Fun Friday! The Paw Flapper™ by Kyjen! Enter to win!

Hi and Happy Friday all!

Mom and I wanted to be sure that the month of December was a FUN month and it sure has been so far! We wanted to show our readers how much we appreciate them and offer a few give-aways,  and we have even more fun planned ahead!

Bet ya didn’t know that I am one of a number of  dog toy testers for  Kyjen ,and I wanted to show you my latest find! And…when I put my paw print on an email asking my furiends at Kyjen if I could do a give-away for two of my readers they didn’t hesitate to say yes! They jumped on it like I jump on my dinner!

Today I am happy to present to you:

Paw Flapper™

The Paw Flapper™ is a two-part puzzle, encouraging dogs to use their noses. They must learn how to lift treat chambers, as well as rotate the toy to retrieve treats. This is an excellent scent test with 8 hidden treat chambers altogether!

Click on the photo to visit Kyjen and see more of their great toys and read about the Paw Flapper

Click on the photo to visit Kyjen and see more of their great toys and read about the Paw Flapper

Now, check ME out havin’ a fun time!!

You wanna win one right? Of COURSE you do!

GIVE-AWAY: We are giving away TWO Paw Flappers™ !! U.S. AND CANADA ONLY PLEASE.

WARNING: there have been a number of give-aways where I have stated SPECIFIC requirements (or tasks) to complete to be entered, and some folks haven’t read all the way through. So, if they didn’t state in their comment what I asked them to state, they were disqualified. You don’t want that to happen, so please read all the way through!

 HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment telling me WHAT KIND OF TREAT you would like to find in the chambers of your Paw Flapper™ Also, be sure I have a way to contact you if you are one of the lucky winners! DEADLINE TO ENTER: MONDAY DECEMBER 17th at 5pm. Winners will be announced WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19th!!


Barks and licks and love, Dakota


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  1. O my gosh Canada is allowed!!!!!!! Yippeee!!!!!Ok,ok, I read everything! With a huge paws up of course I want one! Kirby, I mean Kirby! lol. The treat I think Kirby would like in the PawFlapper, is little pieces of greenies! They are his favorite! And poe’s too! And too contact me if I somehow won this is my bloggy of course. Or my email is in my ABOUT section…which i just figured out I had…today lol.

  2. OMD!!!! What a pawsome toy!!!!! Once again…what would we give to be US ./ Canadian doggies!
    Wally & Sammy

  3. Wow, that looks a great toy. It might even occupy Raffles for a time 🙂

  4. Did you say “helps keep your dog out of trouble?” Well, sign me up! Although I don’t think Freddie is quite as intelligent as Dakota. Boy did he get that open fast! Fred would love to have his pumpkin treats that I make in there. I don’t know if Gloria would even go near it, unless it had poo in it of course! lol!

  5. That a cool looking toy. Please enter us in the contest. I think the small apple bacon fruitables treats that we got would be perfect treats to find in the compartments of this toy. They are small and smell like bacon. We live in New Jersey. Please leave us a comment if we win at

  6. Good job Dakota! I like how you completely ignored your mom the whole time. Geez, didn’t she know you were BUSY!!! 🙂

    Oreo and Chewy would love to try this out. They’d like filet mignon in the chambers, but, more likely, they would end up with some salmon treats…..

  7. I’ve never played with a puzzle toy before but I’m pretty smart so I think I can figure it out…as long as it had BACON! in it…BACON! is the nommiest treat ever so bites of BACON! hidden in the chambers would get me working hard on this You can always find me at

  8. What a great toy! Dakota is such a smartie to figure it out so quickly.

    Honey eats all her meals from food toys and loves trying new games. I think she’d be thrilled to find some stinky salmon jerky or liverwurst in the Pet Flapper.

    Thanks for sponsoring such a great giveaway.

    And, if we win, you can send a tweet or use the contact form at

  9. …woohoo filled with beef jerky – oh Dakota you are such a lucky guy!!! I’ve got the treat wheel last year – this toys are funny!!! Good luck to all!

  10. My dog, Snickers, does not read blogs but I do. He would love to hunt for beef jerky. I think he would love to find this under our tree.

