Book Review: Lost And Found, Amy Shojai’s Debut Thriller

Confession. Thrillers usually leave me cold.  It is not a genre that I normally read. I haven’t a clue why that is the case, but it is. I avoid them like the plague.  I might have avoided Lost and Found by Amy Shojai as well, had my dogs’ name (Dakota) not won the:

“Name That Dog” contest to help Amy find a name for some of the furry characters in her book.  More than 85 names were suggested with close to 800 votes!

I’m glad that Dakota won.

Had he not, I might have missed this spine tingling book.

“Dakota” was chosen to represent the “heart-dog” that lead character September Day (yes that is her REAL name) refers to often throughout the book.

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Animal behaviorist September Day has lost everything-husband murdered, career in ruins, confidence shot-and returns home with her trained Maine Coon cat Macy to Texas to recover. She’s forced out of hibernation when her nephew Steven and his autism service dog Shadow disappear in a freak blizzard. When her sister trusts a maverick researcher’s promise to help Steven, September has 24 hours to rescue them from a devastating medical experiment impacting millions of children, a deadly secret others will kill to protect. As September races the clock, the body count swells. Shadow does his good-dog duty but can’t protect his boy. Finally September and Shadow forge a stormy partnership to rescue the missing and stop the nightmare cure. But can they also find the lost parts of themselves?

Trust me when I say that this book is OUTSTANDING.

The language; full of descriptive detail, gives the reader clear and frightening images of the villains. While reading I was wondering if September embodies many of the personality traits of Author Amy Shojai? I question this because I have yet to meet Amy in person, (but I am certain that one day I will!) but I have come to know Amy a bit through our mutual affiliation with the Cat Writers’ Association and through her blog. In her emails and her writing, her personality comes across to me as being confident, vibrant, uber-articulate,  strong, determined,  knowledgeable, tough-as-nails yet somewhat vulnerable with a sense of humor to beat the band.  The more I read about September, the more I wondered how much of Amy is in this intriguing character?

Lost And Found for me, wasn’t a “quick-read.” The plot, details, dialogue and characters are well-crafted and intense.  My heart was literally in my throat throughout much of the book. Lost And Found offers a lot to digest, it is the prime rib at an all-you-can-eat buffet,  the side dishes are just filler, the meat leaves you feeling  satiated. Upon  finishing this deliciously intriguing and attention-engulfing  thriller, you will feel as satisfied.

Has Amy Shojai converted this “thriller-phobic” blogger/book reviewer?

In the case of Lost And Found…my answer is a resounding. YES.

Author Amy Shojai with Magic and Seren

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amy Shojai is a certified animal behavior consultant, and the award-winning author of 24 bestselling pet books. She is the Puppies Guide at, the cat behavior expert at, and hosts a weekly half hour Internet Pet Peeves radio show. Amy has been featured as an expert in hundreds of print venues including The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, and Family Circle, as well as national radio and television networks such as CNN, Animal Planet’s DOGS 101 and CATS 101. 


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  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed the story and Congrats on Dakota being in the book. We just haven’t had the time for reading these days.

    • Tyler this book is INCREDIBLE!! Buy it and save it for one of those days (that WILL come up) and you are looking for something FANTASTIC to read! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • Awwww….*virtual tail wagging.* Thanks!

  2. I love thrillers and this one has dogs and cats in it. I’m sure I’d love it.

    • I am sure you will too! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • I hope you take a look–my Magical-Dawg stars in the book trailer, too. *s*

  3. Hey Dakota, Hey Cody, Jet here. Hi Miss Caren.

    We (Mom really) loves your book reviews. If you keep them up, she will have a wishlist the size of Florida!

    Dude, how cool you are represented in a book. My human grandpa is, too! He’s in a book by this really cool children’s author named Judy Blume!!!

    • Hi Jet! Please tell your Mom you REALLY made my Mom’s day!! She works super hard on the book reviews so your comment means a lot! There are A LOT of books coming! Oh wow! Mom knows Judy Blume!! She loves her! That is soooo cool about your Grandpa! You should blog about it! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and “Mom”

  4. Interesting to hear that you enjoyed this book despite it not being a style you normally like.

    I’m pretty good at knowing my tastes. Which means I’m not often surprised. Your review encourages me to be open to things I might normally reject.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Pamela, I am also super good (or so I thought) at “knowing my tastes” but I think in my case much of that is rigidity. I am glad that it made you realize (as it did for me) that we often need to be more open to things that might be either out of our comfort zone or as you said, something that we decide before we even try, that we won’t enjoy. Love, “Mom”

  5. Oh no, my mom was groaning after reading this post! It seems your review will leave her pockets a big hole again. I don’t understand why and how though : (((


    • Eva….it will be worth it!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. Think I M.U.S.T. have this book – hope mom can read it to me, or we have to ask my dad if he would translate it while reading to me and mom… I’ll bet he will be thrilled ;o)

    • Easy you will LOVE IT!!! Lol “thrilled” Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • Have them read it to you. My Magical-Dawg and Seren-Kitty are my in-house editors and only their paws-up of approval got the book published. *s*

  7. I’d like this one, thriller and animals..yipeee 🙂 and of course your names in the book..BOL xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  8. I like a good thriller. I will check this one out.

