Enter to win: “Life Is Pawfect” by the “Pawtographer”, Robert Semrow

Hi my furiends and Happy New Year! Here we are in January and Mom and I are still trying to wrap up some things we had pending in 2012. One of them is an adorable and sure-to-make-you-smile book by Robert Semrow, also known as, “The Pawtographer.” The book is called Life Is Pawfect and let me tell you pals, this book IS JUST THAT…”PAWFECT!!” 

It’s charming, witty, uplifting, superbly photographed and just plain FUN!

Photo Courtesy of Robert  Semrow. Click on the photo to visit his website

Photo Courtesy of Robert Semrow. Click on the photo to visit his website

Life Is Pawfect is the perfect book to help get your New Year off on the right paw. It is chock full of the most adorable photographs, all printed on high quality glossy photo paper. Accompanying each photograph is a quote and an  uplifting or humorous saying that will be sure to brighten your day.


"Life is Pawfect...when the art of something can be embraced by the mouths of many!" Photo Courtesy of Robert Semrow The Pawtographer.

“Life is Pawfect…when the art of something can be embraced by the mouths of many!” Photo Courtesy of Robert Semrow The Pawtographer.

"Life is Pawfect...when we are willing to jump in and see where the current takes us!" Photo Courtesy of Robert Semrow, "The Pawtographer"

“Life is Pawfect…when we are willing to jump in and see where the current takes us!” Photo Courtesy of Robert Semrow, “The Pawtographer”


About  ” The Pawtographer” from Robert Semrow who is “proud to be “The Pawtographer.”

I love animals and have a tremendous amount of fun being around them. Whether it’s a traditional pose, a candid moment or a creative themed experience, I want to capture those silly looks, funny outfits and special moments that animals allow us to have with them. I want to show the world that energy, unconditional love and attention that animals freely give us.

I have always found that animals are the most naturally loving beings. They will let us hug, play, dress up and goof around with them, if we just give them what they want and deserve most-love and attention…and the occasional treat.


"Life is Pawfect...when your vintage exceeds expectations!" Photo Courtesy of Robert Semrow, "The Pawtographer"

“Life is Pawfect…when your vintage exceeds expectations!” Photo Courtesy of Robert Semrow, “The Pawtographer”



"Life is Pawfect...when there's bubbles between your toes!" Photo Courtesy of Robert Semrow, The Pawtographer

“Life is Pawfect…when there’s bubbles between your toes!” Photo Courtesy of Robert Semrow, The Pawtographer


Life Is  Pawfect is the perfect coffee table or bedside table book. It would make the best birthday, get-well, thinking of you,  gift or Valentine’s gift or ANYTIME gift for the animal lover in your life!

Robert was incredibly generous, when he sent me my review copy of Life Is Pawfect he included an extra book for one of my readers!

HOW TO ENTER: Give-away is open to EVERYONE! Just leave a comment telling me how YOUR “Life Is Pawfect” by Monday, January 7th at 5PM Eastern. Winner will be selected by http://www.random.org and will be announced on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9th. Be sure that I have a way to contact you should you be the lucky winner! Good Luck!!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

To Purchase Life Is Pawfect:


ISBN: 13: 978-0-9860198-0-7

Visit www.thepawtographer.com


In full disclosure: I was sent a copy of Life Is Pawfect to read and review along with an extra copy for one of my readers. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post.


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  1. I love those pictures! Especially the one with the pug… this sounds like an awesome book that my daughter would probably enjoy too. My daughters, dog, and rat help make my life Pawfect! You can contact me at annstaub at yahoo dot com

  2. My life Is pawfect because I have a family who loves me:-)

  3. My life is purfect, as I have my family, my animals and my blogging friends..Who could ask for more 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. What adorable photos! Looks like another great book find.

    We got our paw hide puzzle toy in the mail…..haven’t had a chance to shoot a video yet, but the dogs have enjoyed it. It’s been so firgid this week, I’ve been looking for indoor activities to keep them busy. So, it came just in time!

  5. My life is pawfect already….I’ve got Mom, Dad, tons of toys, treats any time I ask nicely, lots of windows to bird/squirrel/deer/other cats watch from……cuddly blankets to snuggle in – I can’t imagine a more perfect life other than perhaps being around for at least 13 MORE years!!!! That looks like a WAY cool book Dakota…..your Mom gets to read the BEST books!!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  6. Those are great pictures. Our life is pawfect cause we get lots of belly rubs, walks and Phody loves that he gets to play fetch for at least an hour a day. We are lucky pups!

  7. Great photos! I love doing those kind of photos myself as you may know. My life is pawfect because I have a wonderful home with furry siblings and a mom that makes sure we all get the most out of our lives that we can as furry ones!

  8. Great pictures (except those with the bathtub lol). My life is pawfect, because in my crib always the love reigns , even in bad or war times ;o) btw: pugs are gorgeous, aren’t they? have a pawfect friday ;o)

  9. Looks like a great book! Our life is pawfect because its filled with lots of Newfie hugs and slobbery kisses!

  10. My “Life Is Pawfect” and of course it is because of my furry little babies: Cody, Bella, Baby and Binx.

  11. My life is pawfect because of my Lhaso Apso, Snickers. I used to live with my older brother but he passed away in February of 2012 and I would be alone without my dog. He is such a help in the lonely days.

  12. What a cute book, we would love that. Our life is Pawfect cause we just left the stupid cold snow.

  13. Hilarious! Sounds good
    Benny & Lily

  14. Great pictures. My life if Pawfect because of the two dogs who share it and have helped me learn to live with a heart like a dog. 🙂

  15. Wonderful photos…this would be a great book to own…My favorite of these is the sushi chef..What’s making my life pawfect right now is that, after some rocky times, my family members are all safe and healthy

  16. Oh, those pictures are so adorable! Life is pawfect because I’m allowed to take part in this give-away : )


  17. We read this post yesterday & are over the moon that the competition is open to everybuddy! We decided that we needed a day to think over our entry / answer…so here it is:

    Our life is pawfect because we are possibly the most spoilt & loved Scotties we know, currently living in South Africa. Our mom & dad just adore us and we in turn adore them. Life doesn’t get better than being loved & cared for as we are.

    Love to you & mom,
    Wally & Sammy

  18. Life is pawfect because at this time all my pups are healthy and happy.Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  19. ooow my…those photos are adorable!!!
    My life is perfectt because of my family, my three little turtles and my friends (both real life and net life)

  20. My life is pawfect because I share it with my wonderful husband and our 3 rescue dogs. If we counted how many times we speak or think about our pups, well, we’d go crazy! Or maybe we already are! Our newest adopted dog was just kissing my face as I’m trying to type this! The book looks super cute, hope to “read” it them!

  21. My life is pawfect cos I have so many people to love and so many people who love me – I’m a lucky pup!! 🙂

    These pictures are just awesome!! He’s got some very patient doggie models – I’d sure love to win one of these books 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  22. My life is hoof-ect because I have two kids who share their discarded food with me 🙂

    Great pictures and an interesting book!

    Oink oink,
    Coccolino the mini pig

  23. […] Thanks to everyone who entered our give-away!!!  […]

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