Book Review & Give-Away “A Christmas Home” A Novel by Greg Kincaid

Todd McCray a 24-year-old with developmental disabilities,  works at a local animal shelter where he befriends Laura, a young volunteer who also has disabilities but hers are more physical than developmental. Todd and his ever-present, trusted Labrador retriever (appropriately named Christmas) trains Gracie ( who was abandoned  by her owners due to financial woes) to help Laura with the day-to-day tasks that are difficult for her.

The local government in Todd’s town is also experiencing financial woes and in early December delivers the sad news that the shelter will have to close.

What will happen to all the animals?

What will happen to Todd? Laura?

a christmas home

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I love books where the main characters are faced with challenges and are able to prove how these challenges can be overcome. A Christmas Home by Greg Kincaid is one of these books.

You will fall in love with the child-like honesty of Todd McCray and his ability to stay positive, no matter what obstacles are placed in his path and his ability to know his true-calling in spite of his disabilities.

What I particularly loved is the variety of meanings that the title of this book has to the story.

Will Gracie the abandoned dog have a home for Christmas?

Will the shelter animals who are soon to be displaced find homes in time for Christmas?

Will Christmas the dog, well into his senior years be forced to move to a new home for Christmas?

Will Todd find a new “home” for Christmas doing work that he loves and a new residence?

You will have to read this charmer to find out!

It is the perfect book to warm your heart as well as your winter nights!

From Crown Publishing: In A Christmas Home, Greg Kincaid again treats us to a story rich in the courage of people who, in overcoming their own limitations, teach us a lesson in how to prevail, no matter the odds, no matter the trials.”-Steve Duno author of Last Dog on the Hill.

WIN IT! TWO READERS can win a copy of A Christmas Home by Greg Kincaid! HOW TO ENTER: leave a comment telling me you would like to win this book (U.S. only please) by MONDAY, DECEMBER 10th AT 5pm. Winner will be announced WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12th. (Be sure to leave an email address so that I may contact you if you are one of the lucky winners!) Good luck!

ISBN 978-0-307-95197-7

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  1. Hi Dakota, can we enter and give it to one of our US buddies 🙂 We would love to pass this on. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Sounds like a great story! Hope it has a happy ending 🙂 You can enter me in the giveaway. I’m a readaholic.

  3. I cross my paws for the shelter animals – hope they will find a home for christmas… hmmm… if not, they are invited to celebrate the “Britmas” with me ;o)

  4. You may not have heard, but I’m moving to…er…New York! So I can enter, right? 😉

    • Misaki, “have I told you lately that i love you?” You are too cute!! Love, “Mom”

  5. Thanks for sharing! This looks like a great read! Woof! Have a paw-some week! We also love books here.

  6. This sounds like a really good read! I would love to win it! Email address:! Have a great Monday!

  7. The beautiful book cover makes me want to read this book too!

    Oops! I live outside of U.S. Never mind, I’m seriously thinking of migrating now 🙂


  8. Hello – I would love to win a copy of this book. I love reading books about dogs, the challenges they face and overcome! My dog is an important part of my life and family who has helped in times of need beyond my wildest dreams.

  9. Oh Dakota I would love to read this book. It looks like such a nice book to cozy up with by the fireplace.

  10. What a great story, just reading your review makes me leaky! Can wes please have our name in the hat for this one? We would loves to pass it along to my human brother.

  11. I saw this movie on TV and cried. This would be great to have on my bookshelf and to share this story with family & friends.
    tom(underscore)n(underscore)60046 at yahoo dot com

    • Hi Joan! Actually this book wasn’t the movie, (but it is the same author) The book/movie you are thinking of is “A Dog Named Christmas” Greg’s first book. Good luck! Love, “mom”

  12. Love it! I am a sucker for sappy stories, even more so this time of year. Apparently I can’t pass up a chance to bawl my eyes out over animals!

  13. Hey Dakota, Jet here. Hi Miss Caren.

    A perfect holiday gift! Thanks for the lovely review. 🙂

  14. wow, after reading this I want to know what will happen! lol. I love heart-warming tales like this, you don’t know what will happen but usually has a happy ending that just makes you feel good in general.Plus its the christmas season, perfect time for a good read. Good luck you guys! The canadian curse has hit me again, lol.

  15. Great review! Sounds like a great book! 🙂

  16. We already won it on another blog, so we’ll wish everyone else good luck! I’m looking forward to getting our copy soon!


    • Congratulations!!!!!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  17. Hey Dakota,

    I so want to get this book for my Mum, I think she might have some time soon to read a few books! Yay! 🙂 This one sounds great, I hope it has a happy ending 🙂

    Hey, did you notice it’s snowing on your blog? I love it, guess this is the closest I’ll get to real snow 🙂

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hi Snoopy! Funny you mentioned the “snow”. I put it on last year and didn’t realize it would come back this year!!! lol. Glad you like it! Love, “Mom”

  18. What a good review, sounds good
    Benny & Lily

    • Shhhh Benny & Lily…it was a rather rushed review but don’t tell!! lol. Thank you and the book IS fabulous! Love, “Mom”

  19. Sounds like a great book. I would love to have it. Cody and I can read it together on the couch.

  20. […] Thank you to all who entered this giveaway! […]

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