    • You will love it! My husband just started it this afternoon and he is really enjoying it. Love, “Mom”

  9. Great review! I loved this book. I picked this up on a break between weekend chores, thinking I’d just take a few minutes to read. The chores were never finished that weekend – I couldn’t put it down!

    • Hi Ingrid!! Wow!! I have heard so much about you! My brother, Cody, talks about you ALL of the time! He just LOVES you, Allegra and Ruby! Being a cat maven and a cat lover I am beyond honored that you would visit my blog AND compliment my Mom’s review! Mom is laughing about “not being able to put the book down”…she was the same except for a few circumstances where she had to! Thanks soooooooo much! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and “Mom”

      • Wow, so many of my fav people (furry and otherwise) mentioned in these comments. I am beyond delighted at the response to LOST AND FOUND. Arooooooooooooo purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

      • 🙂 We may be a smaller blog but we have a great group of peeps who follow us! Not to mention your book totally rocks and hell…well….the reviewer ain’t too bad herself 🙂 Love, “Mom”

      • ROTFL! Yep, the reviewer totally ROCKS TOO!

      • 🙂

  10. Thanks for the review. Mom was intrigued by the story. Looks like she will be reading it soon. Mom loves thrillers. She got chills when she watched the Utube trailer.

    • Hi Missy, I have to tell you, I read the book and watched the trailer again and STILL got chills 🙂 It’s THAT good! Love, “Mom”

      • Yay! Well, I’m working on the audiobook version soon, too. Oh, and Magical-Dawg is featured in the book trailer. Seren-kitty wonders why she’s not there, too…

  11. What an enthusiastic review! Putting this on my book list.

    • Sue, you will LOVE IT! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  12. What a great review! It sounds like you really liked it so I’ll have to give it a try. How wonderful that Dakota’s name got picked! 🙂

    • thank you Bassetmomma…I am CERTAIN that you will love it! Love, “mom”

  13. This book sounds like one we’d really enjoy! We’re off to snoop around and see if it’s available on the nook.

    BTW, if you liked this book, you should check out the Chet and Bernie series of books. Chet helps his human, Bernie, solve mysteries. I don’t know how Bernie would do it without Chet’s help!


    • Bunny Hi! I think you would enjoy this for sure! Thanks for the tip on another book! Love, “mom”

    • Hi Bunny, Yes the book is on Nook. And all other Epub formats. The publisher made that happen…oh, and check out the publisher logo, Cool Gus Publishing…that’s one of the publisher’s dogs. *s* Pretty appropriate, I’d say.

  14. Pretty soon you will be giving out pawtographs
    Benny & Lily

    • BOL Benny & Lily…I will NEVER be famous like the both of you…pawtographs are YOUR department! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  15. Awesome review Caren, and I really mean that! Woot-woot to Dakota too!

  16. I had no idea that Amy wrote a book and this book sounds fantastic. Great job sharing your review – I got excited about the plot just reading your post.

    Congrats to Amy and to Dakota!

  17. Sounds like a good read while I hunker down this winter!

    • Ann it definitely is! Love, “Mom”

  18. Hey Dakota,

    It’s SO cool that you get to be in the book buddy and that your Mum had the courage to read it! She’s brave, I think my Mum would only read it during the day before it got dark, cos she’s a big chicken!! Tee Hee

    Great review (as always!)

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hi Snoopy and thanks! Mom was pretty scared but she LOVED the book! Thank you!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  19. How cool that Dakota got his name in a book! I’d be buying multiple copies and bragging about it to everyone I met. Dakota is on his way to super-stardom! Not that he isn’t already a celebrity, of course.

    • BOL Kristine! “Celebrity?” Me??? Far from it!!! But yeah..I am honored to be mentioned in the book and Mom is going to cherish that book forever! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • Dakota IS a celebrity! For sure! And I love the idea of Dakota “paw-tographing” the book. I have some book plates that I sign and mail to folks who want a signed copy–that way they can order the book and there’s no back-and-forth shipping. Just give a shout out if anyone would like one–it could be stickered into the book right under Dakota’s paw-print. *s*

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