Friday Funny:Lipstick? Seriously?

Happy,  happy Friday all! It’s Dakota and I am here to tell you about an award I received from my buddy:

Click on the photo to visit his blog!!!!


 “Easy” from Easy Blog !!

The award I received was the:


 Gotta tell ya furiends this award really had me stumped.  LIPSTICK??? Seriously??

Leave it to the prankster Easy to give me an award about LIPSTICK!! Hey Easy, you may like wearing lipstick, but I’m a manly Sheltie and you won’t find that stuff on me! BOL! Gee, thanks for the award pal!!! NOT!!! BOL!

One of the requirements of this award is that I link to my lip-sticking wearing buddy (done!), and tell you something about me.  Since I am an obedience school drop-out, I have decided to  tell ya something about Mom instead!

You see one of the jokes among many in my house that pertain to Mom, is that Mom is OBSESSED with lipstick. YEP she is! Won’t be caught without it. She loves wearing it, buying it and finding lipstick that lasts so long that she could wear it the rest of her life if she had to.

Why is Mom so obsessed? Well, back when she was a pup of about 16 her own Mother  said that Mom’s lips were so light and thin that she must NEVER go without lipstick! Mom took the advice   warning  to heart and the obsession began!

Mom’s current favorite brand of lipstick is:


Just part of Mom’s “stash” Click on the photo to visit Revlon’s website

Dad has a major pet peeve about Mom and her lipstick. He HATES that she touches it up at the table when at a restaurant. Mom says it is perfectly fine to do that, Dad says NO!! What do you think?

Ohhh about this award, if you would like it, grab it….and…nope, Revlon isn’t involved with this post AT ALL…this is Mom’s REAL lipstick. Believe me, if Revlon knew Mom they wouldn’t want to be associated with her! BOL!!

Barks and licks and love, 



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  1. That photo with the lips is hysterical.

    Applying lipstick at the table is no big deal. It’s the people who apply mascara while they’re DRIVING that are taking it a bit too far.

    • Sara leave it to Easy to come up with such a great photo! OMG Mom HATES when people apply mascara when driving, she would NEVER DO THAT! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. Mom and me like Lipsticks – mom for wearing, me for eating. My dad dislike it, I never saw him eaten or wearing one….maybe he has no sense for the real art of life or he never found his personally color?

    • Haaaa Easy!!! I love it! You know I was just teasin’ ya pal! We love YOU and your Mommy!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. Congratulations Dakota! I’m not going to give an opinion about touching up lipstick in a restaurant, my knowledge of restaurants is confined to wriggling under the table and hoping that someone will pass some food down.

    • Clowie my Mom LOVED THAT!!! BOL!!!!! And thanks (I think!!) Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. My Mom loves lipstick, but when she kisses mez it all goes on my white furs…Congratulations on the award..It sure is cool..I don’t fink I will let Mom see it..cos being lipstick..she will have it..BOL Have a great day Dakota and Mommy ( has she got her lippy on ?? BOL 🙂 ) xx00xxx

    • Mollie and Alfie you are right!! I HATE when it gets on my fur! I have white in my fur too and I like to keep it nice and “lipstick-free!!” Oh and Mom doesn’t have her “lippy” on….YET………..Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • Peee-esss. Homom saw that lipstick award…yep she’s got it..bol
        Told ya wot she waz like..:) xx00xx

      • BOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. What a fun award!! I think lipstick wearing is great, unless you are getting kissed by it….then not so much. I am sure Revlon would love your mom.

    • Roxy Revlon would only love her because she has bought so much of their lipstick that they should name a color after her! BOL!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. Well, Easy has many faces, this one works too lol
    Not sure if I should congratulate you or not for the Lipstick award lol

    • Doggy’Style, we hear ya! We don’t know if we should be congratulated either!!! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. Lipstick? Mascara? Hmmm, me thinks my Mommy has been missing out on lots of things! So has me! Mommy has not worn any of that since – well since forever!

    • Nellie, trust me…If my Mom didn’t wear that she would be starring in the movie Frankenstein. Your Mom is obviously blessed with natural beauty….my Mom was NOT!!! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. Hi Dakota.

