This has been one heck of a summer so far! Much of the country has experienced temps of 90+ degrees since mid June which is simply unheard of in places such as Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and places further North. Today in Michigan the high is supposed to reach 102 degrees!!! They say that August is the “dog days of summer” if  June and July have been this hot, I hate to see what August will bring!

It is timely that I received this press release from Michigan Humane. I know that many of you have covered the high temperature situation on your blogs, but to me, it is a deeply serious issue that can never be stressed enough. Please enjoy today’s post from Michigan Humane, and take good care of your babies!.

Love, Dakota and “Mom”

Dogs are great companions and, as we all know, love riding in the car. But in warm weather, it’s most often safer to leave them at home. Even on a relatively mild 85-degree day, parked in the shade with the windows cracked, the temperature inside a car could reach 102 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes. When the outside air is over 100, the inside of a car can reach 120 or more.

In warm weather, the overheated air in a parked car interferes with a pet’s normal cooling process because, unlike humans, dogs and cats do not perspire to cool their bodies down – they pant. When the air they breathe is overheated, the evaporation that usually occurs during panting is insufficient to allow proper cooling. A pet, like a child, can only withstand a higher body temperature for a very short time before suffering irreparable brain damage – or even death.

If you see an animal in immediate distress in a parked car, ask the store to make an announcement or, if necessary, contact local animal control or police in your area. In Detroit, Hamtramck or Highland Park, call the Michigan Humane Society’s Cruelty Hotline at (313) 872-3401. Also contact these agencies if you notice a dog kept outside without adequate food, water or shelter.


Here are some additional warm weather pet safety tips from the Michigan Humane Society:

  • MHS strongly recommends that pets live indoors with the rest of the family, year-round. In the summer, this will also help prevent heat-related illness and reduce exposure to mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and internal parasites.
  • Bring animals inside during hot or humid weather. Pets should not be left outside in very warm, humid conditions for extended periods, even in the shade.


  • Ensure that pets have access to plenty of fresh, cool water at all times – indoors and out. Hydration is critical to help your pet regulate his body temperature.
  • Avoid chaining or tethering a dog outside. He may get twisted and become unable to reach shade or water, or his water dish may get knocked over.
  • In homes without air conditioning, use fans to keep air circulating or keep your pet in a cooler area of the house, such as the basement, during the hottest part of the day.
  • Avoid vigorously exercising pets during the heat of the day. Instead, take walks in the early morning or evening hours. Avoid hot concrete or asphalt surfaces as they may cause damage or discomfort to the animal’s paw pads.
  • Keep in mind that old, young and short-nosed animals such as bulldogs, pugs and Himalayan or Persian cats are especially susceptible to heat stroke. However, it is a concern for all pets during hot weather.
  • If you open windows in your home, be sure the screens are secure to prevent cats or other pets from falling out.
  • Never leave pets unattended around swimming pools, to help prevent accidents.

If your pet is overcome by heat, you can give immediate first aid by immersing him in cool water. If you are unable to immerse him, lay him on cool, shaded grass, pour cold water over him and call your pet’s veterinarian immediately.

For more information about pet health and safety, visit

The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) is a private, nonprofit organization which cares for more than 100,000 animals each year, while working to end companion animal homelessness, provide the highest quality service and compassion to the animals entrusted to our care, and to be a leader in promoting humane values.


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  1. There are people still out there that know no better. Good post. Have a lovely Tuesday to you and yours.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Molly you are sooo correct! that is why this must be repeated again and again!! They did a wonderful job with this post.
      Hoping you have a wonderful Tuesday as well!
      Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Mom

  2. Good reminders.

    Up early today to get out before the heat of the day. Looking forward to a cool front coming in tomorrow.

    Stay cool everyone!

    • Sara we’re with you! It is supposed to get cooler here tomorrow as well. Have a great day! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Mom

  3. Very sensible advice! Thanks for sharing! Take care

    • you are welcome Old Kitty!! ((((hugs)))) Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. Thanks for sharing, great post!!!

    • Thank you easy!! Hope you have a “cool” day! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. Great post! It has been really hot here! We stay cool by taking a dip in the pool! We love to swim!

    Have a great Tuesday!

    • thanks Dogs N Pawz!!! Yep they did a great job!

      wish we had a pool! 😦
      We are staying in in the A/C!!
      You have a great Tuesday as well! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Mom

  6. That’s greeeaaat advice if yooo’s live somewhere HOT! Weeee’s have rain and cloud, welcome to the UK 🙂 A few years ago, before I was born, weeee’s did have it hot. 2 different Policemen left their police dogs in the car, wiffout the window open. 2 older Dawgs died and a Puppy, that was bein trained. Now, how bads that!!!!
    On a lighter note:
    Have’s a great day 🙂

    Mollie x

  7. Hi Mollie! Yep remind me of this post when i am complaining about the COLD in January lol.
    Can you please send some of your “rain and cold” our way!???
    OMD policemen left their dogs in the car? OMD that is disgusting….just disgusting!!!!

    You have a great day too! Barks and licks and love, Dakota and “Mom”

  8. This topic cannot be stressed enough. And yet we still read reports of people leaving their dogs in cars. I carry “Don’t Cook Your Dog” flyers in my car and am not shy about leaving them on car windows. I’m also not shy about calling the police if I think a dog is in immediate distress.

    Thanks for sharing this. We need to keep it a hot topic.

    • I sooo agree! Yep! I just mentioned that to Mumsy before I saw your comment! Isn’t it just pitiful?
      I think your flyers are a good idea. Another good idea that was going around Facebook was to break the car window with a brick. (not hitting the dog!!)….I would gladly confront some idiot that would do that to a dog! Calling the Police is the best line of action by far!
      Thank you so much and thanks to Michigan Humane for writing it! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  9. You are right sweet Dakota about the hot summer so far. You have given some very good advice here. We all have to be very careful and take good care in the extreme heat. Hugs and nose kisses

    • thank you Mumsy! I can’t take credit for it. Michigan Humane did all of the work! 🙂 Even with the reminders, the sad thing is many humans STILL leave dogs and kids in hot cars! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

      • I know they do and it just makes me so angry. Never could figure out why anybody could do that. Hugs

  10. so I guess the Lab Mom saw in an open jeep, without any restraints, in the parking lot outside her gym was a bad idea??? The owner was most likely inside getting his workout (the guys are the ones who tend to do this with their macho jeeps) Most of the Mom raises a stink, but I think she just couldn’t manage the hastle this time. Now she regrets it a ton!!

    • Savannah you know what? If I had seen that I would have called the police. I am NOT kidding!

  11. We forgot to mention that we gave you something on Sunday

    • yep I know and I left you a comment about it 🙂 I will be blogging about it on my other blog, (Cat Chat) this Friday!!!! Cat Chat’s link is thanks soooooo much!!

      • We’re sorry for the repeat comment! Thank you!

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