Friday Find! Ooo La La!! Cardinal Pet Care’s Viva La Dog Spa Dog Facial Wipes! You Can Win!

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while now, if there is one thing you know about me, it is that I LOVE being groomed!

I love the attention, I love the feel of the brush as it makes its way through my luxurious fur, I love to look my best !

Was I ever excited when I was given the opportunity to try:

Viva La Spa

Dog Facial Wipes

for more info click photo!

The wipes are designed for people who are afraid to wash their dog’s face and get soap in their eyes, for people who like to wipe their dog’s face after they eat or drink, or for people like my pawrents who wanted to tidy me up after a particularly intense bone chewing marathon!

Yep! Mom had given me a bone and I wouldn’t leave it alone for HOURS. When I finally released it from my shark-like teeth, Mom looked at me and nearly died! My normally flowing mane was unkempt! It was frizzy, sticky and just plain disgusting! ย Pals, take my word for it, I looked as if I had a run in with a sticky machine!

Technically the wipes are for a dog’s face but when my Mom looked at me she immediately decided to try the wipes on my mane.

Mom was pleased the second she opened the jar! The wipes are pre-soaked, not just moist but actually wet and the fragrance! Oooooo La La!! The fragrance was divine! ย The 3″ wipe has a long-lasting, pleasing fragrance, it’s made from “pink” raspberries!

Natural Dog Facial Wipes have a mild cleanser of water, aloe vera and witch hazel with extracts of Chamomile, Rosemary, Raspberry and Sage. Pro-Vitamin B-5 (Panthenol) and Allantoin condition the coat and skin. Cucumber Melon fragrance will leave you smelling fresh and clean!

Guess what? Mom used the wipes on my mane while simultaneously brushing (she only had to use one or two wipes) and when she was done my fur looked as good as new! You will have to trust me on this one, my Mom didn’t think to take before and after photos to prove how my handsomeness was completely restored! Mom and I never endorse products we don’t believe in. When we were sent this product we were told we didn’t have to blog about it but Mom and I love the Dog Facial Wipes so much that we HAD to tell you about them!

Ready for this?

Guess where else Mom and Dad used them?

Yep! You got it!

There were a few renegade “tootsie-rolls” on my tushie!! They were stuck! Mom and Dad were desperate because I am not due to be groomed til next week and we don’t have a basement with a bathtub so Mom thought of the wipes!

They worked!

These wipes are THE BEST!

Viva la Spa Dog Facial Wipes

  • Freshen & Clean
  • Have a long-lasting (but not overpowering) fragrance
  • They enable quick, convenient clean up
  • Cleans face with no danger of getting soap in our gorgeous eyes
  • They condition and soften facial hair (and luxurious Sheltie fur!)
  • They are Hypoallergenic!
  • There are 45 wipes in a round pink cosmetic jar (male doggies like me, get over it! Embrace the PINK!!)

Wanna try some?

Guess what? You can!

GIVE-AWAY! We apologize but the give-away is only available to those living in the U.S.

There will be FIVE WINNERS who will win their own wipes!

Just leave a comment telling us that you would like to win ย (and a way for Mom and I to contact you, if we have no way to contact you, you will not be eligible to win) by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH AT 11PM EASTERN. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th.

We were not paid for this post nor were we required to blog about it. We were sent a jar of the wipes to try and to record our thoughts in a survey. Because we liked the wipes so much and found them to be so effective we decided to blog about them.

Good luck!

Barks and licks and love,



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  1. Excellent product review Dakota – we are glad to see you are feeling (and looking) better.

    Licks & love
    Wally & Sammy

    • Hi Robyn! Thank you!!! Yeah I look somewhat better! Still have to be groomed this Tuesday thank goodness! Barks and licks and love, Dakota


    I think my mom should get me this. Besides, raspberries sounds yummy and PINK is for girls like ME.


    (Mom said there is NO entry here! How many time I’ve to tell her that we should move to a place called U.S. I thought it meant ‘US’ but Mom said it didn’t mean that. Boo!)

    • Eva it breaks my heart because these would be PERFECT FOR YOU! Yes “VIVA=DIVA=EVA” we should tell that to the manufacturer! I agree that pink is for girls but I gotta tell ya, these wipes are great for boys too! I can see how you thought that “U.S.” meant “US” BOL! Nice try Eva! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. Dakota you are fresh and lovely. Have a fantastic Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Molly I try my best! You have a fantastic Friday too! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. Oh all the best fingz are in the US..Wez wouls of luved those, especially as they come in a pink pot and smellz of raspberries..Not fair..gonna go and sulks now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Have a great Furriday and I bets youz smells lovely Dakota xx00xx

    • Awww Mollie I am so sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Maybe they will expand into the UK? You never know! Don’t sulk! We love you! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Mom

  5. They hate it when my chest is all crusty after a good chewing session! I can’t win any because I live in Europe.

    • Ugh Clowie I soooo wish you could win! These are the best! I like how you referred to it as “crusty” my Mom said that was the perfect description and she wishes she had thought of that word! That was perfect! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. Wooohoo Dakota, the Poopy job is always dad’s job… Have no idea why? Do you have an answer? ( I know, we live not in u.s. more near mars, but I MUST comment this-toooooo funny…)

    • BOL Easy you are soooo right! Daddy asked Mommy to help him and Mommy said “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that’s YOUR job!!!” BOL!!! That is why she had the camera BOL!! I am so glad you liked this, you know what? Of everyone who reads my blog I KNEW that YOU would like it the best! That’s cause we are both crazy-off-the-wall doggies (or our pawrents are!!!) Barks and licks and lots of love, Dakota

      • The theory of my dad is: he has to do this, then I will hate him and not my mom and all this would be a conspiracy of my mom against him…. hmmm … Case for Oprah or for Rehab?