    I’d like to congratulate you on your award but being a manly Sheltie you’re probably not impressed, it’s no good for the street cred. lol

    Just be careful it might be nail varnish next.

    Have a great day Sheba.

    • Sheba you are soooooooooooooooooo right!!!! BOL!!!! Barks and licks and “manly” love, Dakota

  9. Hey Dakota,

    I really can’t give an opinion on lipstick, however, I’d sure like to see you try it like Easy!! Tee Hee – You and your Mum could have matching shades!! 🙂

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Ha Ha Snoopy!!! Good one!!! Lucky I love ya pal!!!! BOL!!!

      Have a great weekend!

      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. My mom touches up her lipstick at a restaurant. I mean, really, after she’s eaten, there can’t be any left on her lips! BOL! She’s going to be looking for some new lipstick she heard about this weekend, as a matter of fact.


    • Bunny!!!! Mom is SHOCKED that you didn’t share the name of the new lipstick!!!! She says, “Do tell!!!” Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  11. Great award. Congratulations. By the way, that’s exactly my favourite lipstick!

    • thanks so much Long Life Cats and Dogs! Mom said to tell you that you have extremely good taste BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  12. Umm, by the way, what is lipstick?

    You mean you shouldn’t have it but girlie girls should have it? But why don’t I have it and my momdoesnt have it and my sister Rosie doesn’t wear it either?

    I’m completely confused now!!!

    I mean I’m a princess, a very beautiful princess so I should have every pretty thing in the world right?


    • Darling Eva,

      Lipstick is what my Mom wears (it’s waxy stuff that comes in different colors) to make her lips look like a….well, we won’t say what they look like BOL! You don’t need it precious Eva nor does your Mom or Rosie because ALL OF YOU are blessed with NATURAL BEAUTY!!! My Mom is sadly lacking in that department 🙂 Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • Hey Eva,
      I’m a Princess, too, and I can tell you…you do NOT want to know about lipstick. Mom wears it and gets it all over me when she kisses me! Yuck!

  13. BoBo here. I don’t blame you…I’d be astonished, even embarrassed if I were awarded the Lipstick Award. Don’t they know, you deserve a manly award?
    BUT with my luck, I’d get the Lipstick, too. My Mom won’t go out of the house without it. AND THEN she has the nerve to kiss me and get it all over me! Blah!!!

    From one man to another,



    • Oh BoBo I don’t blame you and i totally understand!! I get lipstick on my fur from my Mom and I can’t stand it!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  14. LOL! I have thin lips too, but I’m addicted to chapstick!

    Congratulations on your award!

    • lol Jen! Mom said to ask you if you know that Chapstick IS listed as a bona fide addiction? She saw that on the news or something one day! Or a talk show…
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  15. Lipstick is a great obsession!! Yay for mum! As for touching up lipstick in a restaurant – I’m with you Dakota! LOL! take care

    • lol Old Kitty! Wait! You mean you are on the side of Dad or Mom????????????? BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  16. What a pawesome award! But since you are a man dog you probably don’t think it is too pawesome! I don’t know that I would like a lipstick award either…us man dogs have to stick together! Ash on the other hand would probably love it! You know how girl dogs are!

    Have a great weekend!

    Wags and Woofs,

    • Hi Scout! You are right! Us “mandogs” have to stick together!!! Why don’t we pass it on to Ash? You have a great weekend too! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  17. Only our pal Easy can look so cool wearing lipstick…he keeps us rollin’ in the floor with all his posts. Congratulations on the award! Back in the 50 and 60 Mumsy said she saw lots of ladies touch up their lipstick in restaurants but it has been several years since she has seen that happen. Maybe it is because lipstick stays on longer now. She can no longer wear lipstick because she is allergic to something in it. She has tried and threw away so many she finally gave up. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Chancy you are sooo right! I wouldn’t be caught dead in it!! BOL!! He keeps us rollin’ too! Come to Michigan and visit Mom…you can watch her put on liptstick ANY TIME BOL!!!! Sorry your Mom is allergic to it though. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

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