world is an 8 lb Chihuahua named Midge who hails from Geauga County, Ohio?  Midge has appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, Fox and Friends, CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets.
  • That many arson investigators and insurance companies think that Labrador retrievers are the best dogs for arson work?
  • That Newfoundlands are considered to be the best breed for water work?
  • That a Collie named “Kira” works as a psychiatric service dog?

Being from Michigan, I was particularly intrigued reading about a Golden Retriever named Landon who was brought into a family to help their 10-year-old autistic son, David.  Landon was acquired from Paws with a Cause, a nonprofit organization in Wayland, Michigan that trains assistance dogs to help people with disabilities. Landon ended up helping David with his communication skills and enabled him to open up more. Landon also helped David be better able to fall asleep at night just by being by his side.

I urge you to buy this wonderful book. If you are an educator, this would be a marvelous book to use as a learning tool in the classroom to teach students about how important dogs are in our lives, not just as our trusted and playful companions, but to enable students to learn about  the many jobs that a dog may have and how important they are in helping us to better function in our  daily existence.

From the publisher St.Martin’s Press: Dogs of Courage reveals the heartwarming and awe-inspiring stories of these hard-working dogs, from the training they receive to the ways we honor their sacrifices and reward their years of service.  Dogs Of Courage is an incredible story of the vital role that dogs play as working heroes, it is a must-read for animal-lovers everywhere.

About the Author:

Lisa Rogak is the author of The Dogs Of War: The Courage, Love and Loyalty of Military Working Dogs, the Edgar-and Anthony-nominated Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King, A Boy Named Shel: The Life and Times of Shel Silverstein,  and And Nothing But the Truthiness: The Rise (and Further Rise) of Stephen Colbert. She is also editor of the New York Times-bestselling Barack Obama in His Own Words.

ISBN: 1-250-02176-6


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  1. Woof! Woof! Another dog book to add on my mom’s list. Golden Thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • Sugar you will LOVE IT!! Thanks for reading! Love, “Mom”

  2. On my list!

    • so glad to hear it! you will love it! Love, “Mom”

  3. Sounds wonderful! We have a diabetic student who has a dog that will alert him when his blood sugar is low! How cool is that?

    • Sara they even mention those types of dogs in the book! I think it is fabulous! Love, “Mom”

  4. That was such a touching book-review, Dakota, THANKS! I think we should honor all this dogs who are doing a great work every day…. and I’m impressed about the Chihuahua-Police-Dog ;o)

  5. Great review! Going onto my book list. Sounds so good!

    • thanks Sue!! it is! Love, “Mom”

  6. I’ve heard a bit about this book and it sounds wonderful!

    • yep you would love it Jen! Did you see the part about Newfies and water? Love, “Mom”

  7. Interesting, but I am most intrigued by the 8 lb police dog, although, sometimes those little pups are the most dangerous!

    • yep…those little guys can be pretty darned wild! Love, “Mom”

  8. That sounds like a very interesting book. Imagine, an 8lb chihuahua hero. I knew it.

    • Haaaa Roxy!! GOOD ONE!!! Love, “Mom”

  9. Thanks for telling us about this book, I think Mum will be sure to add that to her reading list!! It’s awesome to read about Dogs with jobs 🙂

    Hope you’re having a fun day 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Snoopy your Mum will particularly enjoy it because there is an entire section devoted to service dogs as well. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. Sounds like a really good one. Thanks for the review
    Benny & Lily

    • It is Benny & Lily and you are welcome! Love, “Mom”

  11. Great review as always Dakota and Mom, it looks like a great book 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. There is so much to do to help people that God gave us dogs to bring service to all.

    • Interesting concept Missy, I like it! Love, “Mom”

  13. This book is definitely on my list as I really enjoyed her other one, “Dogs of War.” Thanks for a great review!

    • thanks Kristine! I haven’t read “Dogs Of War” but I certainly need to! Love, “Mom”

  14. Another book for the To Read pile! Thanks for the tip!

    • Ohhhh I hear you about the “to read” pile!!! Mine is FINALLY starting to go down!! You are most welcome! Love, “Mom”

  15. Now this sounds like a excellent book! Me thinks me needs to reads it to the hairy slobbery sisters!

    • It is Nellie and I bet they would LOVE it if you read it to them! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  16. I have a feeling my dad would like this book a lot! We certainly know that dogs have a very diverse list of jobs that they do and all of them are important!


    • Bunny I am CERTAIN that your Dad would LOVE this book!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  17. There are so many books to read!! I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time. 🙂 Thanks for a lovely review!!

    • Hi Jodi!! OMG I know! There are TOO many!!! I barely have time myself!! Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words! Love, “Mom”

  18. Hey Dakota, Jet here. Hi Miss Caren.

    Great book! If you include therapy dogs, then we know the sky is the limit. When my golden sister, Koko, was part of TDI, Inc. they would publish the breed list once a year and how many of each were registered. Mom found it fascinating.

    • It is completely fascinating!! Therapy dogs are in the book! Love, “Mom”

  19. Sounds like a great book! Will have to give it a read 🙂

    • It is! I hope you do! Love, “Mom”

  20. I have this book and plan to read it and review soon. Thanks for the reminder and great review, Caren!

    • Carol you will LOVE IT!! You are welcome and Thank you! Love, “Mom”

  21. Sounds like a great book to read! Thanks for sharing and by the way…we hope you have a Happy New Year!!!!!

    • It sure is!! Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Mom

  22. This looks like a perfect read on a rainy January week! Thanks for sharing

    • you are right it sure is! You are most welcome and thanks for reading! Love, “Mom”

  23. Thanks for a great review – this looks like a winner, and would also make a wonderful gift for any dog lover.

    • you are most welcome!!! It IS a winner for sure! Thanks for reading! Love “Mom”

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