  11. Did I leave a comment? Hmmm. I have trouble with this. Nellie says I will learn. I got distracted and had to go bark at the deer in our yard!
    Dakota I LOVED your video, I watched 3 times and I would LOVE to have a Flapper and I would LOVE to find the new duck treats I reviewed inside!
    Slobbery Doggy Kisses
    Cinnamon (at the Cat From hell)

  12. I’m with Gizmo I want to find BACON in my Paw Flapper!!! What a neat toy I would play with it for hours and hours, as long as mom kept putting the treats in it. If I’m the lucky dog, comment on my recent post.
    or email me at Good luck to all you Lucky Dogs.

  13. Oh we do like stuff like that!! Looks fun
    Benny & Lily

  14. We just came to say hello. That looks like a great toy, but don’t enter us as we review for Kyjen too.

  15. We are so excited that Canada dogs can play.
    Phody would like to find his ball under the flapper even though Lee keeps telling him he can’t put that there.
    Lee would like to find . . . well almost any treat but her favourite would be a greenie with peanut butter on it.

  16. Ellie, Audrey, and Charlie would love the Paw Flapper. Their very favorite treat is Freshpet Turkey Bacon, so I’m certain they would figure out the puzzle quickly with that inside. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  17. I have a couple of toys like this, and my boys would love another one! They love all sorts of treats, but I think their favorite would be bits of cheese! I use low-fat string cheese and cut it into little chunks for them. They just go nuts!

  18. An official Dog Toy Tester as a job?! That’s so awesome Dakota – that’s like a dream job – way to go buddy!! 🙂

    And yes, I sure would like to win one of those, I would like to find little pieces of Dentastix inside if I was to win one – cos they’re my favorite treat!

    Dakota, I just totally loved that video, you’re such a great demonstrator and your Mom’s narration was pawfect!! 🙂

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • “job?” make that UNPAID 🙂

  19. How exciting 🙂 That certainly looks like a very fun toy! Rocco would love to find a piece of freeze-dried liver or dogy pepperoni, those are his favourite.

  20. Dakota you are so smart! I bet Shiner would love one of these. I don’t think Shiner cares what kind of treat she finds inside, as long as she can eat it, she’s really not picky lol. You can contact me at annstaub at yahoo dot com

  21. Cody says to tell you he wants to win. I think this is great. Cody will have so much fun. I think I will fill it with sweet potato treats….cody loves them.

  22. Dakota you figured that out really fast my furiend 🙂 Best of luck to all the entrants! 🙂

    My furiend,
    I saw your post today on the Barkbox. You were so very very kind. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for bein you 🙂

    Waggin at ya,

    • awwwww thank YOU for BEING YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! It is YOU who was sooooooooooooooo kind to Cody and I! We are so sorry that Mom didn’t let us have the computer to blog about it til now. WE LOVE YOU ROO and are soooooooo happy to have met you!

      Barks and licks and love,
      Dakota, Cody and “Mom”

  23. Pick us! Pick us! We would put little pieces of mom’s white meat chicken in each place and open the doors and chow down, again and again and again. We also like smelly treats of any type but we have sensative tummies so Mommy is very picky for us. Fun Fun Fun. You can reach us on our site or at PICK US!!!!!

  24. We’ve never used a puzzle toy with the dogs before, but man this looks fun! I don’t think they would care what kind of treats they got, but maybe Beggin’ Strips cut up, or maybe cut up pieces of chicken or meatballs (their favorite!)

    nlbourassa (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. Looks like a fun puzzle. Dakota the Corgi figured out her first Kyjen puzzle in about 5 minutes – this one looks a bit more challenging. I’ll look for it at our doggie boutique.

    • It is fun!!! Your Dakota figured out her first puzzle in 5 minutes? Wow…I did this in 30 seconds 🙂 But then again, I’m a SHELTIE…BOL!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  26. Any of our 3 dogs would love any kind of treat. None of them are picky! What a cool toy!!

  27. Charlie would like to find some pieces of Denta Stix or some liver treats 🙂 That would be almost as big as Charlie probably LOL because he is a Yorkie!!!

  28. This is one of the coolest toys I’ve ever seen. ty

  29. […] on stability and consistency and “dog-sharing” provides neither. I did get some help from Dakota of Dakota’s Den who pointed me towards a video he’d done showing how to play this toy. Momz and I watched it a […]

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