      • lmao Easy!!! Oprah for sure! My Dad will want to appear with your Dad!! BOL!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. I have to get Mom to do our review next week. I liked them a lot better when she rubbed me down with them than when she used them on my face.


    • Hi Bunny! I liked them on my mane the best (wink) I think because you have short fur they would be great for your body! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. My mommy would love to win some of those! She says it would be easier to keep our faces clean if she had some wipes! We hope mommy wins! You can reach us at!!!!

    Have a great weekend,

    • Hi Scout! You will love them if you win! Good luck!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  9. I am going to buy a case

    • Henrietta are you entering? Yeah…Mom would like a case too! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. That looks like something Torrey could use. And me too I guess, mom doesn’t like to wash our faces, and Torrey has had the tootsie roll problem once or twice.

    • Hi Roxy! I think you BOTH could use them! Wishing you lots of luck! lol about the “tootsie-roll” problem, that is because Torrey has LOTS of fur, like me! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  11. Hey Dakota,

    What a cool Giveaway buddy – I’d like to have my ‘rear end’ smelling of Pink Raspberries too – what am I saying?! ‘MUM’ would like that, I don’t care!!

    Your Dad gets all the good jobs!! Tee Hee – My Dad sticks solely to the front end, everywhere else is Mum’s job!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do get my face messy sometimes, so they would also be good for a quick touch up there too, gotta look good for the Girlies, right?!

    Have a fun day buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • lol Snoopy!!! OMD YOU HAVE ME ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING!!! Loved your comment! I will enter you and good luck! You have a great weekend! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  12. Ooo la la. I use wipes to clean Simba’s face and whatnot all the time, but haven’t used these before. Sure I want to win! email: ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Simba’s Mom! It’s my pleasure to enter you! I bet Simba would LOVE these! Good luck! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • My pleasure Simba! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  13. I would love to win these for my Golden, Mazie. She often needs her face washed and even her tush too!

    • Hi Clenna! I am happy to enter you!! Best of luck! Mazie will love these on her tush too! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  14. I would love to try these for my miniature dachsund who seems to always want to wipe his face all over the grass outside and sometimes will have a skunk smell to him afterwards. Yuck!

    • lol Sandra! Good luck! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  15. The other reason I would love to win these wipes is the same as what Dakota went thru with the tootsie rolls stuck to him.

    • Hi Sandra! lol that was funny! Hey! Mom wants to know if you ever received your Smart Chips? She emailed you but never heard back from you. Barks and licks and love Dakota and Mom

  16. Well some wipes sound good to us. It would be nice to be clean every now and then. That might be easier than a whole bath. So put us down for some. They sound like they would be super for the faces of these two. And maybe the ears. Jasmine is always rubbing her face. Have a good one. Laugh a little.

    • Hi Marg and thanks for stopping by! Oh yes it would be easier than a whole bath! We will gladly enter you! Me? “Laugh a little…” Shelties are ALWAYS smiling!!! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  17. I would like to win facial wipes for ChazzTheDog to maintain his youthful appearance. Thanks for entering us in the GiveAway!

    • wishing you the best of luck! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  18. Oh i furgetted to put in my email addy:

    • got it! Good luck! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  19. I love this post Dakota! I will have to refer back to it every time I think I might like to adopt a dog with a long coat. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your coat is gorgeous – when it’s someone ELSE’s job to care for it. LOL!

    • Donna thank you!!! Mom laughed at your comment. Believe it or not it my coat isn’t really that bad. I shed, but not terribly. The groomer keeps the very top of my coat a tiny bit shorter (you can’t even tell) which makes it easier to brush my fur and helps with mats. Mom is kinda lazy about brushing but she gets me groomed around every 4 weeks. Thank you for the kind words! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and “Mom”

  20. Sweet Dakota that was an interesting review. Good job!! Mumsy says she could use them on my face and she wonders if they could be used on kitties tushies…cause they have dirty tushies sometimes. I have short hairs and my tushie don’t need cleaning but my face could us a washin’ now an then. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Hi Mumsy! BOL! I like how you said it was “interesting” BOL!! Thank you! Hmmm…I wonder if they could be used on kitty tushies too…the only thing that worries me about that is that kitties LICK THEMSELVES to wash…before I would do that I would check the ingredients with the vet. Doggies don’t lick themselves (just everyone else!) Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  21. I’d like to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Hi Cynthia! Will enter you! Good luck! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  22. Cody man always needs a wipe after his ice cream. He gets it on his chin and he can’t reach it. hahaha

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