Cyber Monday Savings up to 50% OFF! at

If there is one thing I know about, it’s chewing:

What??? Not THAT kind of “chewing?”

When our friends at told us about this huge sale, we were sooooo excited!  Mom always orders Cody’s World’s Best Cat Litter from and all sorts of things for me!  In full disclosure (We have received some things for free but Mom has PAWCHASED many things on her own!) Mom, Cody and I LOVE how easy it is to order and our items arrive almost as fast as I can scarf down a bowl of food!

What are you waiting for! Take over the compawter, grab the credit card and go SHOPPING NOW….if YOU can’t shop be sure to tell your humans/bi-pods/pawrents or whatever you call them!

Click on the widget to shop now! is your #1 source for Pet Food Online

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  1. Hey Dakota, Hey Cody, Jet here. Hi Miss Caren.

    Oops, we were supposed to remind everyone about that too… off to fix!

  2. Obviously, we love Mr. Chewy (since it was named after Chewy)! 50% off is HUGE!

  3. That’s great, think there are going to be lots of happy Pets this Christmas 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. oh boy, that’s a paradise for dogs – and no international shipping….why I have to live out in hicksville ? I’ll bet the monkey in the offers is a blockbuster for christmas ;o) Have a wonderful cyber-monday ;o)

  5. Mom says she wishes there was some money left over from this weekend for Cyber Monday shopping! BOL!


  6. That’s a great offer!

  7. Oh ya, we will be looking into that, for sure!

  8. Sounds great!!
    Benny & Lily

  9. We will tell our momma about shopping now. Thanks for the heads up.

  10. Hi Dakota,

    Thanks for telling me buddy, just wish I’d seen this yesterday, I’m SO far behind – doh!! Gonna hop over anyway – Tee Hee

    Hope you’re having a fun day 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  11. What a great offer!

  12. It still bums me out that does not ship to Canada. It would be wrong to move to a new country just to get access to pet products though, right?

    Or would it…. ?

  13. Wow 50% and our local zellers was trying to make it a big deal about their closing sale- 10% of pet products, that is peanuts now!

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