Thankful Thursday: A Special Holiday Message from ChazzTheDog-A Guest Post

From Dakota’s Den: I read this post from my buddy Chazz  on his blog  ADOPTED MOM TO CHAZZ and it resonated with me. It made such an impression that I asked Chazz’s Mom if I may re-post this. She graciously gave me her permission.  This holiday season let’s celebrate and welcome our differences. Let’s learn from each others’ traditions. Let’s expand our frame of reference to include everyone. It should be a joyous time of year for us all.   I am proud to welcome ChazzTheDog to our blog today as our guest. Enjoy his post!

Barks and licks and love,  Dakota


 from ChazzTheDog

Pawwaves to all my pals. I wanted to take this time, as the days get busier and go quickly to wish you all

Happy Holidays!

It is important at this time of the year to enjoy your family and furriends; to gather for food, music, and celebration – whatever your traditions. To remember with fond memories those who have left us in body; but always remain in our hearts in spirit. We never lose the love we have for them – never.

And let us remember that while we all belong to different families, we are all part of a bigger family. We  all share the important things. To have a furever home, to be loved and give love.

Let me tell you a short story: About two years ago when i first came to make this blog; I was asked to join a Dog & Kitteh Christmas Choir. I was very pawcited to be asked to join the group.  But I thought I had better tell them that i don’t celebrate Christmas, because I’m Jewish. Now that didn’t mean I didn’t know all the words to the Christmas Carols, because I do…and I wanted to be in da singing group.  They said that was okay, I could be in da group even though I celebrate Chanukah. We should respect everybody’s personal traditions cause that’s what they believe.

 Just because people (or dogs) were raised in different cultures doesn’t mean we can’t respect them when they are different then us…

So that’s my  message as we enter this Holiday Season. Shopping, cooking, baking,  wrapping presents, will keep us all very busy in these days leading up to the end of the year and through New Year’s 2013.  But it is also important to remember these things. Peace, Love, and Harmony. It’s mostly all we have to give to one another.

Happy Holidays,



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  1. What a lovely message xoxo
    Wally & Sammy

  2. Beautifully said. We should all embraces our differences as much as we do our commonalities.

    Chazz is a pretty smart dog.

    • Sara, Oreo and Chewy, we agree. Chazz said it beautifully. We couldn’t agree more. Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Mom

  3. I’m very thankful for alll the good things which were happened to me and I’m thankful for my virtual life in “blogville” with all of you. Thanks for sharing this post Dakota, it was very touching .

    • Easy we are too!! You are welcome. I am happy that I stumbled upon it. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. Happy Holidays! With pawful loads of fun! Woof!

    • back at ya! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. I read this on Chazz’s blog and thought it was a wonderful message! So nice of his mommy to let you share it again.

    • Hi Ann! So glad you saw it when it was originally posted. Yes it was nice of Chazz’s Mommy but his Mommy and I go waaay back…well…not THAT far…she was one of Mom’s first buddies that she met at BlogPaws in 2011…..Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. The message is a good one Dakota and looks gweat at your bloggy. Thank you for inviting me to be a Guest Blogger. Your bloggy is one of my favs to read – all year long!
    HUGS from your pal,
    Chazz The Dog

    • Hi Chazz!! I can’t take credit for that touching, sensitive and impawtant message. It’s YOU who wrote it and YOU deserve all of the credit! You are MOST WELCOME and Thank YOU for being a guest blogger! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and “Mom”

  7. Wonderful guest post. Thanks for sharing it. And thanks to ChazzTheDog for such eloquent words.

    And it’s very gracious for CTD and other Jewish friends to join Christmas festivities even when it’s not part of their tradition. I’ve been very thankful to my Jewish friends who have shared their latkes. Yummy!

    Personally, I’m a solstice celebrator. I can’t wait to see the sun start coming back.

    • Hi Pamela, I am honored that you stopped by..thank you. I am glad that you enjoyed it as much as I did. I am thankful for my friends who celebrate Christmas and bring me HOME MADE cookies!!! I also LOVE singing Christmas carols and I LOVE to take rides/walks to look at the lights. Just beautiful! Have to admit, Christmas traditions/decorations are much more beautiful than Chanukah. Love, “Mom”

  8. What a great post and it is so true! Have a great day!

    • you have a great day too and we agree! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  9. Faith is what makes life bearable, with all its tragedies and ambiguities and sudden, startling joys. ~Madeleine L’Engle

    • beautiful, beautiful sentiment Nellie. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. […] after two dogs attacked her and she needed a surgery. Her story is absolutely worth reading. Then: Dakotas post. It’s a toughtful post and I think we all shouldn’t forget the simple but […]

  11. A totally wonderful message Dakota and Chazz…..we’re ALL in this life together no matter what….. 😀 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Hi Sammy! Nice to see you here! It is Chazz’s message…we just loved it and wanted to share. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  12. Hi Dakota, dis message iz fur Chazz…See, I iz also a Jewish dog so no tree or Santa at our house…but Mom agrees that the true spirit of the season should be for all…She is taking me to Santa photo wif my furriends, but I will be wearing my Chanukah scarf and I’ll have my menorah in the picture wif me…*holidaysnoogles* are fur effurryone!

  13. Thank you for you guest, I could not have done as good a job of expressing those sentiments . We should have Love, Peace, Happiness and Joy for EVERYONE!!

    • Tyler you are most welcome! I also couldn’t have done as good of a job and that is why I posted it. Love, “Mom”

  14. Well said xx

    • xoxoxo Chazz did a great job…we love ya!

  15. It’s so well said! Due to my antics and my history, my mom thinks ‘to forgive and forget’ is important as well.

    Chazz is so clever!


  16. What a beautiful message, for all year round. It’d be nice to write that in the sky each month to remind all pals to embrace our differences cause if we were all the same, we’d be a boring bunch of fur. BOL ! Thanks for joining Thankful Thursday. :=o)

    • Hi Pepi! I can’t take credit for it but Chazz sure did a great job with this post! Love when you said “we’d be a boring bunch of fur” BOL!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  17. This is a lovely post Dakota!
    And I am 100% agree with you, even though we have different belief doesn’t mean we can respect others. We also don’t celebrate Christmas but we always respect those who celebrate it 🙂

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